Congrats, Kaori!

February 3, 2008

Iida Kaori from Morning Musume had a baby boy on January 22nd. This is the second child by a Hello! Project member (all the former H!P members that have had kids were out of H!P before they had the kid, I believe), the first being Tsuji Nozomi’s baby girl Noa a couple months ago. I wish the best of luck to Kaori and her husband and baby. ^^
I guess they didn’t want to reveal the name of the baby, but I really want to know…xD I kinda want to see pictures too~…


Congrats, Nono! ^^

November 27, 2007

As I’m sure most people on the j-pop blogosphere know by now, Tsuji Nozomi had a baby girl yesterday! Sugiura Noa was born at 12:45 am yesterday morning, weighing 2730 grams. Both Nono and Noa are in good health~
Wow, I still find it so hard to believe Nozomi has a kid now! @_@ I mean, NOZOMI of all people! As I think I said back when the pregnancy was announced, I never would have thought that Nozomi would be the first Momusu to have a kid. I guess I was expecting one of the older members of H!P like Nakazawa Yuko or Iida Kaori to be the first…well, Kaori’s #2, with her child due soon (January, maybe?)…

On a random note, I romanized the lyrics to Mikan and the b-side today, but I’m not sure if the kanji lyrics I got from a Japanese fansite are 100% correct so I’m going to wait until my copies arrive (just to double-check) before I put them up here…


July 6, 2007

WOAH, serious deja vu…
Iida Kaori, former first-gen member and leader of Morning Musume, has announced today that she’s 10 weeks pregnant and going to get married to a former vocalist from some group Tsunku used to produce.
Hello! Online article

I’m happy for her, I really am. But what’s going to happen to her? I’m hoping she has a bit more freedom than the Momusu members, otherwise things might end up pretty bad for her…I mean, Miki got in a huge scandal because of a boyfriend. Kaori’s pregnant. xD;
Then again, I don’t think too much happened to Nono when she got pregnant…at least, nothing bad.

Both Nono and Kaorin found out about their pregnancy during routine check-ups, I think, which makes me wonder…if they’re having sex and not expecting a kid, shouldn’t they use birth control? Or maybe I should just shut up cause I’m too young to really know about these things. xD

So now the question is…who’s next? xD

Momusu Tanjou 10nen Kinentai releasing a second single?

May 28, 2007

Lol, I know I’m late with this, considering it was posted last week, but…somehow I missed this. xD
Goto Maki posted on her official blog last Wednesday with news of a 2nd single from the Morning Musume 10th Anniversary special group. I’m kinda surprised, since this seemed a lot like a one-shot group. I guess not, though…
I’m assuming that date in there is the release date of the single. August 8th, huh…
But where is Koharu in that picture?! D:

And now onto something completely different…
Jolly-chan of NF found this PV on Youtube. It’s absolutely amazing.
For the record, the one in the blue is Morikubo Shoutaro, Shikamaru’s seiyuu…

I can’t help but think of Team 10 everytime I watch this. xD;;
It’s the opening theme for the anime Nerima Daikon Brothers, where Morikubo plays a character with a panda fetish. xDDDDDDD So now everytime I see Shikamaru, I’m gonna think of pandas…
I seriously want to buy this anime now. It’s only 12 episodes…and it’s been dubbed, too, so I could probably find DVDs somewhere.

On a totally unrelated note, exams are coming up~ This week is a review week, and graduation is on Friday. (which, imo, is the most boring thing the entire year, especially for middleschoolers who don’t know any seniors.) Next week is exams…I’m kinda scared. xDD Last year I bombed the science and geography exams and did pretty badly on the English and Latin exams. This year…Latin should be easier. Science shouldn’t be that hard, either. The only things I’m worried about on the English exam are the two essays we’re going to have to write…one on Romeo and Juliet (goddammit, he doesn’t give us a break. We’re already writing a Romeo and Juliet mini-essay this weekend…) and one tying all our books together. As for civics…that’s definitely going to be my worst exam, I can already tell. But I need to do pretty well on it…so I need to study really hard.
Japanese and math will be really easy. Those are without a doubt my best subjects…last year, I got the highest score in the entire grade on the math exam, and my Japanese grade was pretty good.
I was actually thinking about getting some admin or mod on NF to ban me until exams are over, but that’d probably cause more harm than good. xD;; I need to go study, though~