Resonant Blue covers + DVD info

March 26, 2008

Yes! The covers for Morning Musume’s 36th single Resonant Blue were posted on Some Boys! Blog today, and then the content of the limited edition DVDs was posted there a little later. Both are things I’ve been waiting for for a while (though mostly the DVD content because I wasn’t about to just gUESS which one would have better content and pre-order like that!), so I’m so happy to finally get this info.
First, the covers:
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My thoughts on the Morning Musume spring concert setlist

March 22, 2008

Here’s the list, which I took from the OTHER Resonant Blue blog. It confused me when I saw it on my google desktop RSS feed thing cause I was just like “I didn’t post that!”

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Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan! radio rip

March 21, 2008

I just found out that a radio rip for this song was out, so I went and searched for a download. This song is the b-side to Morning Musume’s upcoming single Resonant Blue.
There’s a lot of talking over it. It seems like a pretty good song, and the line distribution seems more even than in Resonant Blue…but I’ll wait for a better quality version to come out before I really go into my thoughts on it.

Download here

How did I miss this?

March 20, 2008

I just now noticed for the first time EVER the covers of Berryz Koubou’s Munasawagi Scarlet.

If you know me at ALL you should know immediately what I thought of.

It’s too bad I don’t know anything about Berryz other than their names and their music. Otherwise I’m sure I’d be matching up Berryz members with Seigaku regulars right about now…

EDIT: You know, I realized after typing this up (well actually I’m editing this the next morning but w/e) that even though only 7 people actually play per match (2 doubles matches, 3 singles) there are actually almost always 8 regulars on a team because of the substitute. And of course on Seigaku there are 9 cause Ryouma screwed the whole thing up. =P (Cause at the beginning of the series they made a huge deal out of Inui being off the regulars, and then after the next ranking tournament it was Momo, but then once Ooishi got hurt I think they just decided to screw the whole thing and start just treating the 9th member as another substitute cause it changed each match. xD)
So maybe the Berryz comparison wouldn’t work even if I knew enough about them….

Buono! third single title announced! “Kiss xxx”

March 19, 2008

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I love Buono!- they’re my second favorite H!P group at the moment. I enjoyed Cafe Buono a lot, I’ve been listening to it so much lately. Their third single was announced earlier, and now the title and tracklist are out:

Buono! 3rd single – Kiss xxx – Tracklist:
1. Kiss xxx
2. Minna Daisuki
3. Kiss xxx (instrumental)
4. Minna Daisuki (instrumental)

I can’t wait until May 14th, when this comes out. I hope it’s even better than what’s on Cafe Buono! ^___^
Short ~1.5 minute previews should appear on Shugo Chara once the second season starts, since the songs on this single are going to be the new opening/ending themes for that anime.

New Prince of Tennis CDs

March 18, 2008

Aand three new Prince of Tennis CDs were announced yesterday.


Title: (Untitled) (limited release)
Artist: Sanada Genichirou
Release date: 2008.05.21 (Wednesday)
Code: NECM-10102
Price: 777 yen

アーティスト:柳 蓮二

Title: (Untitled) (limited release)
Artist: Yanagi Renji
Release date: 2008.06.04 (Wednesday)
Code: NECM-10103
Price: 777 yen

Two new singles from Rikkai members! I assume Rikkai’s all of a sudden getting this much love because of the new OVA Nationals Finals series. Both are untitled at the moment, but the titles will probably be released soon.

タイトル:テニスの王子様 オン・ザ・レイディオ ザ・ベスト(仮)

Title: Tennis no Oujisama On The Radio The Best
Artist: V/A
Release date: 2008.06.25 (Wednesday)
Code: NECA-30227
Price: 2500 yen

GAAASSPPPP! Something that’s not a limited release!
Apparently this is compiling the best opening and ending songs to the radio show. (I wonder if that means it’s ending?) It mentions HIRO-X (he/they did something other than ‘future’?) and then it says “the rest”. I don’t follow the radio show at all, so I really have no idea what any of this is.

There are also four new radio CDs coming out on April 16th, from October 2005 to January 2006. Why are they so far behind…?
There isn’t really much to note about them other than they spelled November wrong on the site (as “Nobember” lol) and what the hell is Ooishi doing on the cover of the January one?

That is not a valid reaction to an umbrella…

Prince of Tennis 100 song marathon DVD!!

March 18, 2008

This info was actually put up on the Prince of Tennis OVA official website yesterday, but I was too busy romanizing Cafe Buono to write a post. xDD
The Prince of Tennis 100 song marathon event, which took place on March 16th, is being released on DVD! 100 of the top Prince of Tennis character songs as voted by the fans…I wonder what was included?
I can’t understand all of the Japanese on the page, and it’s in a different format than the music page, but basically what it says is this:
Release date: 2008.06.25 (Wednesday)
Price: 9240 yen
Comes with a bonus disc featuring backstage stuff. The first press also has a “100 Song Marathon Special Booklet” (28 pages of live photos) and a special “bookcase”.
Ohhh man I can’t wait! @___@ This is coming out while I’m in Japan, which should make it really easy to get- it’s after we leave Tokyo (where we’re going to go to places like Akihabara), but I bet I can get the host family in Sapporo to take me to some DVD store or w/e. xD
It’s so expensive though~ @_@ I could understand that price for a limited edition, but I’m assuming it’s the same price just for the regular edition DVD…Then again, it is 100 songs. xD