I can’t spend this much money, dammit!

January 23, 2008

Only like two weeks after I purchased $95 of CDs from Yesasia, here I am with $180 of music in my cart again. I’m honestly not sure who I should blame for this. I think it’s a combination of Hello! Project deciding to release both Buono!’s and Ongaku Gatas’ debut albums in the same month, the Prince of Tennis rerelease spree, and the fact that they’re both happening at like the exact same time. That’s HELLISHLY bad timing!
Curse whoever came up with the idea of limited editions and limited releases. As always, everything I want is limited, so there’s the chance of it selling out if I don’t get it now. But there’s no way I could spend $180 right now. I mean, yeah, I have the money, but 1) I have to go through my mom for purchases because it’s through her credit card, which means she can say ‘no’, and I get the feeling she will because of how expensive this is, and 2) I have no income, so I can’t spend so much money each month. =P

Anyway, this is what I want to get:
Buono! – Renai Rider (limited edition)
Buono! – Cafe Buono! (limited edition)
Ongaku Gatas – 1st GOODSAL (limited edition)
Kai Yuujirou – Valentine Kiss (limited release)
Inui Sadaharu – DISTANCE (limited release)
Echizen Ryouma – future / WHITE LINE (limited release)
Hyoutei Eternity – Fujouri (limited release)
The Prince of Tennis op.REQUEST (limited release)
The Prince of Tennis ed.REQUEST (limited release)
3 Guava Trio – BRAND NEW DAY (limited release)

I -guess- I could cut the op/ed REQUEST CDs out if necessary, along with Fujouri- they’re not too high on my priority list, I just really want them because the op/ed REQUEST CDs are opening/ending theme compilations (which I love) and Fujouri is the only seiyuu theme song I’m missing…
I just kinda get the feeling that the H!P CDs are going to sell out way faster than the PoT CDs, but I’m still worried that if I cut any CDs from this order they won’t be available by the time I make my next order.

So, I had the bright idea to look on CD Japan, cause the prices are much lower there, right? I actually did a quick price comparison for all of the CDs:
Buono! – Renai Rider: $17.49 (Yesasia), $13.89 (CD Japan)
Buono! – Cafe Buono!: $32.99 (Yesasia), $31.49 (CD Japan)
Ongaku Gatas – 1st GOODSAL: $33.75 (Yesasia), $30.87 (CD Japan)
Kai Yuujirou – Valentine Kiss: $9.99 (Yesasia), not listed but presumed to be $6.85 like all previous Valentine Kiss singles (CD Japan)
Inui Sadaharu – DISTANCE: $7.64 (Yesasia), $5.56 (CD Japan)
Echizen Ryouma – future: $10.75 (Yesasia), $8.82 (CD Japan)
Hyoutei Eternity – Fujouri: $9.25 (Yesasia), $6.88 (CD Japan)
The Prince of Tennis op.REQUEST: $25.49 (Yesasia), $24.70 (CD Japan)
The Prince of Tennis ed.REQEUST: $25.49 (Yesasia), $24.70 (CD Japan)
3 Guava Trio – BRAND NEW DAY: $7.25 (Yesasia), $4.90 (CD Japan)

Total: $180.09 (Yesasia), $158.67 (CD Japan)

So, after looking at that, you’d think CD Japan would be the obvious choice, right? Then you take a look at shipping.

Shipping: $0.00 (Yesasia), $35.20 (CD Japan)
Total with shipping: $180.09 (Yesasia), $193.87 (CD Japan)

And that’s the CHEAPEST shipping option, which I’d never use. GODDAMMIT CDJAPAN. >_< The prices are so low and appealing, AND THEN THE SHIPPING PRICES ARE HELL. No shipping should ever be $35.
So anyway, Yesasia’s still somehow the cheapest choice. If only CD Japan had free shipping, or at least -cheaper- shipping. I mean, I’m aware that their shipping depends on how much the package weighs, and this order does contain quite a few CDs, but STILL. $35.

