Catching up

March 12, 2008

So this is my first post after moving my former blog, ~ lurking in the shadows ~ (on Blogger, here) to WordPress. I got the idea for it about a week ago, then like 7+ j-pop blogs got deleted from WP so I decided against it, but after Kawaiirrhea figured out what was causing the shutdowns (Pony Canyon downloads), I decided to just go ahead because I don’t have any Pony Canyon downloads on my blog (and as of now I don’t plan on ever having any). I like WordPress better than Blogger, so…
There’s also a new name. I kinda was getting tired of the old name, and since I’m moving this anyway, why not? xD Resonant Blue was the first thing that came to mind…named after Morning Musume’s upcoming single.

As my first post here, I should catch up with everything I’ve missed lately. I’m going to attempt to keep this blog up-to-date, update it much more, and write some posts that have some actual content besides just quick news posts. xD

(my g key’s broken, and while I’m copy-pasting the lowercase g it’s too much trouble to keep copy-pasting the uppercase and then having to go back to the lowercase…so that’s why I might have random fail moments in terms of capitalization)

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Ongaku Gatas – Yattarouze!

November 25, 2007

God, today’s been crazy. My older stepsister and her husband and 14-month-old daughter (uber cute! _<

I finally got around to watching Ongaku Gatas’ new PV, Yattarouze!. I tried to watch it on Wednesday on Dohhh UP, but video streaming sites hate my computer. >_< So I downloaded it from Hello Online, but I never actually watched it until just now.

The PV starts out with a nice shot of Yossi kicking the ball, then cheering- and then it turns kinda weird as her and four other members fall through the field or something? xD
Anyway, I love Yossi’s appearance in this PV. I think she looks awesome- definitely one of her best looks in my opinion.
It’s still really nice to see more of Yossi and Konkon- I mean, since Yossi wasn’t in a group before graduating, I figured she’d go the same way as Kei and Mari: not doing much of anything. And Konkon actually graduated from H!P about a year ago, so I thought I’d never hear anything from her again.
I still don’t know any of the Eggs, although I think I’m starting to be able to kinda pick out Mano Erina…I’ve seen blog posts praising her, so I looked her up and I can kinda pick her out now.

When I first heard this song, I thought it was kinda weird, but after watching the PV fully, I like it. It’s not as good as Nari Hajimeta Koi no BELL, but it’s still pretty catchy…
I think the dance in the PV is a bit weird, but…xD Some H!P dances are…

I might snag the limited edition of this in my next Yesasia run, whenever that is. Probably in a while, cause my mom doesn’t like that I’ve been getting so many packages lately. Especially when they come from a specific person rather than a company like Yesasia or CD Japan, which has happened quite a bit since I recently had this shopping spree on Livejournal. xD; I haven’t bought anything in a week, but I still have 4 packages that I’m expecting…xD;;;; One with Seishun Gakuen Paradise and two Love Prince anthologies (which should have arrived by now, but I’ll give it another week or so), one with all the stuff I bought from green-tea-river on LJ, which is lots of bromides, a pin, a couple of doujinshi, a shitajiki, and a card or two, one with my last Yesasia order which hasn’t shipped out yet (dammit why is it taking so long for them to find Sket Dance volume 1?), and one with that CD Japan order which won’t ship out until the Momusu PV collection DVD is released.
Though I guess it’s kinda a good thing that the Yesasia order hasn’t shipped out yet. Mom’s really starting to get suspicious, so if I got like 3 packages in a week I’d probably be in trouble…

On a kinda related note, according to ThePPN wiki, Ongaku Gatas is having a tour early 2008! <3 I’m definitely picking up that DVD once it comes out…