Since when did Morning Musume have a manga? @_@

November 16, 2007

I was totally unaware Morning Musume had a manga…called Musume Monogatari, and it was in Nakayoshi. @_@
Lol, not like I pay any attention to shoujo magazines, but someone was selling some Nakayoshi issues and said that ‘Musume Monogatari (morning musume manga)’ was in it…so basically my Morning Musume fandom requires me to get those issues. xDD The LJ user was also selling two issues of some other manga magazine (dunno which one, couldn’t read the title) that apparently had a Minimoni manga, and Morning Musume + Minimoni interviews.
So of course I got them all. xDDD I seriously vowed last week to wait a couple of weeks before I bought more things, cause I bet my mom’s gonna start getting suspicious considering every week when I come home there’s always at least one package waiting for me. =P Except this week, but those two packages should come tomorrow. xD
Cause, I mean, manga and anime and stuff like that, you can get other places, but when people sell manga magazines, especially old ones like the ones in this post (2002-2003), it’s pretty hard to find elsewhere…so yeah.
That totally doesn’t rationalize buying them, but…8D They were cheap…?

You know, now that I think about it, I have an issue of this other shoujo manga magazine Ciao that I got from my camp that has a manga involving Minimoni in it. Hmm…xD

On a random note, I have this post about H!P shuffle units that I wrote today, but I wrote half of it during history class so I wasn’t 100% focused on it, and now I’m too tired to read it over and edit it so I’ll do that in the morning. xD