Mutou Mika graduating from Hello! Project

April 28, 2008

So, Some Boys! Blog today reported that Mutou Mika is graduating from Hello! Project in order to lead a normal life. =(
I’m not a huge fan of her- I mean, I barely know the Eggs in Ongaku gatas. But right after Mano Erina graduates to become a solo artist, we have another girl leaving. What does this mean for Ongaku? I really hope they don’t just disband. I really loved their singles; not so much their album tracks, but still! Maybe it’s time for new members, or maybe they’ll just continue on with the girls they still have. Either way, I really want them to keep going and releasing new stuff…

Well, good luck to Mika. Sad to see another H!P member leave, but if it’s what she wants, then it’s good that she actually went ahead and quit.