Since when did Morning Musume have a manga? @_@

November 16, 2007

I was totally unaware Morning Musume had a manga…called Musume Monogatari, and it was in Nakayoshi. @_@
Lol, not like I pay any attention to shoujo magazines, but someone was selling some Nakayoshi issues and said that ‘Musume Monogatari (morning musume manga)’ was in it…so basically my Morning Musume fandom requires me to get those issues. xDD The LJ user was also selling two issues of some other manga magazine (dunno which one, couldn’t read the title) that apparently had a Minimoni manga, and Morning Musume + Minimoni interviews.
So of course I got them all. xDDD I seriously vowed last week to wait a couple of weeks before I bought more things, cause I bet my mom’s gonna start getting suspicious considering every week when I come home there’s always at least one package waiting for me. =P Except this week, but those two packages should come tomorrow. xD
Cause, I mean, manga and anime and stuff like that, you can get other places, but when people sell manga magazines, especially old ones like the ones in this post (2002-2003), it’s pretty hard to find elsewhere…so yeah.
That totally doesn’t rationalize buying them, but…8D They were cheap…?

You know, now that I think about it, I have an issue of this other shoujo manga magazine Ciao that I got from my camp that has a manga involving Minimoni in it. Hmm…xD

On a random note, I have this post about H!P shuffle units that I wrote today, but I wrote half of it during history class so I wasn’t 100% focused on it, and now I’m too tired to read it over and edit it so I’ll do that in the morning. xD


Lolz, Tenipuri doujinshi involving Minimoni~

June 19, 2007

EDIT: I originally wrote this about the raw scans I found, but I found a scanlation after I wrote this~ Scroll down to the first edit to download the scanlation, and the third edit for a better summary.

I was going through a doujinshi download list a bit ago, and I saw a doujinshi titled “Powerpuff Boys”. And, being the uber doujinshi fan I am, I had to download it.
To my surprise, I found out that it doesn’t really have much to do with the Powerpuff Girls. However…they’re all crossdressing, and not only that: Ryoma, Kaidou, Eiji, and Fuji were dressing up as MINIMONI. The cartoon versions.
Lolz, I didn’t get it at first. And since it’s not scanlated, I still don’t get most of it. But it involves Minimoni, lolz. xD
Download link

Kaidou’s Mika- lolz, guess it was cause of the bandana. And I thiink Ryoma’s Mari, Fuji’s Aibon, and Eiji’s Nono. xD
I didn’t recognize the outfits from that picture…I didn’t realize it involved Minimoni until page 6 when “Minimoni.” is in big text at the top. xD I freaked out, being the uber H!P fan I am…
The rest of the regulars are “Dekamoni.”. I Wiki’d it cause it sounded kinda familiar, and apparently it was a one-shot thing (not H!P related) that Tsunku produced or something. *shrug*
So they go out and buy the stuff for the outfits, and then they change into them. Fuji and Eiji look uber cute. <333 Then they’re like sharing a strawberry or something (Heyyyyy, didn’t TsujiKago have a pic of that in a photobook once? I swear I’ve seen a pic somewhere. =/)…and Yuuta comes in, only to freak out and run away. (Hey, I’d run away too if I saw my older brother crossdressing and sharing a strawberry like that with another crossdressing guy. xD)
Then we see the others in Dekamoni outfits…Tezuka can’t seem to smile. xD I don’t really know what’s going on though. Wish I knew more Japanese. =/ Then…everything’s back to normal? Next to a panel of Oishi on page 34, there’s part of a line from a Minimoni song- “Minimoni. Telephone de~” (the rest of the line being “ring ring ring”, lolz). And then Yuuta gets one of the skirts. xD

Lolz. I need to find a translation/scanlation for this. I should ask on NF next time I go on.
I mean, there are a ton of doujinshi I want a translation for, but this is Minimoni. TRANSLATION NOW PLZ

EDIT: lolz, ahaha, immediately after posting this, I googled it, and one of the first results was a scanlation. xD I should look first, huh?

EDIT again: rawr, ok, so now I can’t stop thinking of the regulars dancing to Minimoni. It’s quite scary. O_o
Lolz, I haven’t listened to Minimoni in a while (actually, I’ve listened to CRAZY ABOUT YOU recently, but none of their uber hyper first-gen songs), but I feel a weird urge to go through and listen to one of their albums…

EDIT once again!
So, now that I’ve read the scanlation, I can probably summarize it a bit better now. It’s Seigaku’s culture festival, the third-years’ last one at Seigaku. A vote was held, and it was decided that the 9 regulars on the tennis team would dress up as Minimoni and Dekamoni. Kaidou’s in charge of the costumes, and for Minimoni, he puts together exact replicas of the costumes from that picture I linked to above of their cartoon versions.
So the part with Fuji and Eiji is Fuji’s sister taking pictures of them in poses, and then she has them pose with the strawberry…and Yuuta walks in, runs away, and the “da-ne” guy (whatever his name is.) from the same school says that he’s lucky to have three sexy older sisters. xD
Oishi’s practicing his dances, Tezuka’s trying to smile, and Inui’s online figuring out how to look best in a mini-skirt. Then Fuji looking uber cute and some other stuff…then it’s over, and when Ryoma hears “Minimoni. Telephone! Ring Ring Ring” his body immediately reacts and starts dancing even on the back of Momo’s bike…xD Oh, and Fuji sends a skirt to Yuuta and wants to take pictures of them crossdressing together. xD

Here are some more pics from the scanlation:

I definitely want to buy this doujinshi. :D