I came back today from Cape Cod only to find…Mikitty’s been Friday’d??

May 27, 2007

So Fujimoto Miki was caught with a guy, huh…I really don’t like that magazine. xD I mean, it was the reason Yaguchi Mari, my all-time favorite Momusu member, resigned from Momusu. And then it was what originally brought up the whole Aibon scandal. And I know there are others, too, but I don’t know them off the top of my head.
I still don’t see what the big deal is with boyfriends in Momusu. She has a boyfriend, so what? I mean, unless she gets pregnant or something (like Nono), I don’t see the problem here. I can understand them trying to keep the younger H!P members away from boyfriends, but how old’s Miki? 22? What’s wrong with having a boyfriend?
At the moment, I’m just hoping she gets to stay in Momusu…she just became the leader a few weeks ago, too…

And now onto some other totally unrelated stuff. :D
Cape Cod was really boring. I wasted half my 3-day weekend in an old-fashioned crappy cottage with no internet, no TV, and the first night there wasn’t even any running water. DDDDD: There were only two good things about it. 1) My mom got me two new bathing suits, so now I actually have comfortable suits. :D The ones I used before were like 5 years old and just barely fit, but I really didn’t want to go out and shop. >>; 2) I got through 20 Prince of Tennis episodes. xDDDDD So now I’m on episode 40. I’m still waiting for that Kirihara guy to come in. He’s voiced by Morikubo Shoutaro, Shikamaru’s seiyuu. xD Which is why I really really really can’t wait to see him~ He appeared in volume 3 of the manga, and he should have appeared within the first 15 episodes of the anime, but I guess they rearranged the order of events a bit. And I can’t figure out when that scene is shown in the anime. D: All I can do is just keep watching~

I might make another post later on today or tomorrow, cause I had other things I was going to post here, but I totally forgot what they were. >>;;;;