Berryz Koubou cameo in Gintama! xD

December 28, 2007

I think it’s supposed to be Berryz, at least.
So I’ve been watching Gintama yesterday and today to try and catch up with the subbed episodes. Gintama parodies billions of other anime/pop culture things, like the main character wants a Bankai (from Bleach), and in episode 62, Yamazaki (who’s obsessed with badminton) plays a badminton match against someone from ‘Hyoutei’ complete with crazy moves, the rest of the ‘Seigaku’ and ‘Hyoutei’ players on the sidelines, and ‘mada mada dane’ at the end. (Prince of Tennis parody, if you couldn’t figure it out. link to the video, it’s hilarious) But I didn’t think there was going to be anything involving Hello! Project…well, I was wrong. xD
Basically in this episode (episode 18), there’s this guy that goes around stealing women’s underwear and giving it to the lonely guys that aren’t liked by girls…and he’s currently having a speech about all the lonely guys and how they’re ‘begging for him to save them’. xD Complete with pictures of said ‘lonely guys’ doing random things, like painting big-boobed anime figures and, you guessed it, going to a Berryz Koubou handshake event. xD

The headband on the guy on the far left says “Switch OFF” which I think is supposed to be a parody of their Switch ON! 2005 tour. xD

Haha, I love Gintama. xD