Comcast is taking away AZN Television!

January 26, 2008

Ok, now I can officially call this a bad day. I mean, as if v-u-den disbanding wasn’t bad enough.

Ok, so, I guess I never blogged about this, but starting about…2 months ago maybe…I’ve been watching AZN Television’s Sunday night line-up. 7:30-9:00, Music
Bang, which shows Asian music videos- usually they don’t show anything that good, but they’ve shown BoA a couple of times- it’s always nice for some background music. 9:00-9:30, Japonica Logos, which is kinda like a variety show based off of the Japanese language. It’s great, and it’s really funny. 9:30-10:00, Ainori, which is TEH BEST, my favorite non-anime show by far. And then 10:00-11:00 is some drama, it was Abarenbo Mama when I started watching.
It’s become somewhat of a weekly tradition for me, like Saturday night anime. Especially Ainori, that’s something I always look forward to every week.
And so now, AZN Television is being taken off of Comcast…
I mean, I can always download Japonica Logos and Ainori, but it’s just not the -same-, you know? Watching stuff on TV is much better than watching it on the computer.

At least I have until April 9th. Then I guess I have to just download them instead…sigh. >_<