Hey~ IndigoSkies here~
I’m a 15-year-old girl who lives near Boston, MA. I’ve been into j-pop since 2004 (I was 11 when I first started getting into it) and Hello! Project since 2005.
My favorite fandoms are Hello! Project and Prince of Tennis, and this blog is pretty much about both. Usually I try to keep it to Hello! Project in terms of reviews and stuff like that, but I also make posts whenever new information about Prince of Tennis CDs is posted on the official music site. So mostly it’s about j-pop and Prince of Tennis music, haha~
(But the Prince of Tennis manga ended, so soon the anime will, therefore it’s probably safe to assume the Prince of Tennis CDs will stop too…then this should be solely j-pop. xD)

This blog is the continuation of my old blog, ~ lurking in the shadows ~ on Blogger…all the old entries have been imported here though, so there’s no point in linking to the old one. xD

It’s named after Morning Musume’s 36th single, Resonant Blue…just because I like the name, not because I have an overwhelming love for the song or anything. xP


8 Responses to About

  1. aoiyuzu says:


    This might sound a bit random, but is this your photobucket account? If it is, I have something I want to ask you.


  2. IndigoSkies says:

    Yes, it is.

  3. aoiyuzu says:

    You have a large amount of LJ icons on your account that are made by me and other LJ users that I know. I don’t allow other people to use my icons (as stated in my profile), so it would be muchly appreciated if you could remove my icons from your account.

  4. IndigoSkies says:

    Ah. I’m really sorry about that. I don’t get a lot of my icons from Livejournal, mostly friends and other sites, so I don’t usually know where they came from. I’ll remove them, but I don’t know which ones are yours…

  5. aoiyuzu says:

    I’ll e-mail you the list since it’s rather long.

  6. IndigoSkies says:

    Ok, that’s fine. I probably won’t get the e-mail or get a chance to take them down until tomorrow as it’s kinda late and I need to sleep, but I’ll definitely remove them as soon as possible.

    I don’t know if I have it listed anywhere, but just in case it’s not, my e-mail address is StarPrincessLita@gmail.com.

  7. aoiyuzu says:

    E-mail sent. Thank you for being so quick about this.

  8. diegwa says:

    I was wondering if you had any scans from DAI Deep Forest? If you did that’d be so great.

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