Mutou Mika graduating from Hello! Project

April 28, 2008

So, Some Boys! Blog today reported that Mutou Mika is graduating from Hello! Project in order to lead a normal life. =(
I’m not a huge fan of her- I mean, I barely know the Eggs in Ongaku gatas. But right after Mano Erina graduates to become a solo artist, we have another girl leaving. What does this mean for Ongaku? I really hope they don’t just disband. I really loved their singles; not so much their album tracks, but still! Maybe it’s time for new members, or maybe they’ll just continue on with the girls they still have. Either way, I really want them to keep going and releasing new stuff…

Well, good luck to Mika. Sad to see another H!P member leave, but if it’s what she wants, then it’s good that she actually went ahead and quit.


Holy crap. MORE??

April 23, 2008

Why does it seem to me like the Prince of Tennis music is getting way more busier than usual even though it’s ending really soon? xDD
No, seriously! 7 news items in one day! Info about 7 CDs, some new and some announced earlier. And this is the day after they released covers and info about 4 other CDs!

Sanada’s upcoming single has a title now! =D


Title: D Kimochi (limited release)
Artist: Sanada Genichirou
Release date: 2008.05.21 (Wednesday)
Code: NECM-10102
Price: 777 yen

D Kimochi? O____o
Oshitari had a single called “A Kimochi” once. Is it somehow related…?

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4 new Prince of Tennis covers. (finally.)

April 22, 2008

All 4 upcoming Prince of Tennis character CDs have finally been given covers on the Prince of Tennis music official site. Finally, considering one of them is coming out tomorrow. No tracklist yet though? Huh, guess we’ll just have to wait until it comes out. xD

Ikemen Samurai – Dear Prince ~Tennis no Oujisamatachi e~
This one’s so weird. xD What is Atobe wearing? Well, I guess it fits in with the “samurai” thing. Can we see the other regulars cosplaying? xD Where are the others in Ikemen Samurai, anyway?
I would actually LOVE to see them play tennis dressed like this. Sadly, that’s not going to ever happen, right?

Ooishi Shuuichirou – Koikaze ~Windy day Mix~

Echizen Ryouma – ICHIGAN ~2008 version~
Uhhh…creepy shadows? O__o

Tong-tai –
So, here we have almost-bald Kabaji, really creepy Chinen, and the fat-ass Tanishi. Oh man. Dx I don’t think I’ll buy this one. Chinen will haunt my dreams.

So, Dear Prince is coming out tomorrow. Koikaze and Ichigan are coming out next Wednesday, and is May 9th. I can’t wait for Dear Prince! <3 (I really couldn’t care less about the others…)


April 20, 2008

(This is referring to the anime versions of all three series, not the manga)

After evaluating the sales potential of Full Moon wo Sagashite, Hikaru no Go, and Prince of Tennis, Viz has decided to hold off releasing any further volumes of these three series.


Well it’s not like they ever gave Prince of Tennis much of a chance anyway. Were they really expecting it to sell well with basically NO advertising except for maybe a blurb in Shounen Jump for each box set? I mean, SERIOUSLY. It was advertised on Cartoon Network for a bit when it first started on Toonami Jetstream, but that stopped really soon after. It had a TV run for a REALLY SHORT amount of time, but they skipped like half of the episodes! And then of course, they canceled it. FAIL!
And, and, they only released box sets of the anime. Nope, no separate DVDs. You know, I think MAYBE it would work for a popular anime that aired on TV, because people will have had the chance to see it and see if they like it without having to buy the $40 box set. But no! For Prince of Tennis, if you want to see what it’s like and try out an episode, you have to buy the entire fucking thing! I can’t imagine that draws in anybody at ALL. If you’re not a fan before, you’re not going to buy a box set just to try a new series!
Dammit Viz! What the hell. If you’re going to cancel series that don’t sell well, then don’t just fucking half-ass a series and not even advertise it! How could you POSSIBLY expect it to sell well like that??

I’m just soo pissed off at Viz right now. I hated the dub, but I bought the series to support it anyway because it’s my favorite series. And then this happens!
I hear this means they’re just “taking a break”. Honestly? With the way Viz has handled Prince of Tennis in the past (even the manga has lots of its own issues: typos, mis-romanizations (“Oshitori”), idiotic naming policies (NO ONE SHOULD CALL TEZUKA “Kunimitsu” EXCEPT HIS FAMILY DAMMIT), stupid dialogue (“Did I make a boo-boo?”)…but I’ll save THAT rant for another time) I’ll be really surprised if they ever continue the DVD release.
If we’re lucky, maybe Viz will give up the license and then another company will get the rights. Then maybe we’ll actually have a good dub!

However, even though I am really angry about this, I’m glad they finally said something. It was taken down from Toonami Jetstream a couple months ago, and the most recent DVD set feels like it was forever ago. I’d been anxiously waiting for a release date for volume 5, but nothing came up…at least now I don’t have to wonder. D:

Buono! – Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! covers

April 16, 2008

The covers for Buono!’s upcoming single, Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!, are out! The limited edition is on the left, and the regular edition is on the right:

For some reason, I like the normal edition cover better than the limited edition. That’s been happening a couple of times lately, but it’s not good because I always want the limited edition. D: Well, I’m sure I’ll end up with the limited edition in the end…
I’m totally in love with Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!, from the Shugo Chara ending preview. It’s a great song, and I definitely can’t wait until the PV comes out. Minna Daisuki, the b-side, I don’t like as much…it’s an ok song, but it’ll probably take me a bit to really start liking it. I’m sure I’ll like it eventually though, somehow Buono’s songs always do that. xD