It’s getting close to CHRISTMAS! 8D

December 4, 2007

Well, it’s that time of year again where I can actually listen to j-pop Christmas songs like BENNIE K’s ‘The Christmas’ without feeling really lame~ xDD
(I know, it’s been December for like 4 days already, but bear with me here)
YAY! As much as I don’t like winter and the cold, and I hate the fact that it’s in the middle of the school year, I LOVE December! Cause I’m only in school for like half of it, not to mention there’s Christmas and my birthday! 8D
So! To get into the season, I’m going to share with you the best 12 Days of Christmas parody I’ve ever seen! 8D

The song itself is uber amazing, and the Akatsuki video just makes it so much better. xD YAY

And a short Naruto 12 Days of Christmas parody fanfic from my favorite fanfiction author, Link and Luigi! 8D
12 Things on Naruto

I’ll probably share some of my favorite j-pop Christmas songs this weekend or after exams or something…