Actually, either way, I’m not making this order until mid-February because I just ordered some stuff two weeks ago. All I can do is hope for a sale or something…


I just listened to Jaja Uma Paradise, and…

January 1, 2008

…all I can say is, what the hell. xD;; I really liked Koisuru Angel Heart, so I thought this would be good too…but I don’t like this song…
Yes, I know I’m uber late listening to this song. I have an uber backup of music on my computer because I was uber lazy last year so typically music doesn’t make it onto my iTunes until at least a couple of weeks after it’s released, unless it’s Momusu, then I stick it on as soon as it comes out. xD

On another note, Yesasia finally added the Prince of Tennis re-releases- I was kinda worried for a bit that they wouldn’t add them and that I’d have to buy from CD Japan. No offense to CD Japan users, it’s a good site, but I put together a tentative order there with some of the upcoming re-releases and a couple of H!P CDs, and it told me shipping would be like $50. What the hell.
Yesasia has free shipping. 8D Even though the prices are a little higher, the free shipping should make up for it.
So now that Yesasia added the re-releases, I don’t have to worry about that stuff…

I had to cut down on some of the stuff in this order I’m planning to make uber soon in order to insure that I have enough money for both the re-releases and Anime Boston, which is coming up in March. (Haha, this year it’s during spring break, so I can go the entire weekend and not have to worry about homework and studying!) Oh well, I think in the end it’ll be worth it. If only I had a job, then I wouldn’t have to worry as much about money…I always get lots of money in December cause of my birthday and Christmas, but then I typically spend it all before summer starts. xD;; Then I’m screwed until December again…

I dunno, this post was kinda random, but I’m just like hanging out on my last day of break and I don’t really have anything long enough to devote a full post to…

Huge reissue of almost all Prince of Tennis limited character singles

December 17, 2007

Oh god. I got an e-mail from CD Japan, an Upcoming Artist Newsmail for Prince of Tennis, and it listed like ten billion different CDs that have already been released, most of which have gone out of print. I totally thought it was some weird mistake. Then I looked closer, to where it said “Reissue of this limited edition release from the “Prince of Tennis” series.”
Ohhh wow…I was disappointed when I found out I got into the fandom too late to get my hands on copies of lots of character CDs…but now they’re re-releasing almost all of them! I can finally grab a copy of that Inui single where THEY SHOW HIS EYES ON THE COVER ZOMG!
I’m kinda surprised, though, for two reasons: first, well, just in general, I totally would never expect a re-release of any of these. I thought I’d have to go through eBay or something. Second, they’re even re-releasing the brand new singles that still haven’t sold out of the original release, like Taka’s recent single “C’mon every burning” (which was released 2007.11.14) and the current OVA opening by byTachikiritai, “Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy!” which was just released on 2007.10.31.
Yesasia doesn’t have any of the rereleases listed, so it looks like I’ll have to go through CD Japan. Which has cheaper prices, but shipping’s a -bitch-. Ugh.
EDIT: I just put together like a first draft on an order with the PoT CDs and the Buono and Ongaku Gatas upcoming CDs, and it says that shipping’s going to be like $50. T_________T God I hate CD Japan, but sometimes it’s the only option…

Yeah, I think this is where all of my Christmas/birthday money is going to go. Forget that Yesasia order I was making, I can cut it down to just the new Buono and Ongaku Gatas stuff. xD I’m definitely grabbing quite a few of these rereleases, especially that Inui single I mentioned earlier, all of the other Valentine Kiss singles (I have the 2006 Oshitari one), the other Cap to Bin singles (I’m making it a point to collect all the singles involving Eiji), the two opening/ending soundtrack albums (who makes soundtracks limited release only? I mean, I can understand character singles, but opening/ending theme collections? that always pissed me off, but now I can actually buy them! 8D)…

Lol, I’m so excited, but they’re not actually being (re)released until late February. 8D I should still pre-order though…

New stuff, yay!

November 12, 2007

Well, I’m kinda procrastinating my homework right now, so I took the time to put together two orders, one on CDJapan and one on Yesasia…
So this is what I ended up getting:
Athena & Robikerottsu – Shouri no BIG WAVE!!! (limited edition)
Morning Musume – Mikan (normal edition)
Morning Musume – Mikan (limited edition A)
Morning Musume – Mikan (limited edition B)
Hello! Project 2007 Winter Live DVD Box (limited)
SKET DANCE volume 1
The Morning Musume. All Singles Complete Zen 35 Kyoku – 10th Anniversary (limited)
Megane’s – Manatsu no Megane’s (limited)
Kawamura Takashi – C’mon every burning (limited)

