lol, is Inui dead? (PoT CHAPTER 358 SPOILERS)

September 20, 2007


So basically this is how the chapter goes.
We get a colored cover page, yaaaaaaaayyy~~~! Though, apparently it’s not to announce anything about the whole ‘ending-in-issue-52’ thing; apparently there’s going to be a 100-song seiyuu concert where they sing the fan’s 100 favorite songs. Cool and all, but I really really really want more information about the ‘end’ of PoT. I’m still hoping for it to continue in tankoubon format…
Then Kirihara gets up, and he’s in full devil mode. Honestly, it’s not that surprising. It’s Kirihara, duh.
But then~!
Instead of aiming at Kaidou, who can return the shots with his new ‘invincible’ Laser Beam/Tornado Snake combo…he aims at Inui. Who immediately goes down.
Yeah, so then for an entire game, Kirihara beats Inui up. Ouch. Again. I mean, poor Inui. And Renji’s not even doing ANYTHING, even though his CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND is like being BEATEN UP by his doubles partner. D:
Honestly, I don’t think Renji has like ONE PANEL in this entire chapter.
Nah, wait. He’s on the first page, middle panel, far right. And he has a panel on the very last page just looking emotionless even though his childhood best friend just like DIED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COURT. I mean, SERIOUSLY. From his seiyuu songs which are all emo-ish and oh so very obviously about Inui, you’d think he’d care more. D:
So Inui’s just like being beaten up by Kirihara.
Then Kaidou has a flashback page. You know, with all the pictures and quotes from earlier chapters all mushed together on one page…
It’s all about Inui. INUI/KAIDOU FTW!
You see all this blood (since when does tennis = blood? O___o I seriously don’t think you can actually get this hurt in tennis…), and then Kaidou just goes “STOP IT!!!”

That creeps me out oh so much. O___o
Someone was talking about how the devil mode is so DBZ-ish, and they were like ‘even their hair-colors change. that’s seriously impossible.’
Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about the hair color as much as the fact that their SKIN COLOR changes. That’s EVEN MORE IMPOSSIBLE. xD
but anyway.
So then Inui stops Kaidou, and is like “the data has been collected.”
And then they have the typical double-page where they stand up and say “Time for our counterattack…”
…except Inui just DIES.

I want to know who said that last thing, “Very admirable of you, Inui.” I mean, I can’t see it coming from anyone other than Renji, but Renji calls him Sadaharu. Hmm.
Anyway, then Kaidou just like collapses and screams…
and seriously, read the narrator text. “The voice that cannot resist screaming is reaching for Inui’s Requiem…”
I hope I’m not the only one that seriously thinks that makes it sound like Inui died. Not like, jokingly, as in like, collapsed…like, seriously died, as in, NOT ALIVE ANYMORE.
Oh dear lord, who knew people can die from tennis?

Anyway, we’ll see the outcome of this match tomorrow. I personally think the chapter is going to start off with the ref going “Since Inui can’t continue, Seigaku forfeits!” and we see Inui getting like carried off on a stretcher or maybe just carried off by other members of Seigaku if his injuries aren’t enough to warrant the hospital visit.
Other people apparently think that Inui’s just gonna get up and they’re gonna come back and at least catch up, if not actually win. D: I don’t see how that could happen, but…well, whatever, we’ll see tomorrow…or maybe Saturday. I really hope the chapter isn’t late this week…