Sanada Genichirou – D Kimochi cover

May 12, 2008

As shown on the Prince of Tennis music site (, Sanada’s upcoming single now has a cover! Yaaay.



Title: D Kimochi (limited release)
Artist: Sanada Genichirou
Release date: 2008.05.21 (Wednesday)
Code: NECM-10102
Price: 777 yen

You know, I really don’t have too much to say about this one. Hmm.

In the same news post, they reposted the basic details about Renji’s upcoming single AGAIN. Nothing has changed since the first time they announced it! I mean, it still doesn’t even have a TITLE. I’m totally not gonna even bother translating it cause I’ve already done it twice.


Holy crap. MORE??

April 23, 2008

Why does it seem to me like the Prince of Tennis music is getting way more busier than usual even though it’s ending really soon? xDD
No, seriously! 7 news items in one day! Info about 7 CDs, some new and some announced earlier. And this is the day after they released covers and info about 4 other CDs!

Sanada’s upcoming single has a title now! =D


Title: D Kimochi (limited release)
Artist: Sanada Genichirou
Release date: 2008.05.21 (Wednesday)
Code: NECM-10102
Price: 777 yen

D Kimochi? O____o
Oshitari had a single called “A Kimochi” once. Is it somehow related…?

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New Prince of Tennis CDs

March 18, 2008

Aand three new Prince of Tennis CDs were announced yesterday.


Title: (Untitled) (limited release)
Artist: Sanada Genichirou
Release date: 2008.05.21 (Wednesday)
Code: NECM-10102
Price: 777 yen

アーティスト:柳 蓮二

Title: (Untitled) (limited release)
Artist: Yanagi Renji
Release date: 2008.06.04 (Wednesday)
Code: NECM-10103
Price: 777 yen

Two new singles from Rikkai members! I assume Rikkai’s all of a sudden getting this much love because of the new OVA Nationals Finals series. Both are untitled at the moment, but the titles will probably be released soon.

タイトル:テニスの王子様 オン・ザ・レイディオ ザ・ベスト(仮)

Title: Tennis no Oujisama On The Radio The Best
Artist: V/A
Release date: 2008.06.25 (Wednesday)
Code: NECA-30227
Price: 2500 yen

GAAASSPPPP! Something that’s not a limited release!
Apparently this is compiling the best opening and ending songs to the radio show. (I wonder if that means it’s ending?) It mentions HIRO-X (he/they did something other than ‘future’?) and then it says “the rest”. I don’t follow the radio show at all, so I really have no idea what any of this is.

There are also four new radio CDs coming out on April 16th, from October 2005 to January 2006. Why are they so far behind…?
There isn’t really much to note about them other than they spelled November wrong on the site (as “Nobember” lol) and what the hell is Ooishi doing on the cover of the January one?

That is not a valid reaction to an umbrella…

New CDs from Yesasia

March 16, 2008

I got home from the Dominican Republic at like 2 am last night, but instead of sleep, the first thing that crossed my mind when I got inside the house was “Where’s my Yesasia package??” xD

I ordered:
Buono! – Cafe Buono! (limited edition)
Buono! – Renai Rider (limited edition)
Inui Sadaharu – DISTANCE (limited release) (re-release)
Hyoutei Eternity – Fujouri (limited release) (re-release)
3 Guava Trio – BRAND NEW DAY (limited release) (re-release)
Kai Yuujirou – Valentine Kiss (limited release)
Echizen Ryouma – future / WHITE LINE arrange C (limited release) (re-release)

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Catching up

March 12, 2008

So this is my first post after moving my former blog, ~ lurking in the shadows ~ (on Blogger, here) to WordPress. I got the idea for it about a week ago, then like 7+ j-pop blogs got deleted from WP so I decided against it, but after Kawaiirrhea figured out what was causing the shutdowns (Pony Canyon downloads), I decided to just go ahead because I don’t have any Pony Canyon downloads on my blog (and as of now I don’t plan on ever having any). I like WordPress better than Blogger, so…
There’s also a new name. I kinda was getting tired of the old name, and since I’m moving this anyway, why not? xD Resonant Blue was the first thing that came to mind…named after Morning Musume’s upcoming single.

