Moving! (again)

September 14, 2008

On Friday, pengie offered to host my blogs! :D After a couple of days of work, I finally finished setting everything up, and here it is:
Resonant Blue
Also, when I moved I created two new Prince of Tennis blogs, which pengie also is hosting!
Rock☆54!?~ロックな人を探してみよう~ is a translation blog for the news updates on the Prince of Tennis official music site, while aoku moeru honoo is for everything else PoT-related.

This site won’t be updated anymore, so check out the new sites~


CD Japan order! <3

September 11, 2008

So after what feels like FOREVER (it’s been what, a month? XDD) I FINALLY made another CD order! XD I was originally going to do this on Yesasia, but I ended up doing it on CD Japan- 500 yen coupon if you spend over 5000 yen! =D (which I do regularly XD) Of course, this means I do have to make a Yesasia order soon anyway, because CD Japan didn’t have the Prince of Tennis drama DVD set (not surprising considering it’s a Chinese DVD XD). Plus you can buy random issues of magazines featuring lots of hot Tenimyu actors on Yesasia. o_o Legit, I keep seeing all these magazines that have like, Seto Kouji, Aiba Hiroki, Shirota Yuu…<333333
Anyway, here’s what I ended up with:
-Buono! – Gachinko de Ikou! (LE CD+DVD)
-Echizen Ryouma – ACROSS MY LINE (limited release)
-Morning Musume – Pepper Keibu (LE CD+photobook)
-Oshitari Yuushi – A Kimochi (limited release)
-Tezuka Kunimitsu – Dakishimete Shimaisou sa (limited release, and how the fuck do you romanize that title- where do the words break up? XD ILU RIKAICHAN FIREFOX EXTENSION XDD)
-Tezuka Kunimitsu & Sanada Genichirou – Banana no Namida (limited release)
-Tezuka Kunimitsu & Sanada Genichirou – Zou-san no Scanty (limited release)

BOTH OF THE TEZUKA/SANADA CRACK ONYANKO CLUB COVERS~~ <333 Dude the third one should come out next month but the date hasn’t even been officially announced yet, wtf? It better be another crack 80s cover XD
ACROSS MY LINE is a really good song, and it’s the opening for the Finals OVA series! It was just released last month…
Then there’s A Kimochi and Dakishimeteblahblahblah (XD), because I wanted to get some old singles but CD Japan didn’t have a bunch of the ones I wanted. XD Of course I still really like these songs, but I wish CD Japan wasn’t sold out of, say, Minna Koko ni Ita (which I’m absolutely OBSESSED WITH right now)…
Pepper Keibu! I swear I’ll write my post on this tomorrow night cause tomorrow’s Friday and I don’t have to do any homework! XDD I’m already kinda regretting not buying both LEs, but I’ll probably get the LE A with my next order.
And Gachinko de Ikou, duh, I gotta keep up my Buono! LE collection. XD Not to mention it’s a great song! XD

It’ll ship out when Pepper Keibu is released…

I find it amusing that I’m already thinking about my next order. XD The PoT drama DVD set (only $30 for a 22-episode series? O___O), a magazine or two featuring Seto Kouji (XD), of course the upcoming Morning Musume cover album…probably at LEAST one of Atobe’s birthday releases, maybe even both the single and the album. The third Tezuka/Sanada duet single…Buono’s 5th single…


2009 calendars!

September 3, 2008

You know, the other day I was getting ready to move into my dorm, and I found, on the shelf in my closet, my 2006 Morning Musume calendar. Still totally intact. XD Back then, I got that calendar and couldn’t bring myself to tear the pages off, so I used it as a poster until I moved, then it got forgotten in my closet. I’ve learned since then that Japanese-style calendars, where you tear off each page, are actually pretty cool. Each page you tear off can become it’s own poster to hang up wherever, and the calendar section is pretty small so you can ignore that it’s not the right month. XD For example, my dorm room right now:

(Ignore the fail Naruto calendar, I accidentally brought my 2007 calendar instead of my 2008 one when I moved in on Monday, but I put it up anyway in order to figure out how much space the 2008 one will take up.)
All the Prince of Tennis posters on the left wall are the ripped-off pages of my 2008 PoT calendar! 8D Which is currently on my wall at home. The last two pages will be put up here eventually.

