Goto Maki leaving H!P…

October 28, 2007

Ok, a couple of things I have to say first before I get to the main point of this post.
First of all, I’m sorry for not updating in a while! I started high school last month, and I definitely don’t have as much time as I did over the summer and at the end of last year when I started this blog. So I really can’t update as frequently as I used too. I haven’t been keeping up with j-pop news at all lately- really, all I know is stuff about new releases. I’ve found that I kinda have this thing where I go back and forth for a while between focusing mostly on j-pop and focusing on anime…I haven’t written a j-pop post in like forever. ;-; It’s just cause I don’t really have the time to keep up with everything anymore, but I think I’m gonna try to keep up…

Second, yeah, I moved the blog to a new URL- from ‘indigoskies-shadow’ to ‘indigoskies-shadows’. If you’re reading this, you’ve figured that out already. I thought I wrote a post explaining why, but now I find out I didn’t. ;-; The thing is, my mom found my blog (it’s really all my fault, I forgot to delete the link from my e-mail signature when I e-mailed her at one point), and she got really mad at my swearing and stuff (somehow she missed the Darling! post, which I’m ETERNALLY THANKFUL for) so she said she was going to monitor my blog. See why I had to move it?
I don’t know if people are going to find this blog again. ;-; I barely had any visitors before, but now I don’t think I have any. I figure this is a good time to get back into the j-pop blogosphere, and I’m probably gonna post the new link to my blog on International Wota somewhere…

ANYWAY. On to the main point of this post…

So today I was procrastinating and not doing my homework, and I looked up Goto Maki on
And saw that Goto Maki was leaving Hello! Project.
Oh wow.
Apparently it’s because her brother was arrested recently. But what does that have to do with Maki’s career? I don’t understand.
I’m totally gonna miss Maki in H!P, but at least she’s still going to be singing, just under a different record label.
I think this could really work for her. I’m pretty sure that no one who left H!P has had a successful career outside of H!P, but Maki’s definitely popular, and I think she can do really well if she ends up with a good record label. This will also give her a lot more freedom, since we all know H!P is really strict when it comes to things like boyfriends.
Maki is (was, I guess?) my favorite H!P soloist, so I really really hope she does well. <33 I’ll continue to support her no matter what…so good luck, Maki~


So I ordered new music today.

October 8, 2007

Buono! – Honto no Jibun (limited edition)
byTachikiritai – Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy! (limited release)
Gyaruru – Boom Boom Meccha Maccho! (limited edition)
Morning Musume – 7.5 Fuyu Fuyu Morning Musume Mini (limited edition)
Morning Musume – ALL SINGLES COMPLETE ~10th Anniversary~ (limited edition)
Morning Musume – Eizou The Morning Musume 4 ~Single M Clips~
Ongaku Gatas – Nari Hajimeta Koi no Bell (limited edition)
Prince of Tennis 2008 calendar

I think this is the first time in a while that I’ve bought more general j-pop than PoT music…anyway, with this I’m finally caught up with Morning Musume’s CD releases, so now I have to start heading back and collecting everything before Chokkan 2…
Aaand I actually bought a Morning Musume DVD! YAAAAYYYYYYY I downloaded this DVD a while ago, and I liked it a lot~ it’s all their PVs from THE Manpower!!! to Kanashimi Twilight. Plus, it’s the only place to find their PV for Koi wa Hassou Do The Hustle!…
Then there’s Gyaruru’s single- it’s the limited edition, so it comes with the DVD. I heard that the DVD of this is basically like an H!P Single V DVD, so I’m looking forward to it~
I’m not exactly sure what the DVDs for Nari Hajimeta Koi no Bell and Honto no Jibun have, but whatever~
Lol, then there’s Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy!. I wasn’t actually planning on buying this, but when the opening video came out the other day, I ended up listening to it a lot and getting addicted. xD;;;;; It’s too catchy…though I STILL don’t like it as much as Flower or Kakaeta Kiseki, it’s definitely good. So that resulted in me pre-ordering the single…
And the calendar, of course. Someone posted the images on the tenipuri LJ community, and it looked amusing. xD So…yeah, I bought it.
I was tempted to choose the split shipment option, but it was $10 extra, so…guess I just have to wait until the end of October for this to ship out (since Honto no Jibun and Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy aren’t being released until the 31st).

