One of my side projects that I’m currently doing is a lyrics archive. I’ve been taking Japanese for two and a half years, and I decided that one way to help my kanji skills is to romanize lyrics to j-pop songs that I own. Also, I noticed that while many j-pop songs have lyrics for them posted on reliable sites, there are some that don’t- lesser-known artists, anime characters songs… I’m currently only doing this as a casual side project, so updates aren’t very frequent, especially during the school year.

I don’t do translations, as my Japanese skills aren’t nearly good enough to attempt that. Also, I don’t color-code unless the original lyrics booklet includes color-codes or some other way of identifying who sings which lines (one example is everything by Buono is color-coded in the original lyrics booklet, so I include those in my romanizations).
I don’t romanize in any particular order, typically I just do songs that I want to sing along to but I can’t find romanized lyrics on a reliable site. Either that or songs that I just really like…
I’m not taking requests right now. Maybe during the summer or something.
If you want to use these lyrics anywhere else…for the romaji please credit me and link back to this blog. If you just want to use the kanji, no credit is necessary as all I did was type it up from the lyrics booklet. Please comment or e-mail me or something if you find any mistakes, I’m still learning so there might be some.


Atobe Keigo
Kai Yuujirou
Kawamura Takashi
Misc. one-shot Prince of Tennis groups (Ao to Bin to Kan, byTachikiritai, Pull Tab to Kan…)
Morning Musume
Oshitari Yuushi
Sanada Genichirou


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