So anyway. 2009 calendars. Yeah.
There are 3 calendars I want to get. I’m definitely getting at least two of these, I definitely need one for home and one for the dorm. Covers for all of these calendars came out recently, so- let’s take a look! 8D
First up, Prince of Tennis!
This one’s a definite YES! XD Need more Prince of Tennis posters. This year, we had random moments such as Chitose telling Kirihara that “Kirihara + yellow paint = TACHIBANA 8DD”, and Kaidou and Mizuki on a date at Rikkai Cafe (with Jirou getting a huge-ass parfait in the background =D). What crack will we find next year?? I can’t WAIT for previews of this one! I remember last year when I first saw previews, for the Seigaku page (with Ooishi, Eiji, and Momo discussing doubles strategies with Fuji and Taka on the other side of the net) I thought Ooishi was Shishido cause of the backwards hat. XDDDD OOISHI PLEASE TAKE THAT OFF XD
As for the cover? Of course my eyes were immediately drawn to Eiji, but doesn’t that always happen with me? XD I feel like his arm (WTF WHY DID I JUST TYPE “her”?? XDDDDD) blends into Tezuka’s arm because of their jackets being the exact same color- this is very BAD! XD I had to look really closely to figure out what was going on there, and even though now I see the real outline, whenever I look at the picture it doesn’t really show up right away and so Eiji looks really weird. Kaidou’s face looks weird too. XD Also, serious Fuji is serious.
Sadly, unlike last year, they don’t have a listing on the front of who’s in each page, so who knows? I really can’t wait to see previews for this, it comes out October 25th so…I don’t remember when they were out last year. o_x Although I do remember that I couldn’t decide between the anime calendar or the manga calendar, I went with the anime due to the crack pages and I decided I’d get the manga one for 2009 but guess what? NO POT MANGA CALENDAR THIS YEAR! D:

Second! Kamen Rider Kiva!
XD This one will go up at home, the PoT one will be at the dorm. Although, if it has hot pictures of Seto, those pages will go up at the dorm after they’re ripped off of the calendar at home. Just the ones of Kiva or IXA won’t end up in the dorm. XD
Kiva has been my addiction lately, lol. Looove it soo much. XD

Last! Morning Musume!
This one was originally the “maybe” of the three, but now I really want to get it after seeing the cover…should I get all three…? It’s Morning Musume after all…
I’ll probably wait on previews for this one. If it’s good, I’ll definitely get it. XD

I asked my mom about getting calendars the other day, cause I saw a lot at Borders, and she said “isn’t it something you can get for your birthday or Christmas?” NO I don’t wanna wait that long! XDD They come out in October…(actually, the Momusu one comes out this month…)

The Imperial Presence Hyoutei CD announced!

September 1, 2008

タイトル:ミュージカル『テニスの王子様』The Imperial Presence 氷帝 feat.比嘉 青学4代目 vs.氷帝Aキャスト(仮)

Title: Musical “Tennis no Oujisama” The Imperial Presence Hyoutei feat. Higa – Seigaku 4th cast vs Hyoutei A cast (temporary title)
Release date: 2008.11.05 (Wednesday)
Code: NECA-30236
Price: 2800 yen
First press bonus: Cast stickers

It’s a temporary title? Aren’t the soundtracks usually the exact same title as the musical? Maybe it’s because of the 4th cast vs Hyoutei A cast thing. I’m wondering if they’re going to release more than one soundtrack- maybe one with 5th cast vs Hyoutei B cast? They are releasing three DVDs for it, after all. XD
I can’t wait to see this musical. GOLDEN PAIR SYNCHRO FTW! 8D As for the soundtrack, it comes out a bit before the DVD…I don’t want to hear the music until I see the actual musical. XD Well, whatever…