Prince of Tennis + Chinese drama adaptation = …this is going to take me some time to get used to.

February 21, 2008

So I wrote a couple of posts about the upcoming Prince of Tennis Chinese drama back when the news first came out. Here are the posts if you’re interested, but it’s really nothing more than basic information:
Prince of Tennis Chinese TV drama?!? (um, this one kinda contains a small rant about how the anime failed to follow canon, so spoilers for the Rikkai arc)
A bit more info on the Prince of Tennis Chinese TV drama

So, I was happy to wait like a year before it came out. But then I started getting impatient. XD A couple of weeks ago, I found that there was a page for it over on the DramaWiki ( and immediately got uber excited. However, back then, all it was was a list of cast members and roles, a picture of a couple of the regulars, and a link to a Chinese site. This was quite a problem. See, they changed the names.
So I was left with a cast list full of Chinese names, and honestly, reading about how Qin Jun Jie is playing “Long Ma” means nothing to me. XD And a trip to the official (I’m assuming) Chinese site didn’t help, though I identified Tezuka, Inui, and Ryoma in the pictures. xD
I have no idea what motivated me to do this, but I checked the DramaWiki site again today, and yay! A summary was added, plus someone added links to the Wikipedia pages for each of the characters- so each Chinese name linked to the Wikipedia page for the character in their Japanese name! Now I can tell who’s who! xDD (The “Long Ma” guy I mentioned earlier is Ryoma, btw. I actually probably could have figured that out, with him being first in the cast list, but w/e…)

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A bit more info on the Prince of Tennis Chinese TV drama

August 19, 2007


This is gonna be great~
Kinda a short post over on IKIMASSHOI, but it gives one thing left out of the original post I found out about this from- some general dates. In case you’re too lazy to read, they’re planning to begin shooting in October, and it’ll start airing next June. I can wait that long~

I’m still really excited about this, I’ve never really watched a TV drama (in any language, really) so this is kinda new to me…
I hope even more info comes out soon, and maybe more pics? xDD

Oh, and I know I said I’d scan my new CDs after Cape Cod. However, I’m moving in two days. It shouldn’t affect my internet or anything, but I don’t exactly know what’s going to happen with the scanner and stuff. >_< As soon as possible, I swear~

Prince of Tennis Chinese TV drama?!?

August 13, 2007


Here’s the info

Hooly crap this is gonna be great~
Live-action CANON, as opposed to the movie which just failed in general. (Which I still haven’t watched fully, but the lack of character development and stuff that doesn’t revolve around Ryoma made me turn it off right around Ryoma vs Shinji. It’s too far away from canon for me…I’ll probably watch it if I get bored later this week.) And the musicals don’t count.
Even if it is in Chinese, I can handle that. As long as it follows canon material I’ll know what’s going on. Hopefully some subbing group will pick it up, which would be even better.
I wonder how far it’s going to go? Since they have actors for Atobe, Oshitari, and Gakuto, I bet it’ll go through to the Hyoutei arc, at least. I wish it’d go through the Rikkaidai arc, though that looks pretty unlikely at the moment. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna see Rikkaidai canon material. The lack of canon in the Rikkaidai arc in the anime made me UBER SAD. T_______T Seriously, the only match that was the same was Inui vs Renji…I wanna see Eiji have a concussion and Niou stealing his line (“Zannen, munen, mata raishuu~”) and then I wanna see Fuji go blind and fail until he can randomly feel the presence of the ball and then I wanna see Sanada’s FuuRinKaZan because for no real reason, they CUT all that stuff when they turned it into the anime and replaced it with things such as Yagyuu playing golf and Niou reading Eiji’s random “habit” and then Fuji hurting Kirihara and then Ryoma’s “Cyclone Smash” and Sanada’s “Invisible Swing” (which brings me to another point, Sanada vs Tezuka in the Nationals Final is going to be fucked up so badly considering Sanada doesn’t have the FuuRinKa(In)Zan(Rai) in the anime)
If only they’d pull something like Bleach and have a special OVA that animates the canon material…

I don’t know anything about Chinese dramas or music or anything, and I’m not even going to pretend I do. But I like most of the actors that they chose. =) I’d like to see larger pictures, but…well, I don’t mind waiting until this airs. I can’t waaaaiiit until it does~ wonder when it’s gonna be? Hopefully soon~ and hopefully it’ll get put onto the internet and subbed quickly. This looks amazing~
to be honest, I’ve been wondering what the Chinese version was like for a while. They write the character names in the same kanji, but they’re not pronounced the same in Chinese, right? And do they keep the English move names in English, or do they translate them? Lolz, I guess I’ll find out the answers to these questions once this thing airs~