December 4, 2007

I think I’ve had a half-written post about the lack of shuffle groups sitting on my desktop for like two weeks now. I’ve been planning on finishing that, but now I’m not 100% sure….
Take a look at this post from HPNH.
This certainly sounds like shuffle groups, though we’ll have to see what exactly they’re doing in their respective places they’re going. I really hope this is the return of shuffle groups, which I really miss….maybe I’ll finally finish up the shuffle unit post over the weekend. I have to rewrite like half of it, which is why I haven’t finished it yet. xD;
Anyway, I can’t wait for more information on this. I think my favorite group right now is the last one…it has my favorite current Morning Musume member, Reina, and my favorite former member, Mari. <33 I also like the group with the rest of the current Momusu- though I wish it had been shuffled around a bit more, I’d love to see just the newest Momusu (and Risa, who’s probably my 2nd favorite current member) perform together.
If these are basically like shuffle groups, I think this is an interesting idea- I never considered the idea of there being more than 3 shuffle groups. xD Well, we’ll see how everything turns out…