Lolz, Tenipuri doujinshi involving Minimoni~

June 19, 2007

EDIT: I originally wrote this about the raw scans I found, but I found a scanlation after I wrote this~ Scroll down to the first edit to download the scanlation, and the third edit for a better summary.

I was going through a doujinshi download list a bit ago, and I saw a doujinshi titled “Powerpuff Boys”. And, being the uber doujinshi fan I am, I had to download it.
To my surprise, I found out that it doesn’t really have much to do with the Powerpuff Girls. However…they’re all crossdressing, and not only that: Ryoma, Kaidou, Eiji, and Fuji were dressing up as MINIMONI. The cartoon versions.
Lolz, I didn’t get it at first. And since it’s not scanlated, I still don’t get most of it. But it involves Minimoni, lolz. xD
Download link

Kaidou’s Mika- lolz, guess it was cause of the bandana. And I thiink Ryoma’s Mari, Fuji’s Aibon, and Eiji’s Nono. xD
I didn’t recognize the outfits from that picture…I didn’t realize it involved Minimoni until page 6 when “Minimoni.” is in big text at the top. xD I freaked out, being the uber H!P fan I am…
The rest of the regulars are “Dekamoni.”. I Wiki’d it cause it sounded kinda familiar, and apparently it was a one-shot thing (not H!P related) that Tsunku produced or something. *shrug*
So they go out and buy the stuff for the outfits, and then they change into them. Fuji and Eiji look uber cute. <333 Then they’re like sharing a strawberry or something (Heyyyyy, didn’t TsujiKago have a pic of that in a photobook once? I swear I’ve seen a pic somewhere. =/)…and Yuuta comes in, only to freak out and run away. (Hey, I’d run away too if I saw my older brother crossdressing and sharing a strawberry like that with another crossdressing guy. xD)
Then we see the others in Dekamoni outfits…Tezuka can’t seem to smile. xD I don’t really know what’s going on though. Wish I knew more Japanese. =/ Then…everything’s back to normal? Next to a panel of Oishi on page 34, there’s part of a line from a Minimoni song- “Minimoni. Telephone de~” (the rest of the line being “ring ring ring”, lolz). And then Yuuta gets one of the skirts. xD

Lolz. I need to find a translation/scanlation for this. I should ask on NF next time I go on.
I mean, there are a ton of doujinshi I want a translation for, but this is Minimoni. TRANSLATION NOW PLZ

EDIT: lolz, ahaha, immediately after posting this, I googled it, and one of the first results was a scanlation. xD I should look first, huh?

EDIT again: rawr, ok, so now I can’t stop thinking of the regulars dancing to Minimoni. It’s quite scary. O_o
Lolz, I haven’t listened to Minimoni in a while (actually, I’ve listened to CRAZY ABOUT YOU recently, but none of their uber hyper first-gen songs), but I feel a weird urge to go through and listen to one of their albums…

EDIT once again!
So, now that I’ve read the scanlation, I can probably summarize it a bit better now. It’s Seigaku’s culture festival, the third-years’ last one at Seigaku. A vote was held, and it was decided that the 9 regulars on the tennis team would dress up as Minimoni and Dekamoni. Kaidou’s in charge of the costumes, and for Minimoni, he puts together exact replicas of the costumes from that picture I linked to above of their cartoon versions.
So the part with Fuji and Eiji is Fuji’s sister taking pictures of them in poses, and then she has them pose with the strawberry…and Yuuta walks in, runs away, and the “da-ne” guy (whatever his name is.) from the same school says that he’s lucky to have three sexy older sisters. xD
Oishi’s practicing his dances, Tezuka’s trying to smile, and Inui’s online figuring out how to look best in a mini-skirt. Then Fuji looking uber cute and some other stuff…then it’s over, and when Ryoma hears “Minimoni. Telephone! Ring Ring Ring” his body immediately reacts and starts dancing even on the back of Momo’s bike…xD Oh, and Fuji sends a skirt to Yuuta and wants to take pictures of them crossdressing together. xD

Here are some more pics from the scanlation:

I definitely want to buy this doujinshi. :D


I’m not dead, I promise. Just….kinda Prince of Tennis obsessed.

June 16, 2007

Lolz, I just realized it’s been over a week since my last non-scans post. I swear I’m not dead. xD
But…for the past few days I’ve been watching a lot of the Prince of Tennis anime. I haven’t even been on NarutoFan for 3 days…
And I’ve also been reading some of the manga, and doujinshi-hunting…xD I think I’m actually going to buy a few Golden Pair doujinshi (rated PG. xD I don’t like hentai!) cause I can’t find scans, and they look really good…>_<
(lolz, if anyone knows any good Tenipuri doujinshi scanlation sites (or even raws), tell me! xD)

So, I promise I’ll be back soon. xD I’ve watched through about episode 90 of Tenipuri…and I have up through 100 downloaded. After that I might end up taking a break if it takes a while to download…

I’ll still do scans if anyone requests them…

[Scans] HOME MADE Kazoku’s Nagareboshi, nobodyknows+’ Hero’s Come Back, Hoshimura Mai’s Sakura Biyori, ELT’s Grip!

