New stuff, yay!

November 12, 2007

Well, I’m kinda procrastinating my homework right now, so I took the time to put together two orders, one on CDJapan and one on Yesasia…
So this is what I ended up getting:
Athena & Robikerottsu – Shouri no BIG WAVE!!! (limited edition)
Morning Musume – Mikan (normal edition)
Morning Musume – Mikan (limited edition A)
Morning Musume – Mikan (limited edition B)
Hello! Project 2007 Winter Live DVD Box (limited)
SKET DANCE volume 1
The Morning Musume. All Singles Complete Zen 35 Kyoku – 10th Anniversary (limited)
Megane’s – Manatsu no Megane’s (limited)
Kawamura Takashi – C’mon every burning (limited)

As soon as I heard about the Athena single, I knew I had to get it- I mean, it’s Risa and Aika and two H!P Kids…
I actually ended up getting all three versions of Mikan. I was looking on Yesasia, and for each of them it said the first press came with a randomly selected photocard. I love the photocards, so I figured it’s definitely worth it to buy all three, not to mention it’s my favorite Morning Musume song in a while, so…
And as for the box set, who could turn that down? I mean, it’s THREE concerts- the normal concert and the Wonderful Hearts/Elder Club concerts that are usually only released to the fanclub.
Then there’s SKET DANCE volume 1, one of the newest Shounen Jump series- I absolutely love it, so when I heard the first volume was out I had to buy it. xD
Since I bought the Momusu 10th anniversary CD, it only makes sense to buy the DVD that goes along with it- it includes all of their PVs, including an alternate version of Mikan and something to do with LOVE Machine…
Then there are the two PoT character singles. At first it started off with me looking for something cheap to randomly add to the CD Japan order (I put the Momusu DVD in a separate order on CD Japan because I didn’t want it to hold back the other stuff since it’s coming out later) because if I hit 5000 yen I’d get a 500 yen coupon, and I ended up with Manatsu no Megane’s. Then I found out about Taka’s new single, which actually includes a b-side (which is rare for PoT singles, usually it’s just the title track, an instrumental, and maybe a track with random talk from the seiyuu) and stuff, so…xD;

AND I also bought a couple of doujinshi yesterday…someone was selling Seishun Gakuen Paradise by Kodaka Kazuma for $2, so of course I bought that, and she was also selling some other doujinshi for cheap prices so I got two anthologies, Ground Smash 2 and Love Prince 4.

AND the girl who runs (well, at this point, it should be ‘ran’) is selling all her Prince of Tennis stuff- all of it. SOOOO of course I had to get some, right?
New Season Set 1 Birthday Card Akutagawa Jirou
Eiji Pin
Bromide Set 2: Summertime/Oceanside: Golden Pair
Bromide Season 4: Sakura: Jirou
Bromide Season 5: Festival/Costume: Eiji
Bromide Season 5: Festival/Costume: Momo/Kaidou
Bromide Season 7: White Day Presents: Eiji
Bromide Season 8: School: Golden Pair
Bromide Season 10: Fashion Prince: Golden Pair
Databook 20.5
Love Prince 1 + 2

I ordered all this stuff a bit more than a week ago, but it’s not going to be shipped until she puts the last batch of her stuff up for sale- I’m waiting until the end just in case I want anything from the third batch of stuff. xD

EDIT: ooh hey even more stuff! don’t feel like making a new post, so…
AAND someone else on the garagesalejapan LJ community just put up some CDs including W’s two albums (the first press of the second one) and Berryz Koubou’s first two albums (again, the second album was the first press edition) so I just had to grab some of them. I ended up buying the two W albums and the second Berryz album~
Seriously, with shipping it ended up being $33.13. That’s basically how much one album is on Yesasia.
I’m having lots of fun with this Livejournal community…