Merry Christmas everyone~

December 25, 2007

Eep, I can’t believe I forgot to post this earlier. I was going to post this before the family Christmas party, but it totally slipped my mind. =P
I totally didn’t get anything j-pop related for Christmas, but I’m not surprised. I don’t ask for imports or anything cause I don’t think my family could handle going online and trying to figure out things like different versions and stuff. xD I used to get Puffy CDs from my family, but now I have all of their US CDs so there’s nothing left for them to get me…
But I ended up with some anime stuff- I never go out and buy anime box sets because they’re so expensive (yet I buy a Hello! Project concert box set for like $100…) so I pretty much just ask for them for Christmas. xD I got the first two Fullmetal Alchemist box sets, Naruto box sets 3 and 4 (I already have 3, but I accidentally put 3 in my wishlist instead of 5…;-;), and the 3rd Prince of Tennis box set…haha, this means I’m going to have a marathon once I finish the Prince of Tennis panel count. (so close!) And of course this marathon also includes the H!P 2007 Winter concerts and the Morning Musume ALL SINGLES COMPLETE DVD, which I haven’t watched yet…
I -did- get a $150 gift certificate (WOW) to Tokyo Kid, which has j-pop, but I was looking closer at some of the CDs I have from there and I’m actually not 100% sure if they’re the official releases. Wish I had a definite official copy to check. I dunno how I’m gonna spend the $150, haha. xD When I went a while ago at the start of the school year, they had the live-action Prince of Tennis movie, but when I went again with more money they didn’t have it anymore. If they have it again, I’m definitely buying it. xD

ANYWAY. Since it’s Christmas, I thought I’d share some of my favorite j-pop Christmas songs with you guys! I love all three of these songs so much~
Pucchi Moni – Pittari Shitai X’mas!
Haha, what kind of Hello! Project fan would I be if I didn’t include this song? It’s catchy and cute and so Hello! Project-ish. And it has Goto Maki. Who I miss soo much. =( I wish Pucchi Moni would come back, but I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon…
BENNIE K – The Christmas
When their album Japana-rhythm came out back in 2005, I listened to it all the way through, and I think this song ended up being one of my favorites, if not my actual favorite, on the album. It’s really catchy, with both the singing and rap parts. I don’t know why I still don’t own this album, btw. xD
Way back in winter 2005, I had this as background music on my Gaia profile, and my friends who weren’t at all into Japanese music loved it. =)
BoA – Meri Kuri
And of course, one of my favorite ballads from BoA. I don’t usually like slow songs all that much, but this song has been a favorite of mine for a while. I own the Korean version of this single, but I like the Japanese version better because I can actually understand some of it and sing along. xD I was trying to sing along to one of her Korean songs the other day, and I was utterly failing, and I was reminded of like two/three years ago when I was failing at trying to sing Japanese songs. xD Now I can sing in Japanese just as easily as in English…

But, if you totally hate Christmas and winter for some reason, I also uploaded an uber summer song? I honestly don’t know, I uploaded this for a friend and figured I’d just post it here, haha. xD
Megane’s – Manatsu no Megane’s
I find this song so uber amusing, pretty much just because it’s the Megane’s (which consists of Tezuka Kunimitsu, Inui Sadaharu, and Oshitari Yuushi from Prince of Tennis- their seiyuu are Okiayu Ryoutarou, Tsuda Kenjirou, and Hidenobu Kiuchi, respectively) singing an uber summer song. xD The title means “Megane’s in Midsummer” or something along those lines. There are also some random lyrics in there like “tropical drink YES!! non-alcohol” (well I’d HOPE so, considering they’re only 15), “POKER FACE” (haha I don’t see what that has to do with summer), and I swear I can hear Tezuka saying “YUDAN SEZU NI IKOU!” right before the second chorus. =P
I like this song much better than their new single, btw, but I’ll leave that for another post. xD

