4 new Prince of Tennis covers. (finally.)

April 22, 2008

All 4 upcoming Prince of Tennis character CDs have finally been given covers on the Prince of Tennis music official site. Finally, considering one of them is coming out tomorrow. No tracklist yet though? Huh, guess we’ll just have to wait until it comes out. xD

Ikemen Samurai – Dear Prince ~Tennis no Oujisamatachi e~
This one’s so weird. xD What is Atobe wearing? Well, I guess it fits in with the “samurai” thing. Can we see the other regulars cosplaying? xD Where are the others in Ikemen Samurai, anyway?
I would actually LOVE to see them play tennis dressed like this. Sadly, that’s not going to ever happen, right?

Ooishi Shuuichirou – Koikaze ~Windy day Mix~

Echizen Ryouma – ICHIGAN ~2008 version~
Uhhh…creepy shadows? O__o

Tong-tai – Ya.ki.ni.ku
So, here we have almost-bald Kabaji, really creepy Chinen, and the fat-ass Tanishi. Oh man. Dx I don’t think I’ll buy this one. Chinen will haunt my dreams.

So, Dear Prince is coming out tomorrow. Koikaze and Ichigan are coming out next Wednesday, and Ya.ki.ni.ku is May 9th. I can’t wait for Dear Prince! <3 (I really couldn’t care less about the others…)


Tong-tai – Ya.ki.ni.ku

March 3, 2008

Another Prince of Tennis unit, this one being one of the more “wtf”-inducing ones. This new unit, just announced today, is based off of the special Yakiniku no Oujisama episode that’s being released on March 16th, where Seigaku and a lot of rival schools meet at a yakiniku place and have a contest to see which school can eat the most in one hour. This song is apparently going to be the ending theme for that episode, and I can only hope that it’s -only- that episode…
The unit is made up of Tanishi Kei from Higa, Kabaji Munehiro from Hyoutei, and Chinen Hiroshi from Higa. From the manga, I remember Tanishi’s uber yakiniku-eating skills, and Kabaji copied those, but I don’t remember Chinen…?

アーティスト:トング隊(田仁志 慧、樺地崇弘、知念 寛)

Title: Ya.ki.ni.ku (limited release)
Artist: Tong-tai (Tanishi Kei, Kabaji Munehiro, Chinen Hiroshi)
Release date: 2008.05.09 (Friday)
Catalog code: NECM-10104
Price: 800 yen

Wonder what’s up with the Friday release again? Maybe the next DVD is going to be released then or something.