November 28, 2007

So today’s November 28th, which means it’s everyone’s favorite cat-like acrobatic tennis player’s birthday! YAAAAYYY!!
So, a lot of people draw fanart or write fanfics for a character’s birthday, but see, I’m totally not creative enough to do that! Actually, I started writing a quick one-shot about Eiji’s birthday during Biology today, but I dunno if I’ll finish it in time.
So, I decided to contribute in a different way- 320kbps mp3 rips of all of Eiji’s birthday singles! 8D ACTUALLY I meant to scan these to make them cool and special because as far as I know, PoT CD scans are hard to find, but some stuff happened this weekend and so I didn’t get a chance to- and now I’m stuck at school until this weekend. I’ll scan the CDs then and upload the scans once I’m done~

I think out of these three singles, only ONE was actually labeled as a birthday single, but the other two came out on his birthday in 2004 so I still consider them birthday singles. 8D
ONE is his actual birthday single, and it comes with the b-side ‘I~i jan’.
Come Together doesn’t have a b-side, but it was used as the radio show theme for a month in 2004 or something. It comes with a voice track called ‘Talk Time ~Kikumaru Eiji On the Radio~’.
Kiku-chan no Souran Bushi is his own version of the traditional song Souran Bushi- with a different arrangement than most versions and new lyrics. It comes with a b-side called Taiyou no PARADISO.

[2003.11.28] Kikumaru Eiji – ONE
[2004.11.28] Kikumaru Eiji – Come Together
[2004.11.28] Kikumaru Eiji – Kiku-chan no Souran Bushi

YAY <3


Mikan first week sales are a record low for Morning Musume

November 27, 2007

Aw, fuck.
I think that basically sums up my thoughts right about now. I can’t believe it, and I really don’t know how to react to this.
In my opinion, Mikan is Morning Musume’s best single since…well, a while ago. Not that they’ve been really bad, but none of their singles measured up to their old releases back when they were really popular. Mikan…I thought it was a great catchy song, nice PV, it seemed more Golden Age-ish than any of their singles in the past year or two, or even longer. I thought this single would do way better than their more recent singles. Didn’t mostly everyone on the H!P blogosphere like this song?
So what the hell happened to make this their lowest selling single ever?
Not that I ever expected this single to have sales rivaling Golden Age singles, but I definitely expected more than their recent singles. Instead we get a huge drop from their last single and it ended up beating out Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan as their lowest first-week single sales.

Well, I guess all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that their next single doesn’t somehow drop even lower…and I think I’ve learned not to expect so much from Momusu. *sigh*

xD No matter how badly they sell, I’ll still support them. <33 They still remain my favorite j-pop group…

Congrats, Nono! ^^

November 27, 2007

As I’m sure most people on the j-pop blogosphere know by now, Tsuji Nozomi had a baby girl yesterday! Sugiura Noa was born at 12:45 am yesterday morning, weighing 2730 grams. Both Nono and Noa are in good health~
Wow, I still find it so hard to believe Nozomi has a kid now! @_@ I mean, NOZOMI of all people! As I think I said back when the pregnancy was announced, I never would have thought that Nozomi would be the first Momusu to have a kid. I guess I was expecting one of the older members of H!P like Nakazawa Yuko or Iida Kaori to be the first…well, Kaori’s #2, with her child due soon (January, maybe?)…

On a random note, I romanized the lyrics to Mikan and the b-side today, but I’m not sure if the kanji lyrics I got from a Japanese fansite are 100% correct so I’m going to wait until my copies arrive (just to double-check) before I put them up here…

Broken headphones, connections, and a little bit of angst

November 26, 2007

pic 1
pic 2
Grr, my headphones finally totally broke this morning on the way to school. They were at least usable before, but now the left headphone doesn’t work at all and the outer part of it is like GONE…what a horrible time for my headphones to break, now I have to live with these all week until I go home for the weekend. My mom’s going to buy new headphones from the Apple Store, but yeah, I still won’t get them until the weekend.
I use my headphones so much during the week too- I can’t fully wake up in the morning unless I listen to my iPod from breakfast straight through until assembly, and since I have such weird music tastes (well, to the normal American world =P) that once I’m back in my dorm room I have to listen to my music with headphones rather than just using my computer speakers. This is definitely going to bug me all this week…

Connections: Well, I just had teh uber shocking discovery. I was listening to Ibu Shinji’s first character single from the Prince of Tennis anime, Can See the Light, and looked it up on Yesasia to add it to my cart cause it’s a great song, and then I noticed that Yesasia said that it was by Moriyama Eiji. Ok, I definitely recognized that name, so I went to look him up on Wikipedia, and I found out- he’s Momo’s first-cast actor in the Prince of Tennis musicals!
What the hell…? So then I redownloaded the full single (I lost it when my hard drive crashed a while ago, but the song was still on my iPod) to listen to the voice message, and sure enough, as soon as the seiyuu started talking I immediately recognized him as Momo. It’s so hard to tell though, when he’s actually voicing Shinji! I definitely would -never- make that connection…
Moriyama Eiji as Ibu Shinji in the Prince of Tennis anime – Can See The Light
Moriyama Eiji as Momoshiro Takeshi in the Prince of Tennis musicals – Ore wa Momo-chan ~ Seigaku no Abarenbou
Seiyuu Voice Message from Shinji’s CD- the first voice is Moriyama as himself (which is basically his voice for Momo) and then he has a ‘conversation’ or something with Shinji (aka, himself but with a different voice)…xD
Moriyama also plays Renji in the Bleach musicals, but I haven’t watched that yet. I seriously need to, cause NAGAYAN (aka the cutest Eiji actor ever) PLAYS HITSUGAYA ASASDFKAJESLRIJASDLKFJASDKLFJ