As soon as I heard about the Athena single, I knew I had to get it- I mean, it’s Risa and Aika and two H!P Kids…
I actually ended up getting all three versions of Mikan. I was looking on Yesasia, and for each of them it said the first press came with a randomly selected photocard. I love the photocards, so I figured it’s definitely worth it to buy all three, not to mention it’s my favorite Morning Musume song in a while, so…
And as for the box set, who could turn that down? I mean, it’s THREE concerts- the normal concert and the Wonderful Hearts/Elder Club concerts that are usually only released to the fanclub.
Then there’s SKET DANCE volume 1, one of the newest Shounen Jump series- I absolutely love it, so when I heard the first volume was out I had to buy it. xD
Since I bought the Momusu 10th anniversary CD, it only makes sense to buy the DVD that goes along with it- it includes all of their PVs, including an alternate version of Mikan and something to do with LOVE Machine…
Then there are the two PoT character singles. At first it started off with me looking for something cheap to randomly add to the CD Japan order (I put the Momusu DVD in a separate order on CD Japan because I didn’t want it to hold back the other stuff since it’s coming out later) because if I hit 5000 yen I’d get a 500 yen coupon, and I ended up with Manatsu no Megane’s. Then I found out about Taka’s new single, which actually includes a b-side (which is rare for PoT singles, usually it’s just the title track, an instrumental, and maybe a track with random talk from the seiyuu) and stuff, so…xD;

AND I also bought a couple of doujinshi yesterday…someone was selling Seishun Gakuen Paradise by Kodaka Kazuma for $2, so of course I bought that, and she was also selling some other doujinshi for cheap prices so I got two anthologies, Ground Smash 2 and Love Prince 4.

AND the girl who runs (well, at this point, it should be ‘ran’) doujinstar.com is selling all her Prince of Tennis stuff- all of it. SOOOO of course I had to get some, right?
New Season Set 1 Birthday Card Akutagawa Jirou
Eiji Pin
Bromide Set 2: Summertime/Oceanside: Golden Pair
Bromide Season 4: Sakura: Jirou
Bromide Season 5: Festival/Costume: Eiji
Bromide Season 5: Festival/Costume: Momo/Kaidou
Bromide Season 7: White Day Presents: Eiji
Bromide Season 8: School: Golden Pair
Bromide Season 10: Fashion Prince: Golden Pair
Databook 20.5
Love Prince 1 + 2

I ordered all this stuff a bit more than a week ago, but it’s not going to be shipped until she puts the last batch of her stuff up for sale- I’m waiting until the end just in case I want anything from the third batch of stuff. xD

EDIT: ooh hey even more stuff! don’t feel like making a new post, so…
AAND someone else on the garagesalejapan LJ community just put up some CDs including W’s two albums (the first press of the second one) and Berryz Koubou’s first two albums (again, the second album was the first press edition) so I just had to grab some of them. I ended up buying the two W albums and the second Berryz album~
Seriously, with shipping it ended up being $33.13. That’s basically how much one album is on Yesasia.
I’m having lots of fun with this Livejournal community…

Why is shipping so expensive? xD

August 27, 2007

I’m currently planning out yet another order…*sigh*
At the moment, this is what’s in it:
Tennis no Oujisama Zenkoku Taikai Hen (Prince of Tennis National Tournament) vol. 3
Morning Musume – SEXY 8 BEAT (limited edition)
Cap to Bin – Thank You!! (limited release)

I have to get the Nationals DVD. It’s uber expensive ($46.25 on Yesasia, $42.51 on CDJapan), but it’s Golden Pair angst and it’s my favorite episode in the entire OVA series, and maybe even the entire series in general, and it’s really cute and amazing, and…I mean, it starts off with lots of Eiji angsting and Golden Pair love, and then it turns into Eiji being uber cute and amazing and more Golden Pair love. <33333 The episode has its own folder in My Pictures for screenshots- seriously, not many episodes do. Only the Golden Pair flashback episode (freshman Eiji = THE CUTEST THING EVER), the chibi episodes, the Prince of Bowling/Billiards/Volleyball episodes, and episode 142 (which happens to be another cute Eiji episode, but it’s missing the angst that makes Zenkoku episode 4 so great), and this episode of course. This episode has everything from Eiji crying over Oishi to playing doubles in singles to self-rape
For the record, every time I watch this episode I’m in tears by the time Eiji confronts Oishi in the flashbacks…yes, I cry over a tennis anime. >____> Shut up.
I wanna make a couple of animated GIFs from that episode, but sadly, VirtualDub doesn’t work with .mp4 files. I dunno if I could do it with another program or what…
Lolz I’m gonna shut up about that episode now. I could probably rant on about it for like ever…
Then there’s episode 5 of the OVA, which is also on this DVD. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about that episode. It’s mostly filler anyway. Except for the scene where Kaidou and Yagyuu switch places and play as each other. That scene’s great, though it makes no sense whatsoever in the anime…

ANYWAY back on track.
Then there’s Cap to Bin’s Thank You!!. I didn’t think too much of the song when I first heard it, but I love it at the moment~ <33333 Not to mention Eiji’s like FRONT AND CENTER on the cover, and I’m planning on collecting all CDs involving Eiji anyway, so…
And then SEXY 8 BEAT. I’m still catching up with Morning Musume; I want their mini-album also but this order is really expensive already, and I have the money to buy it along with this stuff but my mom doesn’t like it if I spend more than ~$100 on one order so I’ll get it later.

