LOLOLOL @ Kaidou’s album, part 1

September 12, 2007

Ahahahaha, my download of Hebigara (thanks @ whoever uploaded it onto LJ) finished a couple minutes ago…so the first thing I immediately checked out was that track on disc one, that had some kanji along with “Thank You!!”…I kinda was thinking it has something to do with Cap to Bin’s latest single Thank You!! but at the same time I figured that wasn’t the case…
Well, I was only half-right.
It’s a short track starting off with a talk part with Inui and Kaidou talking about singing practice or something…like, practice for their parts in Cap to Bin’s Thank You!!. So then Inui’s just like “well then…music, start…” and the instrumental of Thank You!! comes on…so they just like clear their throats and hum along to the beginning a bit, and then…nothing. Like, all it is is the instrumental of Thank You!!. Until the chorus, where they sing on the first two lines (‘everybody hashiro yo, usai kudatte ii sa’ or w/e, those are just done by ear) and then two lines in the middle (‘uso mo shinjitsu mo, tashite mide warou yo’ or w/e, same here). (I actually didn’t realize they sung for those lines, you don’t really notice them as much as you notice Momo, Eiji, and Taka) And then after the chorus Inui’s just like “ok, stop.” Then they both sigh and Inui’s just like “roar it’s no use, this time it’s only the chorus”
I’m not even kidding, I LOLED SO HARD

Download the track

Then, on the bonus disc, there was a song called “Thank You!!” with some kanji in between ~’s…so of course I had to check that out, right?
It’s Kaidou’s solo version of Cap to Bin’s Thank You!!. And it sucks. Oh so badly.
Poor Kaidou. He can’t sing for his life.

Download the track

Roar, due to homework and stuff, I don’t have time to listen to this album fully. I hate school. Seriously, I thought the first few weeks were supposed to be easy on the homework side. If this is easy, dammit I don’t wanna see what’s considered ‘normal’!
I’m gonna try to listen to this soon…I get the feeling this album is hilarious. XD It’s already made it’s way onto my ever-growing shopping cart for my next order…


Kaidou’s album finally has a name~

September 7, 2007

Yesasia’s calling it “Hebigara”~
Lol, I’ve been waiting for a name for this for a while…I wanna translate the title, but I have to wait to find the kanji for this- it’s still listed on all the Japanese sites as an unknown title. (and the official listing doesn’t even have it on the list yet) Hebi means snake, that’s for sure, but I dunno about ‘gara’…
[EDIT] Lol, has the Japanese title. 蛇ガラ, which according to means ‘Snake ガラ’. Sigh.[/EDIT]

Then there’s the tracklist.
20 tracks, wtf?
I mean, seriously. Kaidou sucks at singing. How the hell does he get 20 tracks? >___< Eiji only got 12. Not counting that bonus disc or whatever that had all the karaoke tracks…
4 of the tracks seem to be maybe talk or something, 「海堂薫の・・・Part.(1/2/3/4)」, which romanizes to “Kaidou Kaoru no… Part.(1/2/3/4)”. There’s also a couple of tracks (7, 10, and 14), which are titled 「セイ!セイ!」 (Sei! Sei!), 「セイ!セイ!2」 (Sei! Sei! 2), and 「セイ!セイ!3」 (Sei! Sei! 3) respectively, which I dunno what they are but I’m not sure if they’re actually songs.
So maybe he doesn’t actually get 20 singing tracks, I dunno.

I’m also interested in track 13, which is by Kaidou and Inui. I can’t read the kanji, but it also says 「~サンキュー!!~」 (Thank You!!)…remember Cap to Bin’s single “Thank You!!” from last month? Kaidou and Inui only had background vocals (I kinda heard Kaidou, but I never even heard Inui at all); maybe this is their version or something? Or maybe I’m just reading too much into this and it’s just a normal duet song between loversdoubles partners…

I kinda want this, but at the same time I really really don’t cause it’s Kaidou and he sucks at singing. xD
Ah well. We’ll see. Can’t wait until it’s up on one of the LJ communities so I can download it and listen~