[Scans] HOME MADE Kazoku’s Nagareboshi, nobodyknows+’ Hero’s Come Back, Hoshimura Mai’s Sakura Biyori, ELT’s Grip!

June 12, 2007

Explanation and music list

Ahhhh, I scanned these yesterday but I totally forgot to actually upload them and everything. xD
So I actually got a request yesterday, and since yesterday was my last day of school, I was more than happy to go down into the basement and spend an hour or so scanning some j-pop CDs. xD It’s annoying, cause we can’t find the installation CD for it and the only computer it works on is my mom’s laptop…which doesn’t have internet. Thankfully, I have a small flash drive I’ve been using to bring the scans up to my computer.

The request was for HOME MADE Kazoku’s Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~. And I’m not going to go downstairs and hook the scanner up and everything just to scan one single, so I grabbed some other CDs too. Since I was scanning Nagareboshi, the first Naruto Shippuuden ending, I figured I’d scan Hero’s Come Back!!, the first Shippuuden opening too. If I’m scanning those, I might as well scan my other anime OP/ED singles, so I also scanned Sakura Biyori, the 11th ending for Bleach, and Grip!, the 4th opening for Inu Yasha. I also brought down Aruiteru by Morning Musume, but it took me longer than I thought to scan the others, and I figured it’d take me forever to scan the entire single including the photobook…so I’m leaving that for another time.

So, first up is Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~, by HOME MADE Kazoku. Not only do I love this song, but it’s the first ending to Shippuuden. (I don’t like the chibis in the ending video, though. Cute, but it just doesn’t fit Shippuuden.)

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~ scans

Next up is Hero’s Come Back!!, by nobodyknows+. I absolutely looove this song~ xD And it’s the first opening to Shippuuden. To be honest, I like the TV size better than the full version…but the full version’s great too.
This is the CD+DVD version. I have no idea if it’s limited or not. xD I don’t think there’s a difference with the cover or anything, but I have no idea.

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Hero’s Come Back!! scans

Next is Sakura Biyori, by Hoshimura Mai. It’s a slow song, which I’m usually not too much of a fan of, but I love this song. ^^ (I was actually going to sing it at karaoke at Anime Boston, but I forgot until we had already left. xD;;) It was used as the 11th ending to Bleach.
This is the first press edition, which also included a 2007-2008 Bleach calendar. It starts with April 2007, and ends in March 2008, and features one character on each page, which takes up two months. I included those scans in the .rar file.

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Sakura Biyori scans

Last (but not least) is Grip!, by Every Little Thing. It was used as the 4th opening to Inu Yasha, which used to be a huge obsession of mine. This was actually one of the first j-pop singles that I owned…it was from the first online purchase I made, which was Grip!, Moments by Hamasaki Ayumi, and Shine We Are! by BoA. This is still my favorite song by Every Little Thing~

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Grip! scans

So if I don’t get any requests, my next scans post will probably include the rest of my current Morning Musume collection- Do it! Now, Ai no Dai 6 Kan, Rainbow 7, SEXY BOY, and Aruiteru.