Buono! – Kiss!Kiss!Kiss! covers

April 16, 2008

The covers for Buono!’s upcoming single, Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!, are out! The limited edition is on the left, and the regular edition is on the right:

For some reason, I like the normal edition cover better than the limited edition. That’s been happening a couple of times lately, but it’s not good because I always want the limited edition. D: Well, I’m sure I’ll end up with the limited edition in the end…
I’m totally in love with Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!, from the Shugo Chara ending preview. It’s a great song, and I definitely can’t wait until the PV comes out. Minna Daisuki, the b-side, I don’t like as much…it’s an ok song, but it’ll probably take me a bit to really start liking it. I’m sure I’ll like it eventually though, somehow Buono’s songs always do that. xD


Buono! third single title announced! “Kiss xxx”

March 19, 2008

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I love Buono!- they’re my second favorite H!P group at the moment. I enjoyed Cafe Buono a lot, I’ve been listening to it so much lately. Their third single was announced earlier, and now the title and tracklist are out:

Buono! 3rd single – Kiss xxx – Tracklist:
1. Kiss xxx
2. Minna Daisuki
3. Kiss xxx (instrumental)
4. Minna Daisuki (instrumental)

I can’t wait until May 14th, when this comes out. I hope it’s even better than what’s on Cafe Buono! ^___^
Short ~1.5 minute previews should appear on Shugo Chara once the second season starts, since the songs on this single are going to be the new opening/ending themes for that anime.

Cafe Buono lyrics up

March 17, 2008

(Too tired to think about this now, but why was this post not showing up the first two times I posted it? and then it said the page couldn’t be found. is it because I changed the post time? not my fault WordPress thinks it’s an hour earlier than it actually is.)

Man, that took absolutely FOREVER. Remind me to never again attempt to romanize an entire album in one day. No matter how kick-ass/amazing the album is.
But I finally got it all done, and color-coded too, because the original booklet has color-coding. Why can’t H!P do that for every group…?
For the lyrics, click “Lyrics” at the top of the page, or just go here to head directly to the Buono lyrics page.
Rules and random stuff are on the main lyrics page…

I’ve romanized other songs in the past, I’ll probably put them up tomorrow. Way too tired right now, but I really wanted to finish the Cafe Buono lyrics today.

New CDs from Yesasia

March 16, 2008

I got home from the Dominican Republic at like 2 am last night, but instead of sleep, the first thing that crossed my mind when I got inside the house was “Where’s my Yesasia package??” xD

I ordered:
Buono! – Cafe Buono! (limited edition)
Buono! – Renai Rider (limited edition)
Inui Sadaharu – DISTANCE (limited release) (re-release)
Hyoutei Eternity – Fujouri (limited release) (re-release)
3 Guava Trio – BRAND NEW DAY (limited release) (re-release)
Kai Yuujirou – Valentine Kiss (limited release)
Echizen Ryouma – future / WHITE LINE arrange C (limited release) (re-release)

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Catching up

March 12, 2008

So this is my first post after moving my former blog, ~ lurking in the shadows ~ (on Blogger, here) to WordPress. I got the idea for it about a week ago, then like 7+ j-pop blogs got deleted from WP so I decided against it, but after Kawaiirrhea figured out what was causing the shutdowns (Pony Canyon downloads), I decided to just go ahead because I don’t have any Pony Canyon downloads on my blog (and as of now I don’t plan on ever having any). I like WordPress better than Blogger, so…
There’s also a new name. I kinda was getting tired of the old name, and since I’m moving this anyway, why not? xD Resonant Blue was the first thing that came to mind…named after Morning Musume’s upcoming single.

As my first post here, I should catch up with everything I’ve missed lately. I’m going to attempt to keep this blog up-to-date, update it much more, and write some posts that have some actual content besides just quick news posts. xD

(my g key’s broken, and while I’m copy-pasting the lowercase g it’s too much trouble to keep copy-pasting the uppercase and then having to go back to the lowercase…so that’s why I might have random fail moments in terms of capitalization)

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Cafe Buono!

January 21, 2008

Buono!’s official site now has a title for their upcoming album- Cafe Buono!.
The album will be released on February 20th in two different versions, a CD-only and a CD+DVD. According to the website, the DVD will include:
-Kokoro no Tamago (dance version)
-Renai Rider (dance version)
-jacket shoot making of
-something promoting Shugo Chara

I’m really looking forward to this, especially the Kokoro no Tamago video. I really wanted it to have a PV when their debut single was first released, but sadly only Honto no Jibun was released on the LE DVD/Single V.
Actually, the limited edition of this album is sitting in my Yesasia cart right now, but since I just made an order last week I have to wait a bit longer before I can order more stuff. >_<

Honto no Jibun US release, again…

January 9, 2008

Ok, I talked with my friend, she looked at the Newtype article and says that it doesn’t mention anything about a US release. There’s an article (apparently it calls them “lovely ladies”, haha) and a little box showing ‘their latest single’ according to Sarah (I’m assuming she’s talking about Honto no Jibun), but it only says “Now available in Japan” or something along those lines.
I’m going to grab the issue this weekend at the book store (along with the February Shoujo Beat- it’s a j-music special issue) just to make sure, but until then, or until an official source pops up stating that it really is going to be released in the US, I’m calling this just a RUMOR. (Damn.)

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this type of info pop up, there was this one guy that repeatedly added “info” about the supposed “release of the Morning Musume 10th Anniversary album into the US” onto the ThePPN Wiki article. Of course, that ended up being false (sadly)…

While I am considering this a rumor at this point, I wouldn’t totally give up quite yet. You never know…