Sooo, enjoy, and I hope everyone had a nice Christmas! ^^



November 28, 2007

So today’s November 28th, which means it’s everyone’s favorite cat-like acrobatic tennis player’s birthday! YAAAAYYY!!
So, a lot of people draw fanart or write fanfics for a character’s birthday, but see, I’m totally not creative enough to do that! Actually, I started writing a quick one-shot about Eiji’s birthday during Biology today, but I dunno if I’ll finish it in time.
So, I decided to contribute in a different way- 320kbps mp3 rips of all of Eiji’s birthday singles! 8D ACTUALLY I meant to scan these to make them cool and special because as far as I know, PoT CD scans are hard to find, but some stuff happened this weekend and so I didn’t get a chance to- and now I’m stuck at school until this weekend. I’ll scan the CDs then and upload the scans once I’m done~

I think out of these three singles, only ONE was actually labeled as a birthday single, but the other two came out on his birthday in 2004 so I still consider them birthday singles. 8D
ONE is his actual birthday single, and it comes with the b-side ‘I~i jan’.
Come Together doesn’t have a b-side, but it was used as the radio show theme for a month in 2004 or something. It comes with a voice track called ‘Talk Time ~Kikumaru Eiji On the Radio~’.
Kiku-chan no Souran Bushi is his own version of the traditional song Souran Bushi- with a different arrangement than most versions and new lyrics. It comes with a b-side called Taiyou no PARADISO.

[2003.11.28] Kikumaru Eiji – ONE
[2004.11.28] Kikumaru Eiji – Come Together
[2004.11.28] Kikumaru Eiji – Kiku-chan no Souran Bushi

YAY <3

[download] byTachikiritai – Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy full version (not the single)

November 1, 2007

Download through Mediafire

Credit for this goes to makaioh from Livejournal, who uploaded the full version of the song today. =D I’m gonna upload the whole single when my copy comes- it should arrive at my house sometime next week (along with like 5 other CDs I can’t wait to get…xD), so I’ll get it next weekend. I’m planning on scanning this (I’m going to set up my new printer/scanner this weekend) and maybe romanizing the lyrics. I’m going to start trying to romanize some lyrics, since my Japanese is getting better, but I’m probably not going to do it that often since I’m not that good at it. I romanized Ao to Bin to Kan’s single Gather this morning, and I only knew about half the kanji in the lyrics…

I absolutely love this song. ^^ It’s the new opening to the PoT OVAs, and I think it’s a great song. It’s totally random with the choice of members in the group (I STILL wtf over Shishido being in the group, considering he’s TOTALLY not in the new OVA series AT ALL), but it’s still a good song. XD The only voice I can pick out in this song is Fuji’s, since I haven’t really watched much of the Shitenhouji matches (I’ve only watched Momo/Kaidou vs Yuuji/Koharu; I actually haven’t watched Fuji vs Shiraishi and Taka vs Gin yet…), but Fuji’s voice really sticks out no matter who he sings with. O_o Everyone else’s voice is like ROAR GUY and then Fuji’s is SO OBVIOUSLY A GIRL…xD Well, I mean, Fuji’s a guy, but his seiyuu is a girl, and it’s especially obvious when Fuji sings. xD; I really like his seiyuu’s singing voice~
So, yeah, I can’t wait until my copy gets here. xD I want the full single, but the person who uploaded this never uploads the instrumentals, so…
Not to mention that’s it’s in the same package as like 5 other CDs- Buono’s Honto no Jibun (which I’ve recently become uber addicted to, and I’ll elaborate on that once it arrives- I’m gonna write a post about the single and Shugo Chara), Ongaku Gatas’ Nari Hajimeta Koi no BELL, Momusu’s 10th anniversary album, Gyaruru’s Boom Boom Meccha Maccho, and Momusu’s 7.5 mini-album that was released last year. And the latest Momusu PV DVD. xDD YAY LOTS OF STUFF

[Download] Paku Romi & Morikubo Shoutaro – Voice For You (mp3, not a full single)

September 9, 2007

So a while ago, I found a ~2 minute radio rip of a song called Voice For You. I really liked the song, and the best part was- it’s by Paku Romi and Morikubo Shoutaro, the seiyuu for Temari and Shikamaru from Naruto! xD SHIKATEMA FTW~
And, just today…someone actually uploaded the full version! =DDDDDDD


This song makes me uber happy…xDDD I keep thinking ‘ShikaTema yay’~

Seriously, check it out. It’s a great song~

now I should probably get back to my homework…I’m kinda procrastinating at the moment…

[Download] Aqua Timez – ALONES

August 1, 2007

Ahh, this is finally out. =) Feels like it’s been forever since the first episode of Bleach that used this opening…since the first time I heard it, I wanted to hear the full song.