As my first post here, I should catch up with everything I’ve missed lately. I’m going to attempt to keep this blog up-to-date, update it much more, and write some posts that have some actual content besides just quick news posts. xD

(my g key’s broken, and while I’m copy-pasting the lowercase g it’s too much trouble to keep copy-pasting the uppercase and then having to go back to the lowercase…so that’s why I might have random fail moments in terms of capitalization)

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Ikemen Samurai – Dear Prince ~Tennis no Oujisamatachi e~

March 3, 2008

Another new single announced today! Dear Prince ~Tennis no Oujisamatachi e~, meaning Dear Prince ~To the Princes of Tennis~, should be kinda familiar to fans of the manga, as it’s the song that was used in the last chapter of the manga last week. I still don’t see the point of that, all it was was the lyrics written on the page, I think they were trying to imitate a song playing in the last episode of an anime but it doesn’t really work with manga. I hear it was hell for scanlators. xD But anyway.
Ikemen Samurai? xD I thought it would be a serious song but the group name (meaning something along the lines of “Good-looking Samurai”) makes it sound like it’s totally not. Though, according to the website, Konomi chose the group name, so…
The group consists of Echizen Ryouma and Tezuka Kunimitsu from Seigaku, Atobe Keigo from Hyoutei, Yukimura Seiichi and Sanada Genichirou from Rikkai, Kite Eishirou from Higa, and Shiraishi Kuranosuke from Shitenhouji. Lots of different schools being represented here…Seigaku and all the teams they faced in the Nationals.
I think this would be a good ending or opening song for the Finals OVA series. I’m sure it’s going to be the ending for the last episode, at least.

タイトル:Dear Prince~テニスの王子様達へ~(初回生産完全限定盤)

Title: Dear Prince ~Tennis no Oujisamatachi e~ (limited release)
Artist: Ikemen Samurai (Echizen Ryouma, Tezuka Kunimitsu, Atobe Keigo, Yukimura Seiichi, Sanada Genichirou, Kite Eishirou, Shiraishi Kuranosuke)
Release date: 2008.04.23 (Wednesday)
Catalog code: NECM-10101
Price: 1000 yen

April 23rd…that’s a normal release date (aka Wednesday). For once. xD

lol, is Inui dead? (PoT CHAPTER 358 SPOILERS)

September 20, 2007


So basically this is how the chapter goes.
We get a colored cover page, yaaaaaaaayyy~~~! Though, apparently it’s not to announce anything about the whole ‘ending-in-issue-52’ thing; apparently there’s going to be a 100-song seiyuu concert where they sing the fan’s 100 favorite songs. Cool and all, but I really really really want more information about the ‘end’ of PoT. I’m still hoping for it to continue in tankoubon format…
Then Kirihara gets up, and he’s in full devil mode. Honestly, it’s not that surprising. It’s Kirihara, duh.
But then~!
Instead of aiming at Kaidou, who can return the shots with his new ‘invincible’ Laser Beam/Tornado Snake combo…he aims at Inui. Who immediately goes down.
Yeah, so then for an entire game, Kirihara beats Inui up. Ouch. Again. I mean, poor Inui. And Renji’s not even doing ANYTHING, even though his CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND is like being BEATEN UP by his doubles partner. D:
Honestly, I don’t think Renji has like ONE PANEL in this entire chapter.
Nah, wait. He’s on the first page, middle panel, far right. And he has a panel on the very last page just looking emotionless even though his childhood best friend just like DIED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COURT. I mean, SERIOUSLY. From his seiyuu songs which are all emo-ish and oh so very obviously about Inui, you’d think he’d care more. D:
So Inui’s just like being beaten up by Kirihara.
Then Kaidou has a flashback page. You know, with all the pictures and quotes from earlier chapters all mushed together on one page…
It’s all about Inui. INUI/KAIDOU FTW!
You see all this blood (since when does tennis = blood? O___o I seriously don’t think you can actually get this hurt in tennis…), and then Kaidou just goes “STOP IT!!!”

That creeps me out oh so much. O___o
Someone was talking about how the devil mode is so DBZ-ish, and they were like ‘even their hair-colors change. that’s seriously impossible.’
Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about the hair color as much as the fact that their SKIN COLOR changes. That’s EVEN MORE IMPOSSIBLE. xD
but anyway.
So then Inui stops Kaidou, and is like “the data has been collected.”
And then they have the typical double-page where they stand up and say “Time for our counterattack…”
…except Inui just DIES.

I want to know who said that last thing, “Very admirable of you, Inui.” I mean, I can’t see it coming from anyone other than Renji, but Renji calls him Sadaharu. Hmm.
Anyway, then Kaidou just like collapses and screams…
and seriously, read the narrator text. “The voice that cannot resist screaming is reaching for Inui’s Requiem…”
I hope I’m not the only one that seriously thinks that makes it sound like Inui died. Not like, jokingly, as in like, collapsed…like, seriously died, as in, NOT ALIVE ANYMORE.
Oh dear lord, who knew people can die from tennis?

Anyway, we’ll see the outcome of this match tomorrow. I personally think the chapter is going to start off with the ref going “Since Inui can’t continue, Seigaku forfeits!” and we see Inui getting like carried off on a stretcher or maybe just carried off by other members of Seigaku if his injuries aren’t enough to warrant the hospital visit.
Other people apparently think that Inui’s just gonna get up and they’re gonna come back and at least catch up, if not actually win. D: I don’t see how that could happen, but…well, whatever, we’ll see tomorrow…or maybe Saturday. I really hope the chapter isn’t late this week…