Odd Crossover Thought of the Moment

May 1, 2008

You know, sometimes I get these weird thoughts that I really could live without. This happens to be one of them.
I was thinking about Prince of Tennis this morning, probably fanfic ideas, and then all of a sudden Resonant Blue just randomly pops into my head. So I’m humming Resonant Blue and thinking of PoT fanfic ideas and then all of a sudden it just HITS me that 9 Seigaku regulars = 9 Morning Musume members and immediately I have the mental image of Seigaku singing/dancing Resonant Blue!
Er, what…?

For some odd reason I’m imagining Eiji, Fuji, and Ryoma as the leads. After that, I really don’t know…


Catching up

March 12, 2008

So this is my first post after moving my former blog, ~ lurking in the shadows ~ (on Blogger, here) to WordPress. I got the idea for it about a week ago, then like 7+ j-pop blogs got deleted from WP so I decided against it, but after Kawaiirrhea figured out what was causing the shutdowns (Pony Canyon downloads), I decided to just go ahead because I don’t have any Pony Canyon downloads on my blog (and as of now I don’t plan on ever having any). I like WordPress better than Blogger, so…
There’s also a new name. I kinda was getting tired of the old name, and since I’m moving this anyway, why not? xD Resonant Blue was the first thing that came to mind…named after Morning Musume’s upcoming single.

As my first post here, I should catch up with everything I’ve missed lately. I’m going to attempt to keep this blog up-to-date, update it much more, and write some posts that have some actual content besides just quick news posts. xD

(my g key’s broken, and while I’m copy-pasting the lowercase g it’s too much trouble to keep copy-pasting the uppercase and then having to go back to the lowercase…so that’s why I might have random fail moments in terms of capitalization)

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Tezuka & Fuji – Koko de Bokura wa Deattashimatta cover + tracklist

February 25, 2008

But why is Fuji doing it too? xD Unless they’re in SYNCHRO! 8DD But they’re not a doubles pair so maybe not.

The tracklist was put up on Yesasia here:
1. Koko de Bokura wa Deattashimatta (Fuji & Tezuka)
2. Ryuusen no Michiyuki (Fuji)
3. Koko de Bokura wa Deattashimatta (SF to Karaoke)
4. Koko de Bokura wa Deattashimatta (KT to Karaoke)
5. Koko de Bokura wa Deattashimatta (instrumental)
6. Hitomi wo Tojite Kokoro no Mama Boku wa Kimi wo Omou ~200 Title Memorial Version~ (Fuji)

Ahaha, Fuji gets two solos but Tezuka doesn’t get any. Poor Tezuka. xD Anyway, there’s the title track and the b-side, and then the three instrumentals. SF stands for “Shuusuke Fuji” and KT stands for “Kunimitsu Tezuka”, so I’m assuming both of those versions only take away the vocals of one of the two and leave the other. Of course, track 5 is just the normal instrumental. As for #6, Hitomi wo Tojite etc (the title’s way too long xD) was Fuji’s first solo single, released under the BEST OF SEIGAKU PLAYERS series. Maybe it’s like a self-cover or something?

Four days until this release, I hope we get the full single right away. No one’s uploaded the full single of Kai’s Valentine Kiss yet…=(

Fuji Shuusuke & Tezuka Kunimitsu special single title announced

February 6, 2008

You know, I really wish these songs had PVs so I’d actually have something to comment on. Plus a PV for Type wa D! would kick ass and have lots and lots of Golden Pair love! <333333 Cause right now, all it is is three basic posts: 1) “they announced a new single today!” 2) “they announced the title of the single today!” 3) “they put the cover up on their website!” xD
This post falls under the second category. If you couldn’t tell already.


Title: Koko de Bokura wa Deatteshimatta (limited release)
Artist: Fuji Shuusuke & Tezuka Kunimitsu
Release date: 2008.02.29 (Friday)
Catalog code: NECM-12156
Price: 1200 yen (with tax)

“We met by chance here”, or something along those lines. YAY TEZUKA/FUJI LOVE SONG <333
I wonder what the song’s going to be like? I actually haven’t heard any of Tezuka’s solo songs, but I’ve listened to his songs with Aozu, and…what can I say? His voice just doesn’t fit with the others. Actually, it’s not as bad in WHITE LINE, but in Kakaeta Kiseki it’s really funny because it’s like “whee nice voices” and then BAM Tezuka’s is like, uber uber low. xD Which is why he only gets like two lines. Poor Tezuka. xD Then in GIGS, with Flower (why didn’t they ever get another single?) it’s not that bad because Sanada’s voice is uber low too. xD As for Megane’s, I can’t take that unit seriously because they’re so much crack, so…xD
I’m assuming that, like all the other duet singles, there will be a solo song from each of them…but I don’t know for sure.