I downloaded this from Jpopsuki about 20 minutes ago…it’s a 320kbps rip, apparently from Nipponsei. Since I’m still seeding it, I just zipped it without changing anything. I think the tags are in the original Japanese, while the filenames are romanized. There’s a 500×500 cover, and two .txt files too…

02. 暁 (Akatsuki)
03. Mr.ロードランナー(DJ Mass’Skate Sonic* Remix)(Mr. Roadrunner (DJ Mass’Skate Sonic* Remix))
04. ALONES (instrumental)

Download~ (btw, MegaUpload has decided for some odd reason that I know enough Japanese to navigate their Japanese site. I have no idea why, but all MegaUpload pages redirect me to the same page but in Japanese…>______< At first I blamed it on the fact that I’m at a Japanese school and everything at the moment, but then I remembered that I was using the English site last week here…)

So, as I said before, I’m not a review person. But I’ll try to give a bit of thought on each track…?
ALONES is the title track, and I’m absolutely in love with this song~ The full version is great, and unlike a certain other recent anime song (>_> Hero’s Come Back!!…) it’s just as good as the TV size. I didn’t really pay any attention to Aqua Timez before this song…I just kinda ignored their releases except for the Bleach movie theme (which I didn’t really like…). But hearing ALONES made me at least pay a bit more attention to their releases…I downloaded their recent single Shiori, and I really like it. =D There’s one part around the middle of this song that I think doesn’t really fit with the rest of the song, but it’s not that bad or anything…
Akatsuki: ok, the name made me slightly giggle. Which makes no sense, cause it’s not like this is related to Naruto or anything, so it means absolutely nothing that Akatsuki is also the name of the bad guys in Naruto. >____> I think this song is ok…I don’t like it as much as ALONES, but I tend to think that way about most b-sides.
Mr. Roadrunner (DJ Mass’Skate Sonic* Remix)…well, it’s a remix. Aaand I’ve never heard the original song. >___> I’m not a huge fan of remixes in general, and since I haven’t heard the original yet…I kinda skipped this song. xD;
ALONES (instrumental) is…instrumental-ish…and there really isn’t anything to say about it…being an instrumental and all…except that I hate when songs start out with vocals right away without an instrumental intro because whenever I try to sing them I always come in late and it screws everything up. >_______> This happens to be one of those songs. It’s always the good songs, the ones I might possibly want to sing in public, but I can’t because of this…

Anyway, the order with this single (and Onna ni Sachi Are limited edition B, and Egao YES Nude limited edition A) shipped yesterday, so it should come sometime next week…unlike Onna ni Sachi Are, this already came in 320kbps so I’ll just upload the scans once it arrives.

[Download] Morning Musume – Onna ni Sachi Are single

July 24, 2007

Yaayyy, this single’s out a day early~
I’m so glad I have internet at camp right now…

So I downloaded this from Jpopsuki, and I just .rar’d the folder and uploaded it here without changing tags/filenames/anything. Both filenames and tags are in the original Japanese, and it also includes 500×500 images of all 3 covers. It’s currently in VBR or whatever the hell it’s called (which I find absolutely pointless), and the bitrate is around 260kbps.

Here’s the tracklist:
1. 女に 幸あれ (Onna ni Sachi Are)
2. Please! 自由の扉 (Please! Jiyuu no Tobira)
3. 女に 幸あれ (instrumental) (Onna ni Sachi Are (instrumental))


As for my opinions on this single…I absolutely love Onna ni Sachi Are. I find it really catchy, and it’s been stuck in my head for a while now~
The b-side, Please! Jiyuu no Tobira, is pretty nice too from what I’ve heard- I had to turn it off after two minutes or so because the other girls came back from dinner and I don’t want to bother them or anything. xD; I’ll stick it on my iPod and play it for a bit later…

Rawr, I’m not a review person. I can’t review things, I really can’t…

When my copy of this single arrives (should be in about two weeks or so, cause I pre-ordered Aqua Timez’s ALONES (coming out next week) too and I have to wait for ALONES to come out before the order ships) I’ll upload a 320kbps rip of it and scans. I got the limited edition B with a photobook (and I trust Yesasia to actually send it to me. xD;;), so…