September 29, 2007

The owner of doujinstar.com (which is down at the moment apparently) is giving away a bunch of doujinshi over on the Tenipuri community on Livejournal…2 per person, $4 for shipping. =3 Of course I immediately grabbed 2 MG doujinshi (Apple Rain and Strawberry Tart)…there was also the doujinshi Echizen Ryoma by Flower Place which I’ve been wanting for a bit (it’s the counterpart to the doujinshi Momoshiro Takeshi, which I already have), but it was already taken by the time I got there. Oh well.

They’re going to be shipped out on Monday, which means I should be able to get them when I come home next weekend. =3 YAAAAYY



September 29, 2007

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ugh since when has Friday night been ‘early’ for Jump chapters?

September 28, 2007

people have been saying stuff like ‘wow, it’s early this week’ when Jump chapters came out on Friday night.
Seriously, since when has Friday night been early?
I was so used to them coming out on Thursday, and maybe even Wednesday if we were lucky, then they started coming out on Friday instead.
It took me forever to get accustomed to that, but now I’m so used to the main manga (One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, PoT, Eyeshield 21…) coming out on Friday afternoon…and now they’re starting to come out either really really late on Friday night (last week PoT was out at around midnight IIRC) or Saturday morning. A couple of weeks ago, the chapters weren’t out until Sunday morning. =/
And even though it’s still the same amount of time between chapters, it feels like FOREVER cause I’m still half-expecting them on Friday afternoon. >_<
Oh well, eventually I’ll get used to them coming out on Saturdays…


September 25, 2007

(according to Yesasia and CD Japan)


Bwahaha, I can’t wait until these episodes are released online.
The first episode is without a doubt the funniest match in the entire series, while the second is without a doubt the bloodiest match in the whole series.
Yes, even bloodier than Inui/Kaidou vs Yanagi/Kirahara. But if you’ve read up to that match, you knew that anyway, so whatever.

The first episode is Momo and Kaidou playing doubles against the only confirmed gay duo in the entire series (though we all know the Golden Pair are having sex behind the scenes), Konjiki Koharu and Hitouji Yuuji from Shitenhouji.
I mean seriously, look at them.

Koharu hits on Kaidou at one point. It’s extremely amusing. He actually grabs Kaidou’s ass. xD Then Kaidou gets pissed (he doesn’t want to cheat on his Inui-senpai) and goes to hit him…
Then it turns out Koharu is a genius with an IQ of over 200 (YAY SHIKAMARU)…and he knows LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of embarrassing moments Kaidou had as a little kid.

Oh dear lord I really really really hope the anime creators humor us and put in a picture of cute little kindergarten Kaoru-chan wearing a skirt. <333333 FLASHBACKS WOULD BE EVEN BETTER
I figure it’s the perfect sponsor background image. Too bad they don’t have the sponsor scenes in the OVA series since it’s going directly to DVD…
ANYWAY, I absolutely love the mental image I’m getting right now. xD I’m kinda thinking of chibi Tenipuri family Kaoru-chan (who is the most ADORABLE THING I’VE EVER SEEN btw)…which is why I need to find a non-chibi image of little-kid Kaidou in a skirt…xDDD I bet there’s one out there…

So anyway, to get off the subject of Kaidou crossdressing…
Both Momo and Kaidou get sucked into Koharu/Yuuji’s playstyle, so then Momo has the great idea of covering their faces…
…with wrestling masks…

Yeah, they play with wrestling masks on, and crap happens, and I won’t spoil it for anyone…

Then onto episode 2 on the DVD. It’s episode 4 of the Semifinals, and episode 17 of the overall Nationals.
As I said, it’s the bloodiest match in the entire series. Oh joy.
Kawamura Takashi vs Ishida Gin. Yeah, Ishida Tetsu from Fudoumine’s older brother. He’s the guy who taught Tetsu the Hadoukyuu. And lo and behold, his Hadoukyuu is MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE POWERFUL than Tetsu’s.
So this turns out to be a power battle. It’s the first time we see Taka as a freshman (if I remember correctly)- a cute scene where he has tons of power but absolutely no control, and everyone’s making fun of him, but then the other soon-to-be-regular first years (Tezuka, Ooishi, Eiji, Fuji, Inui) come up to him and tell him they envy him for his power. <33 LUFF FOR TAKA-SAN~ <333333
So then he decides that his goal is to become the #1 power player in Japan, since he’s not good at anything else.
He’s playing against the #1 power player in Japan- he has over 100 levels of Hadoukyuu, and Taka’s is only equal to one of like the first ten or so. Something like that, too lazy to look it up…basically Taka’s Hadoukyuu fails compared to his. However, Taka doesn’t want to give up a power battle, and uses the ONE-HANDED Hadoukyuu every single time he hits the ball. WHICH SHOULD KILL HIS ARM. Sigh. What people are willing to do for freaking tennis.
There’s also the whole angst thing about this being his last tennis tournament EVER due to him quitting after middle school in order to become a sushi chef.
Seriously, if you’re willing to kill your arm for tennis, I’d suggest sticking with it.
Gin’s uber powerful, and even though he can just nullify all of Taka’s Hadoukyuu he decides to respect Taka by defeating him with his full power.
And then Taka gets uber beaten up.

