Another side project!  I’ve noticed the lack of scans on the internet for a lot of CDs, especially ones like Prince of Tennis (I have large cover scans for what, two or three CDs out of the almost 200 released?), so I decided I’d fix that a little.  Actually, I’ll totally admit that my scanner isn’t that good, so it’s not high-quality or anything, but they’re big scans and better than nothing, right?  I mean, when the best you can find for a new CD is a tiny 150×150 image with white borders on the sides to make it a perfect square…(yes, a bunch of my newer Prince of Tennis CDs actually have that as the cover image on iTunes cause I really can’t find anything better!)
So here we are, with my current project.  My ultimate goal is to scan all the CDs I own, which will probably take a really long time…o_o  But right now I think I at least have enough to set up a page for these.
Requests are totally ok!  Of course they have to be CDs I own, and you can find a list of those right here. But keep in mind that I -do- own a small number of cheap bootleg albums (trust me, I wouldn’t have bought them if I knew) which I won’t scan unless you’re really desperate and you want the scans anyway. They’re not even good quality bootlegs so the cover images and booklets aren’t very nice quality to begin with…I didn’t specify on the page (maybe I should?) but if someone requests it I’ll let you know. It’s just a small number of j-pop albums (none are Hello! Project) and a bunch of my anime/video game soundtracks (none of my Prince of Tennis character CDs, those are all legit).
These scans include all extras, like bonus photocards or mini-photobooks- but only the mini ones (like H!P mini-photobooks), not the big ones cause I don’t want to break the binding by scanning them.

I could also scan things like manga or magazine covers, or even doujinshi covers (only the covers though, sorry! xD I don’t want to ruin the doujinshi!), but I don’t have a list of those up here…I guess if anyone’s interested, just let me know and I’ll put together a list?

Anyway, here are the scans! Just one rule, don’t steal them and pretend you scanned them, ok? And please credit me (and link here) if you use them somewhere else! I’d also love if I got comments from people just letting me know they downloaded something, though it’s not really necessary.

CD scans – Artists:

Abe Natsumi
Amuro Namie
Aqua Timez
Athena & Robikerottsu
Berryz Koubou
Cap to Bin
Do As Infinity
Echizen Ryouma
Every Little Thing
Goto Maki
Matsuura Aya
Misc. Hello! Project – one shot groups, collaborations, best-of collections…
Misc. Prince of Tennis – one shot groups, collaborations, best-of collections…
Morning Musume

Random non-CD scans

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