The Imperial Presence Hyoutei CD announced!

September 1, 2008

タイトル:ミュージカル『テニスの王子様』The Imperial Presence 氷帝 feat.比嘉 青学4代目 vs.氷帝Aキャスト(仮)

Title: Musical “Tennis no Oujisama” The Imperial Presence Hyoutei feat. Higa – Seigaku 4th cast vs Hyoutei A cast (temporary title)
Release date: 2008.11.05 (Wednesday)
Code: NECA-30236
Price: 2800 yen
First press bonus: Cast stickers

It’s a temporary title? Aren’t the soundtracks usually the exact same title as the musical? Maybe it’s because of the 4th cast vs Hyoutei A cast thing. I’m wondering if they’re going to release more than one soundtrack- maybe one with 5th cast vs Hyoutei B cast? They are releasing three DVDs for it, after all. XD
I can’t wait to see this musical. GOLDEN PAIR SYNCHRO FTW! 8D As for the soundtrack, it comes out a bit before the DVD…I don’t want to hear the music until I see the actual musical. XD Well, whatever…


So, if the Seigaku regulars had Facebook…

August 23, 2008

My annoying younger sister’s odd relationship status somehow reminded me of an idea I had a couple days ago, and this just kinda…happened. o_o Discussion goes from statuses, to games, to camerawhores, events, groups….eventually moving onto blogs, and hey, I even threw a #wotachat plug in there! XD (#wotachat on!)
Warning: long XD

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I think I have a new favorite pirate song.

August 19, 2008

I mean, until now it’s always been Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima, right? (Not that there are many j-pop pirate songs out there, but whatever.) And I absolutely LOVED the performance of it in Single Daizenshuu.
However, this amazing song has just totally pwned Hyokkori Hyoutanjima.

OH HIGA. *dies*
Oh Kai. How I love you so much. Even though you lost to Eiji. Actually no, if you beat Eiji I’d probably hate you, so I suppose it’s for the best.
My friend told me yesterday she doesn’t like Dream Lives. DUDE. Dream Lives are my FAVORITE, for the random scenes like this! xD Even if they have a crappy selection of songs (none of the songs in Dream Live 4th stood out to me at all originally, so I didn’t recognize any of them in the DL) there are always hilarious skits!
Although, I have to say, I wonder why they’re dressed up as pirates when the song is called Viking Horn, based off of Kai’s move. o_o Pirates =/= Vikings, right…?
This song also gets some love from me for being the first memorable song since Hyouteimyu! YAY! xD Legit, if I looked at the tracklists for Rokkakumyu or either Rikkaimyu, I wouldn’t be able to hum the tune for any of the songs, and Higamyu was going the same way until this song. xD (Well, I guess that’s an exaggeration, after listening to them a couple times I know a bunch of songs from those musicals, but none of them really stuck the first time through)
The original version in Higamyu was funny too, even though they weren’t dressed fully in pirate outfits, just their normal Higa outfits (with swords, flags, and Kai had a pirate hat!), but it was funny because it was so unexpected. o_o And Kite was sword-fighting with Eiji (who was using his racket of course) in the background lol. xD
Anyway, this song is catchy. Vi-vi-vi-vi-vi-vi-viking horn!

Fangirl time, aka “YESASIA SELLS DOUJINSHI!”

May 20, 2008

Now, as I bet most people reading this blog don’t know, I’m a huge yaoi fan. xD Mostly Prince of Tennis yaoi, but I’m starting to get into other actual yaoi manga (as opposed to doujinshi/fanfics). My favorite Prince of Tennis doujinshi artist is Kodaka Kazuma, a professional yaoi mangaka that just happens to write PoT yaoi also. <33 I love her art, it’s really great when it’s serious and really adorable when it’s chibis. I love her stories too! She just so happens to write doujinshi for my FAVORITE pairing, the golden pair, and I own her golden pair anthology called Darling. I also own her hilarious comedy doujinshi Seishun gakuen Paradise, with lots of mini stories including yaoi sex ed, a school festival, evil!Fuji…
According to Wikipedia, Kodaka Kazuma’s manga Kizuna was one of the first and most popular yaoi manga. I still think it’s so cool that she does PoT doujinshi too~
So anyway! I was on Yesasia, looking for Kizuna volumes, because I’ve been thinking about reading it and apparently the English version is totally censored. My search was pretty unsuccessful (I only found Chinese versions), but it lead me to an amazing finding!
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Sanada Genichirou – D Kimochi cover

May 12, 2008

As shown on the Prince of Tennis music site (, Sanada’s upcoming single now has a cover! Yaaay.



Title: D Kimochi (limited release)
Artist: Sanada Genichirou
Release date: 2008.05.21 (Wednesday)
Code: NECM-10102
Price: 777 yen

You know, I really don’t have too much to say about this one. Hmm.

In the same news post, they reposted the basic details about Renji’s upcoming single AGAIN. Nothing has changed since the first time they announced it! I mean, it still doesn’t even have a TITLE. I’m totally not gonna even bother translating it cause I’ve already done it twice.

Odd Crossover Thought of the Moment

May 1, 2008

You know, sometimes I get these weird thoughts that I really could live without. This happens to be one of them.
I was thinking about Prince of Tennis this morning, probably fanfic ideas, and then all of a sudden Resonant Blue just randomly pops into my head. So I’m humming Resonant Blue and thinking of PoT fanfic ideas and then all of a sudden it just HITS me that 9 Seigaku regulars = 9 Morning Musume members and immediately I have the mental image of Seigaku singing/dancing Resonant Blue!
Er, what…?

For some odd reason I’m imagining Eiji, Fuji, and Ryoma as the leads. After that, I really don’t know…

Holy crap. MORE??

April 23, 2008

Why does it seem to me like the Prince of Tennis music is getting way more busier than usual even though it’s ending really soon? xDD
No, seriously! 7 news items in one day! Info about 7 CDs, some new and some announced earlier. And this is the day after they released covers and info about 4 other CDs!

Sanada’s upcoming single has a title now! =D


Title: D Kimochi (limited release)
Artist: Sanada Genichirou
Release date: 2008.05.21 (Wednesday)
Code: NECM-10102
Price: 777 yen

D Kimochi? O____o
Oshitari had a single called “A Kimochi” once. Is it somehow related…?

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