Cafe Buono!

January 21, 2008

Buono!’s official site now has a title for their upcoming album- Cafe Buono!.
The album will be released on February 20th in two different versions, a CD-only and a CD+DVD. According to the website, the DVD will include:
-Kokoro no Tamago (dance version)
-Renai Rider (dance version)
-jacket shoot making of
-something promoting Shugo Chara

I’m really looking forward to this, especially the Kokoro no Tamago video. I really wanted it to have a PV when their debut single was first released, but sadly only Honto no Jibun was released on the LE DVD/Single V.
Actually, the limited edition of this album is sitting in my Yesasia cart right now, but since I just made an order last week I have to wait a bit longer before I can order more stuff. >_<


Honto no Jibun US release, again…

January 9, 2008

Ok, I talked with my friend, she looked at the Newtype article and says that it doesn’t mention anything about a US release. There’s an article (apparently it calls them “lovely ladies”, haha) and a little box showing ‘their latest single’ according to Sarah (I’m assuming she’s talking about Honto no Jibun), but it only says “Now available in Japan” or something along those lines.
I’m going to grab the issue this weekend at the book store (along with the February Shoujo Beat- it’s a j-music special issue) just to make sure, but until then, or until an official source pops up stating that it really is going to be released in the US, I’m calling this just a RUMOR. (Damn.)

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this type of info pop up, there was this one guy that repeatedly added “info” about the supposed “release of the Morning Musume 10th Anniversary album into the US” onto the ThePPN Wiki article. Of course, that ended up being false (sadly)…

While I am considering this a rumor at this point, I wouldn’t totally give up quite yet. You never know…

Honto no Jibun US release…maybe.

January 9, 2008

Honto no Jibun US Release

So, according to Hello! C-ute (someone added this info to ThePPN Wiki, which is where I first heard about this, then I spent about a half-hour searching online for more info), Honto no Jibun is being released in the US in February.
I’m really skeptical about this. Apparently it’s to promote the US release of the Shugo Chara anime. However…I can’t find ANY INFORMATION AT ALL about Shugo Chara even being licensed in the first place. Even if it was licensed now, the anime wouldn’t air for a while- so why would the theme song be released in February?
The only thing I can find that says ANYTHING about the anime being in the US is the English Wikipedia page, which categorizes the Shugo Chara article as “Cartoon Network” and “2008 Television Debuts”, but it doesn’t have any info about the actual licensing. The Cartoon Network site never mentions it, and a google search doesn’t turn up an English official site or anything.
Also, I can’t find anything official mentioning a US release of Honto no Jibun…

SO, is this all a total rumor? I want this to be true, haha. XD Except maybe the actual licensing of the anime, that can wait until it finishes in Japan, cause otherwise I’m worried the sub group will drop the series. D:

EDIT: I heard that this was apparently announced in this month’s issue of Newtype USA, and I checked on the Newtype website and they do have a Buono article in the music section of the issue! I don’t have access to the issue, there’s no way I can get to a bookstore until the weekend (damn boarding school), BUT I’m calling up my friend who bought the issue when we went to Tokyo Kid last weekend. Hopefully she’ll be home, I’ll get her to check for me~