November 28, 2007

So today’s November 28th, which means it’s everyone’s favorite cat-like acrobatic tennis player’s birthday! YAAAAYYY!!
So, a lot of people draw fanart or write fanfics for a character’s birthday, but see, I’m totally not creative enough to do that! Actually, I started writing a quick one-shot about Eiji’s birthday during Biology today, but I dunno if I’ll finish it in time.
So, I decided to contribute in a different way- 320kbps mp3 rips of all of Eiji’s birthday singles! 8D ACTUALLY I meant to scan these to make them cool and special because as far as I know, PoT CD scans are hard to find, but some stuff happened this weekend and so I didn’t get a chance to- and now I’m stuck at school until this weekend. I’ll scan the CDs then and upload the scans once I’m done~

I think out of these three singles, only ONE was actually labeled as a birthday single, but the other two came out on his birthday in 2004 so I still consider them birthday singles. 8D
ONE is his actual birthday single, and it comes with the b-side ‘I~i jan’.
Come Together doesn’t have a b-side, but it was used as the radio show theme for a month in 2004 or something. It comes with a voice track called ‘Talk Time ~Kikumaru Eiji On the Radio~’.
Kiku-chan no Souran Bushi is his own version of the traditional song Souran Bushi- with a different arrangement than most versions and new lyrics. It comes with a b-side called Taiyou no PARADISO.

[2003.11.28] Kikumaru Eiji – ONE
[2004.11.28] Kikumaru Eiji – Come Together
[2004.11.28] Kikumaru Eiji – Kiku-chan no Souran Bushi

YAY <3