AHHHHHH WTF (very minor PoT chapter 358 spoilers)

I just realized that the Golden Pair hasn’t won since
I mean, they’re a National-level doubles pair, and they’re supposedly one of the best…
so how come they haven’t won in almost 30 volumes?
Ooishi/Kikumaru pair record
vs. Fudoumine – win
vs. St. Rudolph – loss
vs. Yamabuki – win
vs. Hyoutei – N/A (Ooishi hurt his arm)
vs. Midoriyama – N/A (Ooishi’s still hurt)
vs. Rokkaku – N/A (still hurt)
vs. Rikkadai – loss
vs. Higa – N/A (Ooishi’s off the regulars)
vs. Hyoutei 2 – loss
vs. Shitenhouji – N/A (they just didn’t play, really, no reason given)

I’m actually really disappointed.
I mean, seriously.
Compare them to Inui/Kaidou…
Inui/Kaidou pair record
vs. Hyoutei (first time playing together) – loss (but they could have won if Inui didn’t call his own shot out)
vs. Midoriyama – win
vs. Rokkaku – N/A
vs. Rikkaidai – N/A
vs. Higa – win
vs. Hyoutei 2 – win
vs. Shitenhouji – N/A
vs. Rikkaidai 2- …loss? who knows, the outcome will probably be shown in tomorrow’s chapter.

Not that the Golden Pair hasn’t had their fair share of screentime. I mean, sure, vs Fudoumine they weren’t really shown- just enough to introduce their abilities. But then St. Rudolph was like, EPIC MATCH- it ended with them losing, but they got a ton of screentime there. Then vs Yamabuki was pretty normal-ish…
vs. Hyoutei, even though Eiji was playing with Momo, there was a lot of angsting on Eiji’s part about not being able to play with Ooishi…
vs. Rikkaidai was great- in the manga, that is. The anime kinda killed it, but they ruined the whole arc, so whatever. In the manga, Eiji got that concussion and everything…cute Golden Pair. <333
vs. Higa Chuu, they had that entire thing with Eiji ‘not playing doubles anymore’…I seriously CRIED at that episode. I’m not even kidding, once it hits the scene where Eiji confronts Ooishi in front of the clubroom, I’m IN TEARS. ;-; EVERY FUCKING TIME. Eiji’s singles match blends in amazing Golden Pair angst with Eiji being uber cute and amazing, and it’s great…
So then vs Hyoutei again, they played against the Silver Pair. One word: SYNCHRO. That was so kick-ass. =D They got quite a bit of screentime there, as a doubles pair that is actually pro-level in some aspects- Synchro is something that apparently only the top pro doubles pairs achieve. =DDD
But if they’re so good, then why can’t they come up with a win?
Which is why they have to win this match. Against whoever Rikkaidai puts out- my guess is Marui/Jackal, since to me neither of them seem to be the singles type, but you never know…
Their goal is to be the #1 doubles pair at Nationals. So far, they’re failing MISERABLY. As much as it pains me to say so, it’s true.
BUT. If they win against Rikkai’s D1…
Well, I’ll be happy. =D


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