July 6, 2007

WOAH, serious deja vu…
Iida Kaori, former first-gen member and leader of Morning Musume, has announced today that she’s 10 weeks pregnant and going to get married to a former vocalist from some group Tsunku used to produce.
Hello! Online article

I’m happy for her, I really am. But what’s going to happen to her? I’m hoping she has a bit more freedom than the Momusu members, otherwise things might end up pretty bad for her…I mean, Miki got in a huge scandal because of a boyfriend. Kaori’s pregnant. xD;
Then again, I don’t think too much happened to Nono when she got pregnant…at least, nothing bad.

Both Nono and Kaorin found out about their pregnancy during routine check-ups, I think, which makes me wonder…if they’re having sex and not expecting a kid, shouldn’t they use birth control? Or maybe I should just shut up cause I’m too young to really know about these things. xD

So now the question is…who’s next? xD


Mikitty resigning from Morning Musume?! T_______T

June 1, 2007

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…
Fujimoto Miki, the current leader of Morning Musume (who became leader less than a month ago), is resigning from Momusu due to the boyfriend scandal!
Offical Announcement on the Hello!Project site (in Japanese, of course.)
I…wow. Just…wow. I mean, she’s one of the lead singers…well, they don’t really say that, but it’s kinda obvious, especially in a song like Kanashimi Twilight.
I can’t believe it…this is JUST like what happened with Yaguchi Mari back in April 2005! Goes out with a boyfriend, Friday takes pictures and publishes them in the magazine, she resigns from the leader position…
I just can’t believe this. I still don’t agree with Morning Musume’s position on boyfriends…I mean, seriously. She’s in her 20’s. Whyyy can’t she have a boyfriend? Makes me wonder if that policy is in position for the rest of H!P. I mean, Nakazawa Yuko’s in her 30’s, isn’t she? xD;

Now, the good thing is that she’s not gone forever. She’s leaving Morning Musume (damn! what’ll happen to their next single?), but she still wants to continue her solo career. No mention of GAM, from what I’ve heard…I haven’t looked at the article yet. Not enough time…I have to head over to graduation in like 10 minutes. xD;;

So, who’s gonna be the new sub-leader? Takitty’s going to be leader, considering she was sub-leader under Mikitty. Maybe Risa? She’s the only other 5th-gen left…and I don’t think a 6th-gen will be the sub-leader when Risa’s still in the group…and definitely not the 7th-gen Koharu or the 8th-gen Aika…

I’m gonna keep thinking about this during graduation and everything (lol, I’m not the one graduating, don’t worry), and I’ll post again with some more thoughts on this. Hopefully it’ll be a bit more than just random ramblings…
I’m also thinking about what’s gonna happen with the single coming out soon. When this happened to Mari, they still released Osaka Koi no Uta…but that came out like a week or two after she resigned. There’s still over a month before this single…will they rerecord like what happened with Gyaruru when Nono left? (though that’s TNX, so I probably shouldn’t compare with this) I don’t know if it’s already recorded in the first place, though, so…
I’m thinking she’s not going to be in this next single, because there’s still a while before it’s going to be released…
Rawr, I need to go~ I’ll make another post later today or tomorrow.