Prince of Tennis Chinese Drama, Episode 1

July 28, 2008

The first two episodes of the Prince of Tennis C-drama came out yesterday, or maybe the day before (I had no internet, on a family trip). I’ve been waiting for this for a really long time, so I’m so happy it’s actually here! I watched episode one today- it legit took me 3 hours. o_o Including food breaks, fangirling breaks, rewatching scenes over and over…and I watched the first half of it twice because after I watched it once, I found a translation of it (here). Since it’s Chinese, I really can’t understand any of it…
I was going to write a legit post about this, but I couldn’t focus on screencaps since I was fangirling so much, and since I was just ranting to my stepsister over IM about it anyway (notice how she ignored me the entire time!) I figured I’ll just copy-paste that in here! =D
So join me on a journey through the Chinese drama adaptation of The Prince of Tennis, aka Wang Qiu Wang Zi, including lots of wtf-ing over weird changes (such as Yuuta at Seigaku and the whole college thing), fangirling over the characters and just the new adaptation in general (considering there hasn’t been much new PoT material ever since the manga ended), and angsting over the inability to figure out which guy is which character! (Which I still haven’t quite figured out.)

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