I can’t wait to hear this single, it sounds pretty good. It’s apparently being used as the ending theme for the Tenipuri radio show this month, but I don’t think anyone’s ripped it or anything…

Fuji Shuusuke & Tezuka Kunimitsu upcoming single!

January 4, 2008

Wow, I really need to check this site more often! I thought that site was old and wasn’t updated anymore because they stopped listing the PoT CD releases in mid-2005 (all of the releases after that are listed on the Index Music site or w/e). But I looked on the main page of that site today and saw a news item just added today…
So then I checked the news page to see what type of news they showed, and guess what? ANOTHER NEW SINGLE! 8D




My attempt at an English translation, I didn’t really know the first line but after using an online translator, a dictionary, and some rewording, I think I got the main point across…>_>

* Tenipuri CD 200th title commemoration announcement! (1/4)

Title: TBA (first-press limited release)
Artist: Fuji Shuusuke & Tezuka Kunimitsu
Release date: 2008.02.29 (Friday)
Catalog number: NECM-12156
Price: 1,200 yen (including tax)

WHEE, another duet! So far there have been three duet singles- first was Type wa D! by Ooishi and Eiji from Seigaku, second was Rakuen e by Chinen and Rin from Higa, and third was TRICK, FAKE, or TRUTH by Yanagi and Niou from Rikkai. I guess this one’s the fourth in the series…though unlike the previous singles’ pairs, Tezuka and Fuji have never played doubles together.
Initially the release date confused me- first because I was like “what the hell? February 29th?” but then I realized it was a leap year this year. >> Second, because YET AGAIN it’s a weird release day, but it’s Friday this time.
So that initially confused me because there ISN’T any special event happening on the 29th (as far as I know), but then I realized-
Fuji’s birthday is February 29th. So he only has one birthday every four years. (He was uberly pwned as soon as he was born, huh? xD) And since this is the leap year, he actually has a birthday this year!
SOOOOO he gets a single to celebrate not only the 200th seiyuu CD release, but also his birthday!

I don’t know why Tezuka’s involved. Cause TezuFuji’s so uberly canon (but not really)?

Honestly, I’d think Ryoma should get the 200th CD. He hasn’t had a CD in a while… (Never mind, forgot about Wonder Land back in September.)

I wonder what counts toward the 200 CD mark? Obviously the character singles and albums, but what about…
-radio CDs?
-musical soundtracks/Best Actor’s Series?
-radio show theme songs not sung by characters (there’s a set of like 4 of those that are listed on both CD Japan and the official site as PoT CDs)?
-opening/ending singles? (obviously the ones sung by the seiyuu are counted, but the others…?)
Obviously this isn’t counting the rereleases…
I’m actually interested in this, I might try to figure it out this weekend.

Anyway. Yet another new Prince of Tennis single. Actually, there aren’t that many coming up, it just seems like there are because of the overwhelming amount of re-releases coming out on February 27th…

[lyrics] byTachikiritai – Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy!

November 11, 2007

Well, my Yesasia order came, with like 5 CDs and a DVD and everything…and I haven’t had the chance to scan them yet cause our scanner isn’t set up yet, but I decided to romanize the lyrics to Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy!. Such a catchy song…@_@ I really wanted to sing along, so I romanized the lyrics so I could actually do so. xD

Please remember that this is my first time romanizing lyrics, and I’m only in my 3rd year of taking Japanese classes- so there might be some errors. If you see one, let me know and I’ll fix it. ^^

I have the original Japanese along with the romanized lyrics…I started typing those up in order to check my romanization, but then I decided to just leave them in in case anyone wants them…

byTachikiritai – Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy!
by断ち切り隊 – 恋の激ダサ絶頂(エクスタシー)!

nandomo hitori no yoru wo akireru hodo kasane
何度も1人の夜を あきれるほど重ね
imagoro ki ga tsukeba mada koishita koto ga nai
今頃 気がつけばまだ 恋した事が無い

kakko tsuketeru tsumori de ite mo naze ka karamawari shite
カッコつけてる つもりでいても 何故か空回りして
nantonaku tada ukenagasu dake sore de ii to omotteta
何となくただ 受け流すだけ それでいいと思ってた

nani ka wo kaenakucha dame da to shitta
何かを変えなくちゃ ダメだと知った
itsumademo nigeteru sore ja gekidasa daze
いつまでも逃げてる それじゃ激ダサだぜ

nandomo hitori no yoru wo akireru hodo kasane
何度も1人の夜を あきれるほど重ね
imagoro ki ga tsukeba mada koishita koto ga nai
今頃 気がつけばまだ 恋した事が無い
utsuriyuku kono machi de koi wo tsukamaete EKUSUTASHII!
移り行く この街で 恋を捕まえて 絶頂(エクスタシー)!

