Arashi’s "We can make it!" is a cover?!

February 25, 2008

This just blew my mind.
We can make it! is one of the two songs that got me into Arashi. I love the song and it has a really high playcount on my iPod.
I just found out today that it’s a cover. Apparently the original is “Love is All Around”, by some woman named Agnes Carlsson. Well.
So I immediately went onto Youtube to find the original. After a search of the artist + the title, I didn’t find any music video or anything. However, I found this:

Ohhh wow. xDD I’m only a casual fan of Arashi, I listen to their music but I don’t know any of their names or anything. (I can’t see myself ever getting into Johnny’s like I did with Hello! Project, one uber idol group is enough. X_x) Still though, it’s really amusing to have a girl’s song playing over a video of a guy group. xD And apparently the Arashi version added some parts, considering this video has to cut to audio from We can make it! in order to fit with the PV. xD

It’s always weird to find out that a song I listen to a lot is a cover, cause I always think of the one I heard first as the original. I kept almost referring to We can make it! as the original in this post…