See that little explosion waaay up there in the stands?
That’s Taka crashing into the stands after being hit with Gin’s 21st-style Hadoukyuu.
Oh dear lord this guy is powerful.

So Taka’s like dying here, and then Gin gets to the 23rd-style Hadoukyuu.
And of course Taka goes FLYING back into the stands, waaay up at the top.
And then the moment we’ve ALL BEEN WAITING FOR…(well, not really, but it sounds more dramatic that way)

(which reminds me, I have a bit of a story to tell involving Yamabuki and the dub, but that’s for another time)
Seriously, if Akutsu/Dan wasn’t my Yamabuki OTP, I’d so write Akutsu/Taka. <3333 Akutsu says he doesn’t care about anything like this, but you know he cares about his childhood friend Taka…<3 And Taka has no one in Seigaku. All the other regulars can be paired up, but there’s an odd number, and Taka’s always the odd one out…
So then it’s match point for Ishida, and it’s Taka’s serve, and Taka desperately wants to just get ONE POINT from Ishida…but as he starts to serve he starts to lose consciousness…and he accidentally hits the ball with the edge of the racket.
Which results in an UBER POWERFUL SHOT that’s not a Hadoukyuu but is as powerful as Ishida’s 40th Hadoukyuu…and when Ishida tries to neutralize it, he realizes it’s not a Hadoukyuu, and then it breaks his wrist!

So anyway, I totally can’t wait until these episodes get on the internet. These are gonna kick-ass…xD
I’m not even gonna wait for the sub…I’ve read the manga, I don’t really need the subs to get what’s going on. xD

Oh my god, Konomi. (PoT CHAPTER 359 SPOILERS)

September 22, 2007


I mean, seriously. I have a tendency to think about things in a chapter as they happen, instead of waiting to read the entire chapter first…which is HORRIBLE in a chapter like this. xDDD
I mean, the chapter starts out with a view of the scoreboard, where Inui/Kaidou vs Yanagi/Kirihara was 5-1 (Seigaku forfeited) and singles 2 is 5-0, with Rikkai in the lead. Then it shows Niou absolutely PWNING Fuji! D:
So here’s where I basically took a moment to stop and freak out.
I mean, Seigaku’s about to lose the fucking Nationals, in 3 straight matches. DDDDD:
So not only was I freaking out about the possibility of Seigaku losing the very last match of the entire tennis season, which would force the third-years to retire…
…but I was also freaking out because it’s SO UNLIKE KONOMI to jump from Inui/Kaidou pair losing at the end of last chapter to match game for singles 2. Especially with Fuji losing. And especially when Fuji losing means Seigaku losing to Rikkai and everything.
So I came to the conclusion that PoT is definitely ending when it’s Shounen Jump run ends. Because otherwise there’s no way Konomi would go that fast in the finals…he usually writes really long matches, and being the finals, this should be no exception. If the series was going to continue in tankoubon format, he wouldn’t have to rush things like this.
So then I was really really sad about everything, and still freaking out, and then I turned back to read the rest of the chapter, hoping Fuji could somehow make a comeback.

But then…
Then Niou takes the wig off, and it’s like ROAR I’M REALLY KIRIHARA IN DEVIL MODE…ok, at that I kinda figured something was up. xD

Btw, he looks uber weird with all the bandages…but anyway…

So then it turns out FUJI is the one pwning NIOU. xDD

So, yeah….seriously Konomi, don’t scare me like that! D: I really thought Seigaku was going to lose the Nationals!