I looked up all the items and added everything to my cart on both Yesasia and CD Japan…
CD Japan has cheaper prices for the items. It’s great- the Tenipuri DVD’s $46.25 on Yesasia but only $42.51 on CD Japan; SEXY 8 BEAT’s $34.75 on Yesasia but only $30.60 on CD Japan, and Thank You!! is $9.25 on Yesasia but only $6.32 on CD Japan.
However…shipping is uber expensive on CD Japan. DDDDD: It ends up being more expensive to buy it on CD Japan…
Maybe I’m just used to Yesasia’s free shipping. I dunno.
I apparently have a 500 yen coupon on CD Japan, and 200 frequent shopper points, so maybe if I use those, it’ll be a bit less expensive…still though, I feel like I’m being ripped off to pay so much just for shipping. D:
So, I think I’m just gonna use Yesasia for this…I’ll save the coupon and the frequent shopper points for stuff I can’t get on Yesasia (meaning, more PoT character singles)…

Lolz, and I’m also getting some doujinshi. Doujinstar.com is having a sale where everything’s $5, and shipping has a flat rate of $4 for more than 1 doujinshi…so I can’t help myself. =P
4 doujinshi for $24…yaaay~

What the fuck, Amazon? (oh, and new music + another new order)

July 11, 2007

Raaawwwr, so today I got two packages in the mail- yaaaaay~ xDD One’s a CD Japan package from like two weeks ago (with Prince of Tennis singles, yay), and the other’s an Amazon order from over a month ago that finally shipped out last week. I open them both up, and everything looks good, right? But then I start opening up the CDs themselves. Kanashimi Twilight (from the Amazon order) is first. And…no mini-photobook. I ordered the limited edition B, that’s supposed to come with a 40-page photobook, right? And the CD I have has the correct cover (it’s the limited edition B cover), but no photobook. Just the CD.
At first I was thinking that they like ran out of the limited edition and sent me the normal edition instead, but I double checked it on the Wiki- and the CD has the correct cover. And it lists the correct price. So what’s the deal? D:
Rawr, I don’t like Amazon. Next time if there’s something not on Yesasia, I’m using CD Japan~

Mehh, I don’t think it’s worth it to complain or anything. *sigh* Whatever. Looks like I won’t be able to scan the mini-photobook for everyone after all, though…
I wonder if there’s something I’m missing somewhere, though? I mean, this doesn’t seem like something such a trusted site would do…

So this is what I got today:
Morning Musume – Kanashimi Twilight (limited edition B, but no photobook)
Ore Ska Band – Tsumasaki
Pull Tab to Kan – Wonderful days

We’re having this cleaning service come today and I have to stay out of my room while they clean it, so I’ll probably use that opportunity to scan these, so~ a long overdue scans post should come up sometime today~

On another note, I made yet another CD Japan order. I mentioned I was a sucker for anything limited, right…?
Kawamura Takashi – Asobi ni Ikanaika? (limited release)
Kaidou Kaoru – Sekai wa Kawaru (limited release)
Oishi Shuuichirou – Honto no Kimochi (limited release)
Kikumaru Eiji – Come Together (limited release)
Kikumaru Eiji – Kiku-chan no Soran Bushi (limited release)
Kikumaru Eiji & Oishi Shuuichirou – Type wa D! (limited release)

8D Lots of Prince of Tennis music. The first four CDs were really really cheap- $4.84 each. Though since they were so cheap, the shipping was uber huge- for the entire order, it was $20 for shipping, and that was the cheapest option. Raaawwr, I figure it’s worth it though.
I don’t like that all of these are limited release only. T_T Thankfully the one I wanted the most (Type wa D!) is still available. =D It’s an uber amazing Golden Pair song that’s really cute~

I love how I went on CD Japan because Yesasia didn’t have the new Shippuuden ending, so I was gonna buy that and the new Bleach ending…but then I ended up dropping those from the order and getting all Prince of Tennis music instead. 8D