On a totally unrelated note, Ao to Bin to Kan’s single Gather FINALLY SHIPPED! I ordered that over a month ago from one of those places through Amazon. Believe me, I’m not ordering from that site again…I almost forgot about it, but I got an e-mail a day or so ago telling me that it shipped. YAAAAYYYYY]

And on another totally unrelated note, 6 more PoT character CDs have been announced. From the looks of things, it’s the Shitenhouji Best of Rival Players set. Dunno how they’re gonna get 6 CDs…Shiraishi definitely gets one, same with Chitose and the freshman kid. Then I bet there’s gonna be one for Koharu/Yuuji…maybe Ishida Gin? And that’s only 5…maybe Oshitari’s cousin, Oshitari Kenya? Not like he plays an important role in the story at all, but…well, whatever. We’ll see when it gets closer to the release dates- two are coming out on November 21st, two on the 28th (Eiji’s birthday btw, yaaay), and then two are coming out the Wednesday after that (too lazy to look up the date).

Well, guess it’s time to start from scratch…

October 7, 2007

Ok, so…
My external hard drive just died. Like, COMPLETELY FUCKING DIED, as in, I CAN’T EVEN GET MY FILES BACK.

I guess I’m not really starting from scratch. I still have everything that was on my desktop (THANK GOD for that, considering all of my j-pop’s there and if I lost that I’d diiiiieeeeeee), and the things that were on my laptop’s main drive.
But still…I’m uberly distressed right now. There goes so much stuff.
I mean, I don’t even know everything I had on there, really…I know I definitely lost all the PoT musicals, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING POT CD THAT TOOK ME OVER TWO FUCKING WEEKS TO DOWNLOAD (except a couple of the opening/ending CDs, since I had started to organize them and I had decided that I should stick the opening/ending CDs on my main drive), the last 78 episodes of PoT, the entire PoT OVA series except the latest two episodes that just came out today (those are on my main drive cause my hard drive stopped working last night), the entire first season of Heroes, lots of Gintama, lots of Lucky Star, lots of Naruto, some One Piece…and some j-pop. I don’t remember which j-pop releases were on there, it was just a couple of recent releases…

At least I still have all my manga…? xD;
I have to redownload everything as soon as I get a new hard drive…and I was planning on having a PoT musical marathon this weekend, too. T_T Now I don’t even have any of them…

byTachikiritai – Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy opening video out!

October 3, 2007

Ah, I love new openings. =D

Ok, I have to say, I definitely don’t like this opening as much as Flower ~Saki Midareshi Hana~ and Kakaeta Kiseki, the first two PoT OVA openings. But this is still pretty good…
I’m still wtf-ing over the title and the members of the group. And when the song hit the line “sore ja gekidasa daze!” (“that’s lame!”) I facepalmed. Sigh.
But I like it.

I find it weird that this opening seems to be more centered on Shitenhouji and Rikkai than Seigaku (with the exception of Ryoma, of course)…there was a quick thing at the beginning where each member was shown, then they had two team pics, but the rest was all either Ryoma/wild kid (can’t remember his name, to be honest I really couldn’t care less about Shitenhouji, except the blatantly gay doubles pair, they’re funny) or Shitenhouji/Rikkai.
Wonder if the Rikkai stuff is foreshadowing for the finals? Or they’re going to fill in the match between Rikkai and that other team in the semifinals that has all the foreigners.

So, I kinda think the video for this is pretty boring. It’s really simple, and it’s not that much new footage- lots of still pics instead. I was hoping for cool scenes where people show off their uber tennis stills, but nope…just a bit of the wild kid, and then the Kirihara scene…

Anyway, the REAL reason I’m uber happy about this showing up on the internet is because that means that the new episodes should come out soon! =D
They were released over a week ago, so they’re due out soon…the raws, at least. Wish there was a good subbing group working on this, but…=/ oh well.

EDIT: According to the Japanese Wikipedia (and double-checked on the actual opening video), the group is actually called “byTachikiritai”. Wtf.
No, I’m not just confusing the “by” with like the actual word in a sentence, it’s in the actual Japanese name, by断ち切り隊

The Japanese Wikipedia also mentions something about the origins of the name of the group and the song title…apparently the “by” has something to do with Chitose (something about a different dialect and saying “bai” instead of “tai” or something? oh how I wish it was in English so I could really understand it), the “Tachikiritai” is from Fuji, who apparently says “断ち切る” (“tachikiru”, maybe? dunno what that means, but apparently he says it). And the song title itself, Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy…”gekidasa” comes from Shishido, and “ecstasy” is from Shiraishi.
That still doesn’t explain the uber random choice of group members or anything. D: I’m still confused…