Congrats, Nono! ^^

November 27, 2007

As I’m sure most people on the j-pop blogosphere know by now, Tsuji Nozomi had a baby girl yesterday! Sugiura Noa was born at 12:45 am yesterday morning, weighing 2730 grams. Both Nono and Noa are in good health~
Wow, I still find it so hard to believe Nozomi has a kid now! @_@ I mean, NOZOMI of all people! As I think I said back when the pregnancy was announced, I never would have thought that Nozomi would be the first Momusu to have a kid. I guess I was expecting one of the older members of H!P like Nakazawa Yuko or Iida Kaori to be the first…well, Kaori’s #2, with her child due soon (January, maybe?)…

On a random note, I romanized the lyrics to Mikan and the b-side today, but I’m not sure if the kanji lyrics I got from a Japanese fansite are 100% correct so I’m going to wait until my copies arrive (just to double-check) before I put them up here…



July 6, 2007

WOAH, serious deja vu…
Iida Kaori, former first-gen member and leader of Morning Musume, has announced today that she’s 10 weeks pregnant and going to get married to a former vocalist from some group Tsunku used to produce.
Hello! Online article

I’m happy for her, I really am. But what’s going to happen to her? I’m hoping she has a bit more freedom than the Momusu members, otherwise things might end up pretty bad for her…I mean, Miki got in a huge scandal because of a boyfriend. Kaori’s pregnant. xD;
Then again, I don’t think too much happened to Nono when she got pregnant…at least, nothing bad.

Both Nono and Kaorin found out about their pregnancy during routine check-ups, I think, which makes me wonder…if they’re having sex and not expecting a kid, shouldn’t they use birth control? Or maybe I should just shut up cause I’m too young to really know about these things. xD

So now the question is…who’s next? xD

Possible new Yesasia order and some other random thoughts~

June 8, 2007

So I’m gonna place a Yesasia order soon, and I’m still contemplating what to get in it…this is what I have at the moment:
Morning Musume – Egao YES Nude (limited edition A CD+DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
Koda Kumi – Shake It Up (Korean Version)
Koda Kumi feat. SOULHEAD – D.D.D (Korean Version)
Koda Kumi – WIND (Korean Version)
Morning Musume – Onna ni Sachi Are (limited edition B CD+mini photobook)
Hello! Project 2005 – Summer Show ’05 Selection Collection (photobook)
Naruto 33
Naruto 38
Aqua Timez – ALONES

I’m just waiting on ALONES to be available on Yesasia. =/ Hopefully it will be. I’ve had bad luck lately with Naruto/Bleach songs and Yesasia…Hero’s Come Back!! (the Shippuuden opening) wasn’t on there…Tsumasaki (the current Bleach ending) wasn’t on there…
I’m definitely getting the Naruto volumes. I’m on a mission to collect all the part 2 manga volumes…xD I already have 32, and 34-37. They’re so cheap compared to the English volumes…
I’m also definitely pre-ordering Onna ni Sachi Are. It’s kinda hard to decide which limited edition to get since I know nothing about the song yet (it depends on what’s on the DVD that comes with limited edition A), but since LE A is more expensive, I figure B is probably a better choice. If the PV comes out before I place the order and I like the song a lot (plus it depends what type of alternate PV it is- I probably won’t get it if it’s just a close-up version, but if it’s a dance version or something I might want it), maybe I’ll go with A.
Now, the rest of the order is what I’m not sure about…
I’ve always wanted some sort of H!P photobook. I was looking at my collection of photobook scans, and I looked up a few on Yesasia- but most photobooks are like $35, or even more. So, being the cheap person that I am, I looked for one that was cheaper. :D There were a few $20 photobooks (I think there was a Yossi one, and a W one, maybe more), and then I found the Summer 2005 Selection Collection. It’s only $12. :D I have the concert DVD (ok, it’s a burned DVD, but whatever), and I liked it a lot…so I think I’m gonna get it. Not too sure, though…
I don’t usually buy overseas versions of anything. They’re cheaper, but it just doesn’t seem like the actual thing to me. xD However…when it comes to limited editions that are only still available in overseas versions…:D
I’ll probably get the Egao YES Nude limited edition. It’s the DVD edition, but it’s cheap! It’s $11.75- the Japan version of the REGULAR edition is $11.25. I want the single to continue with my Momusu collection, and if I can get a limited edition for only 50 cents more than the regular edition, why would I pass down the offer? xD
And the Koda Kumi singles…WHY the hell are they still available?? xDDD These were released (limited edition ONLY, so after it sells out, it’s gone for good) over a year ago, in her 12 singles thing. I remember a year ago, I jumped at the chance to grab the Korean version of Birthday Eve (my favorite at the time), cause I thought it wouldn’t last a month before selling out- considering most of the Japan versions were sold out before they were even released. But if I had the money (and didn’t buy anything else), I could complete my collection right now by buying overseas versions of all the singles. I don’t think there was one single that was completely sold out in all versions…maybe Birthday Eve was; I didn’t check that since I already had it.
So, anyway, they’re also pretty cheap, so…I limited myself to three, and I might end up bringing it down to two. I already own my two favorites, Birthday Eve and No Regret, so I took a look through for some of the other ones I really liked. I ended up narrowing it down to D.D.D, WIND, and Shake It Up. But these are probably the most expendable things on this list…if I have to cut it down because it’s too expensive, these will probably be the first things to go.
I’m a sucker for limited ANYTHING. xD;; For some reason, the whole “there are only _______ copies in the world and you have one of them” concept appeals to me a LOT.

