Oh my god, Konomi. (PoT CHAPTER 359 SPOILERS)

September 22, 2007


I mean, seriously. I have a tendency to think about things in a chapter as they happen, instead of waiting to read the entire chapter first…which is HORRIBLE in a chapter like this. xDDD
I mean, the chapter starts out with a view of the scoreboard, where Inui/Kaidou vs Yanagi/Kirihara was 5-1 (Seigaku forfeited) and singles 2 is 5-0, with Rikkai in the lead. Then it shows Niou absolutely PWNING Fuji! D:
So here’s where I basically took a moment to stop and freak out.
I mean, Seigaku’s about to lose the fucking Nationals, in 3 straight matches. DDDDD:
So not only was I freaking out about the possibility of Seigaku losing the very last match of the entire tennis season, which would force the third-years to retire…
…but I was also freaking out because it’s SO UNLIKE KONOMI to jump from Inui/Kaidou pair losing at the end of last chapter to match game for singles 2. Especially with Fuji losing. And especially when Fuji losing means Seigaku losing to Rikkai and everything.
So I came to the conclusion that PoT is definitely ending when it’s Shounen Jump run ends. Because otherwise there’s no way Konomi would go that fast in the finals…he usually writes really long matches, and being the finals, this should be no exception. If the series was going to continue in tankoubon format, he wouldn’t have to rush things like this.
So then I was really really sad about everything, and still freaking out, and then I turned back to read the rest of the chapter, hoping Fuji could somehow make a comeback.

But then…
Then Niou takes the wig off, and it’s like ROAR I’M REALLY KIRIHARA IN DEVIL MODE…ok, at that I kinda figured something was up. xD

Btw, he looks uber weird with all the bandages…but anyway…

So then it turns out FUJI is the one pwning NIOU. xDD

So, yeah….seriously Konomi, don’t scare me like that! D: I really thought Seigaku was going to lose the Nationals!

Ok, so basically what this means is this:
Niou’s gonna make a comeback, because a one-sided match isn’t that fun, but he’s not going to be able to win…Seigaku has to win these next two matches, singles 2 and doubles 1, so then it’ll be a showdown between Ryoma and Yukimura.
Doubles 1 is Marui/Jackal. It’s got to be. I can’t see them putting out Yagyuu/Marui or Yagyuu/Jackal, it just doesn’t really work. O_o
There is still hope for a tankoubon continuation. =D At first in this chapter I figured Konomi was rushing it so much it’s definitely ending, but that turned out to be Inui’s dream…so there’s still a chance that it’ll continue in tankoubon format…