Ok, so basically what this means is this:
Niou’s gonna make a comeback, because a one-sided match isn’t that fun, but he’s not going to be able to win…Seigaku has to win these next two matches, singles 2 and doubles 1, so then it’ll be a showdown between Ryoma and Yukimura.
Doubles 1 is Marui/Jackal. It’s got to be. I can’t see them putting out Yagyuu/Marui or Yagyuu/Jackal, it just doesn’t really work. O_o
There is still hope for a tankoubon continuation. =D At first in this chapter I figured Konomi was rushing it so much it’s definitely ending, but that turned out to be Inui’s dream…so there’s still a chance that it’ll continue in tankoubon format…

I hate Friday evenings.

September 21, 2007

Because I’m always up late refreshing MangaHelpers every 5 minutes waiting for the week’s Shounen Jump raw chapters to come out. D:
Ugh, they’ve been getting later and later lately…a couple of weeks ago the raws weren’t even out until Saturday afternoon!
I remember back in the good old days when Naruto would typically come out on Thursdays. D: And I’m assuming the other SJ manga with it, I wasn’t into anything else back then…

I really really really need to know what happens in the next chapter of PoT…

lol, is Inui dead? (PoT CHAPTER 358 SPOILERS)

September 20, 2007


So basically this is how the chapter goes.
We get a colored cover page, yaaaaaaaayyy~~~! Though, apparently it’s not to announce anything about the whole ‘ending-in-issue-52’ thing; apparently there’s going to be a 100-song seiyuu concert where they sing the fan’s 100 favorite songs. Cool and all, but I really really really want more information about the ‘end’ of PoT. I’m still hoping for it to continue in tankoubon format…
Then Kirihara gets up, and he’s in full devil mode. Honestly, it’s not that surprising. It’s Kirihara, duh.
But then~!
Instead of aiming at Kaidou, who can return the shots with his new ‘invincible’ Laser Beam/Tornado Snake combo…he aims at Inui. Who immediately goes down.
Yeah, so then for an entire game, Kirihara beats Inui up. Ouch. Again. I mean, poor Inui. And Renji’s not even doing ANYTHING, even though his CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND is like being BEATEN UP by his doubles partner. D:
Honestly, I don’t think Renji has like ONE PANEL in this entire chapter.
Nah, wait. He’s on the first page, middle panel, far right. And he has a panel on the very last page just looking emotionless even though his childhood best friend just like DIED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COURT. I mean, SERIOUSLY. From his seiyuu songs which are all emo-ish and oh so very obviously about Inui, you’d think he’d care more. D:
So Inui’s just like being beaten up by Kirihara.
Then Kaidou has a flashback page. You know, with all the pictures and quotes from earlier chapters all mushed together on one page…
It’s all about Inui. INUI/KAIDOU FTW!
You see all this blood (since when does tennis = blood? O___o I seriously don’t think you can actually get this hurt in tennis…), and then Kaidou just goes “STOP IT!!!”

That creeps me out oh so much. O___o
Someone was talking about how the devil mode is so DBZ-ish, and they were like ‘even their hair-colors change. that’s seriously impossible.’
Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about the hair color as much as the fact that their SKIN COLOR changes. That’s EVEN MORE IMPOSSIBLE. xD
but anyway.
So then Inui stops Kaidou, and is like “the data has been collected.”
And then they have the typical double-page where they stand up and say “Time for our counterattack…”
…except Inui just DIES.

I want to know who said that last thing, “Very admirable of you, Inui.” I mean, I can’t see it coming from anyone other than Renji, but Renji calls him Sadaharu. Hmm.
Anyway, then Kaidou just like collapses and screams…
and seriously, read the narrator text. “The voice that cannot resist screaming is reaching for Inui’s Requiem…”
I hope I’m not the only one that seriously thinks that makes it sound like Inui died. Not like, jokingly, as in like, collapsed…like, seriously died, as in, NOT ALIVE ANYMORE.
Oh dear lord, who knew people can die from tennis?

Anyway, we’ll see the outcome of this match tomorrow. I personally think the chapter is going to start off with the ref going “Since Inui can’t continue, Seigaku forfeits!” and we see Inui getting like carried off on a stretcher or maybe just carried off by other members of Seigaku if his injuries aren’t enough to warrant the hospital visit.
Other people apparently think that Inui’s just gonna get up and they’re gonna come back and at least catch up, if not actually win. D: I don’t see how that could happen, but…well, whatever, we’ll see tomorrow…or maybe Saturday. I really hope the chapter isn’t late this week…