[scans] Japanese fashion magazine (or something) KERA vol. 112 (Nov. 2007)

January 6, 2008

I went to Tokyo Kid yesterday with a $150 gift certificate, and along with some manga and candy, I picked up a Japanese magazine they were selling. Typically they don’t have any Japanese magazines, so I had no idea what this actually was, but Kamiki Aya was on the cover and there was a list of names on the right side of the cover which included Buono!- so I assumed it was a j-pop magazine and immediately bought it.
(Thinking back, if I had bothered to try and read the other stuff on the cover, I probably would have realized that this was like a fashion magazine instead. But then I probably would have bought it anyway because of Buono!, lol. xD)
So yeah, it’s a fashion magazine. It’s from November, I have no idea why it was still out there, but w/e. xD
I actually had a lot of fun looking through it even though I don’t really care about fashion and stuff. Some of it was kinda crazy and weird, like who the hell would ACTUALLY wear some of this stuff. =P
So anyway, I decided to go through and scan a couple of pages- just the ones with people that I’ve actually heard of, haha. xD Basically, that means Kamiki Aya (who’s on the cover), Buono!, and Shirota Yuu, who I didn’t even notice was in the magazine at first (I totally don’t know the kanji for his name so I didn’t see it on the cover or ToC) but then I was flipping through and he was just like THERE. xD

So, yeah, here are the scans. Sorry for the not-so-good quality of some of them. I seriously don’t know what’s up with my scanner.

…I used to totally dislike Shirota Yuu. I think it’s cause my very first introduction to Tenimyu (well, technically the live-action movie) was a picture of him playing Tezuka and of course I had the initial “EW IT LOOKS SO WEIRD IN LIVE-ACTION DDD:” reaction. And I still think he looks weird and nerdy as Tezuka. But after seeing pictures of him -not- playing Tezuka, he’s not that bad. xD