PURAIDO dake ga areba ii no sa sou shinji konde ita
プライドだけが あればいいのさ そう信じ込んでいた
kekkyoku itsumo umaku ikazu ni yari sugoshite ita kedo
結局いつも 上手くいかずに やり過ごしていたけど

honto wa motetai no ni uso wo tsuiteta
ホントはモテたいのに ウソをついてた
kanchigai shite iru kore ja gekidasa daze
勘違いしている これじゃ激ダサだぜ

koko kara subete hajimaru munasawagi wo sutete
ここから 全て始まる 胸騒ぎを捨てて
imasugu tozasarete iru sono DOA wo aketai
今すぐ 閉ざされている そのドアを開けたい
utsuriyuku kono machi de koi wo tsukamaete EKUSUTASHII!
移り行く この街で 恋を捕まえて 絶頂(エクスタシー)!

dekinai kara yattsu atari shiteru no kai?
出来ないから 八つ当たりしてるのかい?
arienai to saisho kara nigeru no kai?
有り得ないと 最初から逃げるのかい?
sou ja nai daro

konna ni yogoreta mado ja nani mo mienai dake
こんなに 汚れた窓じゃ 何も見えないだけ
ima nara nani wo subeki ka mou wakatteru daro
今なら 何をすべきか もう分かってるだろ

nandomo hitori no yoru wo akireru hodo kasane
何度も1人の夜を あきれるほど重ね
imagoro ki ga tsukeba mada koishita koto ga nai
今頃 気がつけばまだ 恋した事が無い
utsuriyuku kono machi de koi wo tsukamaete EKUSUTASHII!
移り行く この街で 恋を捕まえて 絶頂(エクスタシー)!

[download] byTachikiritai – Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy full version (not the single)

November 1, 2007

Download through Mediafire

Credit for this goes to makaioh from Livejournal, who uploaded the full version of the song today. =D I’m gonna upload the whole single when my copy comes- it should arrive at my house sometime next week (along with like 5 other CDs I can’t wait to get…xD), so I’ll get it next weekend. I’m planning on scanning this (I’m going to set up my new printer/scanner this weekend) and maybe romanizing the lyrics. I’m going to start trying to romanize some lyrics, since my Japanese is getting better, but I’m probably not going to do it that often since I’m not that good at it. I romanized Ao to Bin to Kan’s single Gather this morning, and I only knew about half the kanji in the lyrics…

I absolutely love this song. ^^ It’s the new opening to the PoT OVAs, and I think it’s a great song. It’s totally random with the choice of members in the group (I STILL wtf over Shishido being in the group, considering he’s TOTALLY not in the new OVA series AT ALL), but it’s still a good song. XD The only voice I can pick out in this song is Fuji’s, since I haven’t really watched much of the Shitenhouji matches (I’ve only watched Momo/Kaidou vs Yuuji/Koharu; I actually haven’t watched Fuji vs Shiraishi and Taka vs Gin yet…), but Fuji’s voice really sticks out no matter who he sings with. O_o Everyone else’s voice is like ROAR GUY and then Fuji’s is SO OBVIOUSLY A GIRL…xD Well, I mean, Fuji’s a guy, but his seiyuu is a girl, and it’s especially obvious when Fuji sings. xD; I really like his seiyuu’s singing voice~
So, yeah, I can’t wait until my copy gets here. xD I want the full single, but the person who uploaded this never uploads the instrumentals, so…
Not to mention that’s it’s in the same package as like 5 other CDs- Buono’s Honto no Jibun (which I’ve recently become uber addicted to, and I’ll elaborate on that once it arrives- I’m gonna write a post about the single and Shugo Chara), Ongaku Gatas’ Nari Hajimeta Koi no BELL, Momusu’s 10th anniversary album, Gyaruru’s Boom Boom Meccha Maccho, and Momusu’s 7.5 mini-album that was released last year. And the latest Momusu PV DVD. xDD YAY LOTS OF STUFF