Fuji Shuusuke & Tezuka Kunimitsu upcoming single!

January 4, 2008

Wow, I really need to check this site more often! I thought that site was old and wasn’t updated anymore because they stopped listing the PoT CD releases in mid-2005 (all of the releases after that are listed on the Index Music site or w/e). But I looked on the main page of that site today and saw a news item just added today…
So then I checked the news page to see what type of news they showed, and guess what? ANOTHER NEW SINGLE! 8D




My attempt at an English translation, I didn’t really know the first line but after using an online translator, a dictionary, and some rewording, I think I got the main point across…>_>

* Tenipuri CD 200th title commemoration announcement! (1/4)

Title: TBA (first-press limited release)
Artist: Fuji Shuusuke & Tezuka Kunimitsu
Release date: 2008.02.29 (Friday)
Catalog number: NECM-12156
Price: 1,200 yen (including tax)

WHEE, another duet! So far there have been three duet singles- first was Type wa D! by Ooishi and Eiji from Seigaku, second was Rakuen e by Chinen and Rin from Higa, and third was TRICK, FAKE, or TRUTH by Yanagi and Niou from Rikkai. I guess this one’s the fourth in the series…though unlike the previous singles’ pairs, Tezuka and Fuji have never played doubles together.
Initially the release date confused me- first because I was like “what the hell? February 29th?” but then I realized it was a leap year this year. >> Second, because YET AGAIN it’s a weird release day, but it’s Friday this time.
So that initially confused me because there ISN’T any special event happening on the 29th (as far as I know), but then I realized-
Fuji’s birthday is February 29th. So he only has one birthday every four years. (He was uberly pwned as soon as he was born, huh? xD) And since this is the leap year, he actually has a birthday this year!
SOOOOO he gets a single to celebrate not only the 200th seiyuu CD release, but also his birthday!

I don’t know why Tezuka’s involved. Cause TezuFuji’s so uberly canon (but not really)?

Honestly, I’d think Ryoma should get the 200th CD. He hasn’t had a CD in a while… (Never mind, forgot about Wonder Land back in September.)

I wonder what counts toward the 200 CD mark? Obviously the character singles and albums, but what about…
-radio CDs?
-musical soundtracks/Best Actor’s Series?
-radio show theme songs not sung by characters (there’s a set of like 4 of those that are listed on both CD Japan and the official site as PoT CDs)?
-opening/ending singles? (obviously the ones sung by the seiyuu are counted, but the others…?)
Obviously this isn’t counting the rereleases…
I’m actually interested in this, I might try to figure it out this weekend.

Anyway. Yet another new Prince of Tennis single. Actually, there aren’t that many coming up, it just seems like there are because of the overwhelming amount of re-releases coming out on February 27th…


Broken headphones, connections, and a little bit of angst

November 26, 2007

pic 1
pic 2
Grr, my headphones finally totally broke this morning on the way to school. They were at least usable before, but now the left headphone doesn’t work at all and the outer part of it is like GONE…what a horrible time for my headphones to break, now I have to live with these all week until I go home for the weekend. My mom’s going to buy new headphones from the Apple Store, but yeah, I still won’t get them until the weekend.
I use my headphones so much during the week too- I can’t fully wake up in the morning unless I listen to my iPod from breakfast straight through until assembly, and since I have such weird music tastes (well, to the normal American world =P) that once I’m back in my dorm room I have to listen to my music with headphones rather than just using my computer speakers. This is definitely going to bug me all this week…

Connections: Well, I just had teh uber shocking discovery. I was listening to Ibu Shinji’s first character single from the Prince of Tennis anime, Can See the Light, and looked it up on Yesasia to add it to my cart cause it’s a great song, and then I noticed that Yesasia said that it was by Moriyama Eiji. Ok, I definitely recognized that name, so I went to look him up on Wikipedia, and I found out- he’s Momo’s first-cast actor in the Prince of Tennis musicals!
What the hell…? So then I redownloaded the full single (I lost it when my hard drive crashed a while ago, but the song was still on my iPod) to listen to the voice message, and sure enough, as soon as the seiyuu started talking I immediately recognized him as Momo. It’s so hard to tell though, when he’s actually voicing Shinji! I definitely would -never- make that connection…
Moriyama Eiji as Ibu Shinji in the Prince of Tennis anime – Can See The Light
Moriyama Eiji as Momoshiro Takeshi in the Prince of Tennis musicals – Ore wa Momo-chan ~ Seigaku no Abarenbou
Seiyuu Voice Message from Shinji’s CD- the first voice is Moriyama as himself (which is basically his voice for Momo) and then he has a ‘conversation’ or something with Shinji (aka, himself but with a different voice)…xD
Moriyama also plays Renji in the Bleach musicals, but I haven’t watched that yet. I seriously need to, cause NAGAYAN (aka the cutest Eiji actor ever) PLAYS HITSUGAYA ASASDFKAJESLRIJASDLKFJASDKLFJ

And last but not least, I’m having an angsty moment on the inside cause my Yesasia order with my precious 3 copies of Mikan hasn’t even shipped yet. It’s been almost a week since Mikan was released~! DDD:
And since I chose free shipping, it’ll be another week after it ships before it arrives at my house! And knowing my luck, it’ll end up arriving on like a Monday and then I’ll have to wait until the weekend before I actually get it. *sob*