If anyone (I dunno, do I even have readers? I guess I must, cause I’ve had a few posts posted on International Wota, but I have yet to have one comment on this blog. xD) has any suggestions or any ideas or ANYTHING…comment.

Now for the ‘other random thoughts’.
Fujimoto Miki’s apparently been taken off of Young Town Doyoubi, and replaced by Michishige Sayumi. I don’t listen to this show, but…
I hope this doesn’t mean she’ll be like Yaguchi Mari and not do much of anything for a while after this. =/ I hated (and to be honest, I still don’t like this) that she wasn’t doing too much, considering she’s my favorite H!P member. I still say she needs to start doing more music stuff! D: Like, release something solo, or go with a group, or SOMETHING!
The difference between Miki and Mari, though, is that Mari only had Momusu…Miki still has GAM, and the solo career she put on hold when she joined Momusu. I’m expecting her to do something with either (or both) relatively soon…she’s already in the GAM tour at the moment. I know for a while, Mari only did MCing at H!P tours- I don’t know if she still does that or if she’s started performing again. Haven’t quite paid too much attention to recent tours- I was going to get the H!P winter 10th Anniversary boxed set, but it sold out a few days ago before I had the chance to place the order. =/

In other news, Niigaki Risa is replacing Tsuji Nozomi (in case anyone’s been totally oblivious, Nono got pregnant and so she’s taking a break from singing and stuff) as the seiyuu of Atena in the anime Robby to Kerobby. I kinda want to see this anime now. xD Too bad I can’t find subs anywhere, or even raws. =/

This blog is turning into a full-on H!P blog (with some other j-music on the side), even though I originally meant it to be a bit of everything. xDD I didn’t think I could focus enough on H!P to write a blog like this…guess I’ve proved myself wrong. xD With Hello! Project, there’s soo much to write about~ It’s one of the reasons why I loove H!P, besides the fact that I love this type of music. It’s never boring, and you never have a long period of time where nothing happens, like you do with some other artists~
But I’m gonna try to put together a Naruto post tomorrow or Sunday…about the latest Shippuuden episode, the latest chapter (and how Karin actually looks good with red hair- as long as it’s not Kishimoto doing the coloring), possibly tomorrow night’s dub episode, and maybe (if I get through it this weekend) the 3rd uncut boxed set.

Some new scans will be coming in a bit~

I know I’m late, but…my thoughts on Nono.

May 22, 2007

I just realized I never posted my thoughts on the whole Nono pregnancy thing anywhere- and even though I’m late, it can’t hurt to make a post, right?

When I first heard about her being pregnant, it shocked me so much. I was just about to go to bed on a school night, and made one last check of a few pages, including an H!P blog…when I saw the news, I totally freaked out. I ended up staying up another hour searching for more information and looking at other people’s thoughts. It was on my mind the next day, too…
Honestly, I couldn’t believe something like this would happen with Nono. I mean, she seemed like the least likely (ok, maybe not the absolute least, once I think about Berryz, C-ute, and Koharu and Aika) girl in H!P to get pregnant. Then again, no one expected those Aibon scandals either…
I’m really happy for her. While this is kinda sudden, and this probably wasn’t the best time for this to happen, I think this is really great. She’s happy with it, and so I’m happy for her.

What I don’t understand is why some people think this is horrible. I’ve heard she was almost kicked out…but why? Is it really a bad thing? =/ People should be happy for her…right?

I’m kinda sad she’s not going to be in Gyaruru. I was hoping they’d at least release the single…well, they still are, but they replaced her, so it’ll be released, but without Nono. ><

I hope we’ll still see more of Nono in the future~