Ongaku Gatas – Nari Hajimeta Koi no Bell

August 22, 2007

So I finally sat down and watched the PV of the song featuring Momusu graduates Yoshizawa Hitomi, Konno Asami, and Ishikawa Rika along with six girls I’ve never seen before in my life and one I vaguely recognize but I had to look up who she was (turns out it’s Satoda Mai from Country Musume).
My first thought was, the PV’s nice and everything, but there are barely any colors. At first I thought it was black and white, but not quite considering the girls themselves are still in color.
Then they started singing…and I’m so glad Yossi’s already singing again. I love Yossi, and I was afraid she’d pull a Yasuda Kei/Yaguchi Mari and disappear from singing for a couple of years. (by the way, Mari needs to sing more. She’s my favorite member of H!P, and it saddens me that she hasn’t done anything in more than two years…)
And then there’s Konno. Oh god. She’s back. She never was my favorite Momusu member, but I was still really sad when she left Hello! Project. I mean, someone graduating Morning Musume, ok, at least she’s still singing, but when you graduate from H!P in general…it’s kinda the end, isn’t it? At least, that’s what I thought. Now that I look back at my blog, I never posted about Konno’s comeback when it was first announced. Maybe I was really busy at that time or something…but whatever. It’s great to see Konno back in action. She wasn’t really a main member of Momusu, but I still kinda missed seeing her.
I’m not a review person when it comes to music/PVs, so all I’ll say is this: I really like this song, and the music video’s pretty nice. I really want this single now…I’ll try to grab it next order I make, whenever that happens to be.
And maybe at some point I’ll learn the names of the other six girls in this group. Are they Eggs? I honestly have no idea, I’ll have to look them up later…