I think I’ve slowly become addicted to Junjun.

January 29, 2008

…and I think she’s my #1 in Morning Musume right now. Sorry Reina, at least you’re still #2.
I honestly have no idea why she’s taken over my Morning Musume fandom, but it definitely happened. xD
I’ve now decided that I want my very first photobook purchase to be of Junjun. Whether it’s the 8th gen together, a duo Junjun and Linlin photobook, or just Junjun solo. Preferably the last one. =P

And now for some picspam, because I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m such a huge fan now. It can’t have been the singing, because it’s not like she’s had many lines so far. xD

(click on the thumbnails for full versions)