PortCon Maine 2007 / New j-pop + doujinshi

July 1, 2007

So last weekend my friends and I all went to PortCon Maine. To be honest…it sucked compared to Anime Boston. There really wasn’t that much to do, and the dealer’s room was pretty small. But it wasn’t too bad- we had lots of fun and ended up with an uber amount of new inside jokes (Data Pretty Pretty Princess- “There’s a 12.5% chance I’ll land on a black ring space”).
Basically, this is what I got:
The Prince of Tennis volume 4
The Prince of Tennis volume 5
The Prince of Tennis volume 6
Death Note volume 12
(zomg, they had it early)
Naruto Original Soundtrack 3
Prince of Tennis OST 2
Prince of Tennis OST 3
2 Prince of Tennis chibi mini-posters
some sort of Prince of Tennis normal mini-poster

and some other various small items.
I really really wanted a doujinshi, but they didn’t have any PG/PG-13 Prince of Tennis doujinshi. T____T There was like one Naruto PG doujinshi, but I didn’t get it…and there were some more doujinshi at another booth, but that booth didn’t separate the porn from the rest, so I couldn’t tell and I figured unless I recognized a specific doujinshi, I wouldn’t take the risk.
As for the CDs…I didn’t mean to buy 4 CDs, especially not if only one of them was j-pop, but they were cheap. xDDD $10 for each of the soundtracks, and $15 for the NANA album. See, I went around the dealer’s room looking for j-pop, and I didn’t see any anywhere, just soundtracks, so I went ahead and bought some soundtracks. Then later I was wandering around…and one of the booths added a ton of j-pop. xD;; And it was cheap, so I figured why not…

So anyway. On Thursday, I made some another order from Yesasia (and CD Japan, too, lolz. xD):
Morning Musume – Egao YES Nude (limited edition A CD+DVD) (Hong Kong version)
Morning Musume – Onna ni Sachi Are (limited edition B CD+photobook)
Aqua Timez – ALONES
Naruto 38
Aozu – White Line
Pull Tab to Can – Wonderful Days

Earlier this week, I was watching more Tenipuri, and I hit episode 141- the welcome back party for Tezuka (lolz, filler, but whatever. the camp was good filler, the actual match…well, I got slightly depressed and had to take a break after Eiji lost. To a filler character! :arg) where some of the rival players performed a song- Wonderful Days. And then that song was used as the 7th ending theme…
I’m like in love with the song. xD So, as a spur-of-the-moment thing, I looked it up on Yesasia. Out of print, dammit. So then I figured I’d at least check a few other sites. I went on CD Japan, and sure enough, it was on there~ So I ordered that single, along with White Line, the 4th ending and also a song sung by the seiyuu- and also out of print on Yesasia. xD
As for the rest- of course I’m pre-ordering Momusu’s upcoming single, and ALONES by Aqua Timez, the current Bleach opening. I jumped at the chance to grab the limited edition of Egao YES Nude, even though it is the Hong Kong version…I’m a sucker for anything limited. =P

My Amazon order with Kanashimi Twilight and the Ore Ska Band stuff that I made a month ago still hasn’t even shipped yet. >__< Raaaaawwwr I’ll give it like two more weeks.

I also ordered some doujinshi, yaaay! xD Okk, I really can’t read most of the Japanese stuff. But I figure I will be able to in the future, and for now I’m happy just looking at the pictures and trying to possibly figure out any bit of Japanese that I can. I currently have 4 doujinshi:
Tennis Game of the Worst Supremacy (Arta+Psytron)
Throw Up Your Fist (Koroketsu)
(Oishi x Kikumaru)
The Color of Walnut… (MG) (Oishi x Kikumaru)
Gold (Special Cat) (Oishi x Kikumaru)

The same day I made the Yesasia and CD Japan orders, I also ordered 4 doujinshi off of the same site, Doujinshi Star– and I got a free doujinshi because altogether I’ve spent $100 there. xD So this is what I ended up getting:
Afghanistan Bananastan (Todoya)
Contagion (Flower Place)
(Fuji x Tezuka, Momo x Ryoma)
Momoshiro Takeshi (Flower Place) (Momo x Ryoma)
Prince of Summer (Flower Place) (Ryoma x Eiji)
Pureness (Pink Panthers) (Fuji x Tezuka)

I’m kinda surprised at myself for not getting any Golden Pair doujinshi. xD But variety is always good. xD
Apparently the first one is a parody of the uber crack Prince of Tennis anime movie. That movie was AMAZING. xDDDDD It fails so much, but it’s SOOOO fun to watch! When I saw this doujinshi, I just had to get it. xD

Raaaawwwr, I plan on being caught up entirely with Prince of Tennis within…let’s go with a week and a half, just to be on the safe side. xD