Fangirl time, aka “YESASIA SELLS DOUJINSHI!”

Now, as I bet most people reading this blog don’t know, I’m a huge yaoi fan. xD Mostly Prince of Tennis yaoi, but I’m starting to get into other actual yaoi manga (as opposed to doujinshi/fanfics). My favorite Prince of Tennis doujinshi artist is Kodaka Kazuma, a professional yaoi mangaka that just happens to write PoT yaoi also. <33 I love her art, it’s really great when it’s serious and really adorable when it’s chibis. I love her stories too! She just so happens to write doujinshi for my FAVORITE pairing, the golden pair, and I own her golden pair anthology called Darling. I also own her hilarious comedy doujinshi Seishun gakuen Paradise, with lots of mini stories including yaoi sex ed, a school festival, evil!Fuji…
According to Wikipedia, Kodaka Kazuma’s manga Kizuna was one of the first and most popular yaoi manga. I still think it’s so cool that she does PoT doujinshi too~
So anyway! I was on Yesasia, looking for Kizuna volumes, because I’ve been thinking about reading it and apparently the English version is totally censored. My search was pretty unsuccessful (I only found Chinese versions), but it lead me to an amazing finding!

This doujinshi came up when I searched for “Kodaka Kazuma”!
It’s an anthology of some of her doujinshi. For only 13 freaking dollars! =O Each doujinshi in here probably costs more than that by itself!
While Yesasia doesn’t list any info about it, thankfully someone reviewed it listing the doujinshi included.

It apparently includes two of her Hyoutei doujinshi, Muteki no Venus and Happiness. I think I’ve read one of her Hyoutei doujinshi before, but I don’t still have it on my computer so I don’t know what it was called…
Then it has her Momoshiro x Ryoma doujinshi, Toshishita no Otoko no Ko (A Younger Boy) (download). This one’s my friend’s favorite doujinshi! It’s a cute doujinshi where Momo goes over to Ryoma’s house, only to be confronted by Ryoma’s dad singing a song called “Younger Boy” by this 70s group Candies. Momo decides that Nanjirou is “singing his thoughts”…xDD So then some MomoRyo fluff happens, and then Momo pushes Ryoma onto the bed and they’re not really having sex or anything but Momo’s all over Ryoma and Ryoma’s shirt’s off and everything…and then all of a sudden Ryoma’s dad jumps in singing SOS by Pink Lady and gets uber pissed and beats up Momo in tennis. xD
After that is my FAVORITE, three of her Golden Pair doujinshi! So what if I own them all already in her anthology Darling. You can NEVER have too much golden pair! xD First is my favorite doujinshi of hers, the first one I ever read, Jet Coaster Romance (download). This doujinshi is amazing! It tells the story of how Ooishi and Eiji got together. Eiji keeps accidentally embarassing himself around Ooishi due to the huge crush he has on him, so finally he starts avoiding Ooishi. Ooishi misinterprets it as Eiji hating him, especially when he overhears Eiji saying “I’ll try my best to look him straight in the face”, so he offers to find a new doubles partner since he thinks Eiji can’t stand him. They end up taking a walk to figure it out, and–it’s so adorable, Eiji’s really cute during this whole scene–since Ooishi keeps thinking that it’s his own fault, Eiji ends up just confessing his feelings. Of course, he immediately regrets it, and starts crying and trying to get away from Ooishi thinking that Ooishi hates him now…But of course this is a yaoi doujinshi, and it is golden pair, so everything works out in the end and they get together…This is easily my favorite doujinshi!
The second gp doujinshi is je t’aime je t’aime (download). Uh…shit…I wonder if I should just say that this is one of her graphic doujinshi and just leave it at that. o__o Basically this doujinshi is about their first time having sex…I’d reread it (cause I haven’t in a while) but I’m in the dorm right now so even though I’m in my dorm room alone I don’t feel like this is private enough. o_______o This scene of Eiji reading advice columns is really cute though. XD
The last of the gp doujinshi is Darling (download). I’m actually surprised at this one- it was the bonus doujinshi exclusive to the Darling anthology, so why is it on another anthology…? Anyway, this is just how the golden pair reacts to their loss against Niou and Yagyuu from Rikkai. Somehow I feel like the art isn’t as good in this doujinshi, but I like the story and everything.
Next is the Fuji x Tezuka doujinshi Signal (download). I’m not a huge Fuji x Tezuka fan, but I’ve read this one. This doujinshi is actually kinda overwhelming at times. Not that it’s really intense, but Tezuka seems so out of character in it! At first it’s fine, but near the end…One page he starts CRYINg, and then immediately after he’s all SMILY AND HAPPY! Neither of those emotions fit Tezuka at all. @___@ Basically, there’s lots of misunderstandings. Tezuka is horrible with words so he can’t really tell Fuji how he feels, but Fuji thinks that means Tezuka doesn’t love him. But of course everything ends up happy in the end!
So, uh, then there’s apparently a Hikaru no go doujinshi. Wtf. xD I haven’t read it.

Apparently this anthology is pocket-sized, so it’s way smaller than the huge-ass normal doujinshi. That’s good.
I want this doujinshi really badly, but it says it will take 21 days before it ships. Usually it doesn’t take that long, but last time I ordered a manga it took the full 21 days and held up my Mikan copies! I don’t want to wait for Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!…

But anyway! After I saw this doujinshi, I saw that Yesasia also sells Love Prince! Love Prince is a multi-artist Prince of Tennis doujinshi anthology, I have a couple volumes. And then they also have ground Smash, another anthology that I have a volume of! And I bet they have more, but I can’t come up with any other titles off the top of my head.
All of a sudden, I think I love Yesasia. xDDD


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  2. Kaka says:

    Ihr seit alle doof und wieso ist von dem Manga nicht mehr zu sehen? Ihr hättet doch noch ein paar mehr Seiten mit abdrucken können und überhaubt Bilder abzudrucken. DAS IST DOOF!!! :(

  3. Andrei says:

    Hi! I download some of the doujinshis, I really like it!!! Are so good!! So, i want to ask you… Can I traslate to spanish this doujinshis? To share it with others fans in a forum?? I’ll keep the credits and the original staff. I’ll wait for an answer before, because i don’t want to have problems ^^U. Thanks. my e-mail for anything:

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  8. Sierra says:

    what are some of the yaoi mangas you read on here ?

  9. Sierra says:

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