And last but not least, I’m having an angsty moment on the inside cause my Yesasia order with my precious 3 copies of Mikan hasn’t even shipped yet. It’s been almost a week since Mikan was released~! DDD:
And since I chose free shipping, it’ll be another week after it ships before it arrives at my house! And knowing my luck, it’ll end up arriving on like a Monday and then I’ll have to wait until the weekend before I actually get it. *sob*

Ongaku Gatas – Yattarouze!

November 25, 2007

God, today’s been crazy. My older stepsister and her husband and 14-month-old daughter (uber cute! _<

I finally got around to watching Ongaku Gatas’ new PV, Yattarouze!. I tried to watch it on Wednesday on Dohhh UP, but video streaming sites hate my computer. >_< So I downloaded it from Hello Online, but I never actually watched it until just now.

The PV starts out with a nice shot of Yossi kicking the ball, then cheering- and then it turns kinda weird as her and four other members fall through the field or something? xD
Anyway, I love Yossi’s appearance in this PV. I think she looks awesome- definitely one of her best looks in my opinion.
It’s still really nice to see more of Yossi and Konkon- I mean, since Yossi wasn’t in a group before graduating, I figured she’d go the same way as Kei and Mari: not doing much of anything. And Konkon actually graduated from H!P about a year ago, so I thought I’d never hear anything from her again.
I still don’t know any of the Eggs, although I think I’m starting to be able to kinda pick out Mano Erina…I’ve seen blog posts praising her, so I looked her up and I can kinda pick her out now.

When I first heard this song, I thought it was kinda weird, but after watching the PV fully, I like it. It’s not as good as Nari Hajimeta Koi no BELL, but it’s still pretty catchy…
I think the dance in the PV is a bit weird, but…xD Some H!P dances are…

I might snag the limited edition of this in my next Yesasia run, whenever that is. Probably in a while, cause my mom doesn’t like that I’ve been getting so many packages lately. Especially when they come from a specific person rather than a company like Yesasia or CD Japan, which has happened quite a bit since I recently had this shopping spree on Livejournal. xD; I haven’t bought anything in a week, but I still have 4 packages that I’m expecting…xD;;;; One with Seishun Gakuen Paradise and two Love Prince anthologies (which should have arrived by now, but I’ll give it another week or so), one with all the stuff I bought from green-tea-river on LJ, which is lots of bromides, a pin, a couple of doujinshi, a shitajiki, and a card or two, one with my last Yesasia order which hasn’t shipped out yet (dammit why is it taking so long for them to find Sket Dance volume 1?), and one with that CD Japan order which won’t ship out until the Momusu PV collection DVD is released.
Though I guess it’s kinda a good thing that the Yesasia order hasn’t shipped out yet. Mom’s really starting to get suspicious, so if I got like 3 packages in a week I’d probably be in trouble…

On a kinda related note, according to ThePPN wiki, Ongaku Gatas is having a tour early 2008! <3 I’m definitely picking up that DVD once it comes out…

Odorimasen ka?

November 24, 2007

Well, the Megane’s of Prince of Tennis have a new single…I could have sworn I read on some site that Manatsu no Megane’s was their last single, but obviously not considering they’re coming out with another one on December 22nd.
Because of the date, I thought it would be a Christmas/winter-themed single (I mean, come on, their last single, Manatsu no Megane’s, was uber summer themed…xD), but the title seems to indicate otherwise- ‘Odorimasen ka?’, or ‘Won’t you dance?’ (or something along those lines), according to Yesasia. Well, maybe it’ll turn out to be a winter single, but…well, we’ll see. xD
I was uber confused at first cause the 22nd is a Saturday- but then it said in the description image on Yesasia that it had something to do with this year’s Jump Festa, which takes place December 22nd-23rd. I think it’s coming out at the Jump Festa itself…
There are also two other CDs coming out on the 22nd- the two new Musical Tennis no Oujisama Best Actor’s Series. #9 is Sanada and Yukimura, while #10 is a special Seigaku 3rd Cast Memorial Edition- the third cast graduated in Absolute King Rikkai Second Service, which took place a couple of months ago. Which reminds me, Progressive Match Higa Chuu feat. Rikkai is premiering really soon…I can’t wait to see 4th cast. Let’s hope the new Golden Pair will handle the angstiest Golden Pair scene ever (Eiji vs Kai…) really well. <3

By the way, I wonder if I’m the only one that is reminded of Hello! Project a bit when it comes to Tenimyu actors? I mean, they both have people ‘graduating’ and constantly get new members…

roar @ Yesasia

November 22, 2007

I really really want my copies of Mikan…but it still hasn’t shipped out yet. T_T I didn’t think it would take this long to find a copy of the first Sket Dance volume…grr, now I know not to put a manga volume in the same Yesasia order as something I’m uber looking forward to…
Hopefully it’ll ship out soon, then it’ll arrive next weekend or so. I really don’t want to have to wait ANOTHER week…even if it comes on a Monday, I still won’t get it until that weekend since I board…D: