Melon Kinenbi – Onegai Miwaku no Target PV

August 21, 2007

I absolutely love this song. Really, I’m not into Melon Kinenbi that much, but when I first heard this song a while back, I fell in love~~ Probably the first Melon Kinenbi song I really like~ (EDIT: wait wait wait that’s not true, I really like This is Unmei…totally forgot that was a Melon Kinenbi song)
So when I heard this song was finally getting a major release, I was like “zomgg uber great now I can get it”
The PV came out recently (today? I dunno), and I sat down and watched it- and within the first 10 seconds I was on the floor laughing.
Dohhh UP! link (I’ll add a Youtube video for it once I find it uploaded there)


It’s absolutely hilarious~
except for the parts where it’s like the cover of the single, but with only the lips moving, cause that’s somewhat creepy~

I mean, wtffffff…but really, this is really funny…xDDDDD
I’m seriously like at a loss for words at the moment, though I find myself going back to rewatch it…