June 12, 2007

Explanation and music list

Ahhhh, I scanned these yesterday but I totally forgot to actually upload them and everything. xD
So I actually got a request yesterday, and since yesterday was my last day of school, I was more than happy to go down into the basement and spend an hour or so scanning some j-pop CDs. xD It’s annoying, cause we can’t find the installation CD for it and the only computer it works on is my mom’s laptop…which doesn’t have internet. Thankfully, I have a small flash drive I’ve been using to bring the scans up to my computer.

The request was for HOME MADE Kazoku’s Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~. And I’m not going to go downstairs and hook the scanner up and everything just to scan one single, so I grabbed some other CDs too. Since I was scanning Nagareboshi, the first Naruto Shippuuden ending, I figured I’d scan Hero’s Come Back!!, the first Shippuuden opening too. If I’m scanning those, I might as well scan my other anime OP/ED singles, so I also scanned Sakura Biyori, the 11th ending for Bleach, and Grip!, the 4th opening for Inu Yasha. I also brought down Aruiteru by Morning Musume, but it took me longer than I thought to scan the others, and I figured it’d take me forever to scan the entire single including the photobook…so I’m leaving that for another time.

So, first up is Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~, by HOME MADE Kazoku. Not only do I love this song, but it’s the first ending to Shippuuden. (I don’t like the chibis in the ending video, though. Cute, but it just doesn’t fit Shippuuden.)

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~ scans

Next up is Hero’s Come Back!!, by nobodyknows+. I absolutely looove this song~ xD And it’s the first opening to Shippuuden. To be honest, I like the TV size better than the full version…but the full version’s great too.
This is the CD+DVD version. I have no idea if it’s limited or not. xD I don’t think there’s a difference with the cover or anything, but I have no idea.

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Hero’s Come Back!! scans

Next is Sakura Biyori, by Hoshimura Mai. It’s a slow song, which I’m usually not too much of a fan of, but I love this song. ^^ (I was actually going to sing it at karaoke at Anime Boston, but I forgot until we had already left. xD;;) It was used as the 11th ending to Bleach.
This is the first press edition, which also included a 2007-2008 Bleach calendar. It starts with April 2007, and ends in March 2008, and features one character on each page, which takes up two months. I included those scans in the .rar file.

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Sakura Biyori scans

Last (but not least) is Grip!, by Every Little Thing. It was used as the 4th opening to Inu Yasha, which used to be a huge obsession of mine. This was actually one of the first j-pop singles that I owned…it was from the first online purchase I made, which was Grip!, Moments by Hamasaki Ayumi, and Shine We Are! by BoA. This is still my favorite song by Every Little Thing~

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Grip! scans

So if I don’t get any requests, my next scans post will probably include the rest of my current Morning Musume collection- Do it! Now, Ai no Dai 6 Kan, Rainbow 7, SEXY BOY, and Aruiteru.

[Scans] Ayaya’s Ki ga Tsukeba Anata, Momusu’s Chokkan 2, Momusu’s Ambitious!

June 8, 2007

Explanation and music list

So since in my other post of the day (I figure from now on I should put scans in a separate post), I was talking about limited editions, I figure that since I haven’t gotten any scan requests yet (not too surprised) I might as well post some scans I already have on my computer of some H!P limited edition singles. :D
I own 9 H!P limited editions (8 singles, 1 album), but I only have 3 scanned on my computer- Matsuura Aya’s Ki ga Tsukeba Anata, Morning Musume’s Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookizo!~, and Morning Musume’s Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan.

First off, I guess we’ll start with Ayaya’s single. I absolutely loved this song when it first came out. I dunno why I bought the limited edition, considering the DVD was of her recording her radio show- I can’t understand it at all. xD But I bought it anyway~

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Ki ga Tsukeba Anata scans

Next is Morning Musume’s Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookizo!~. This was my…second Morning Musume purchase, I think…my first was Do it! Now back in August 2005 or something. But this was my first up-to-date purchase, and my first limited edition- I got this a few weeks after it came out in November 2005. I love both the title track and the b-side~
Since this is the limited edition, it came with 5 photocards, each with two girls. I scanned those too. :D

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookizo!~ scans

And last but not least, Morning Musume’s Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan. This was released around the period where I wasn’t into j-music that much anymore cause I got into Naruto and Bleach…and I hadn’t touched Jpopsuki or anything in a while. But I had started a mission to get each and every limited edition Morning Musume single/mini-album/album as soon as they come out, so I got this anyway~ (after this I kinda failed the mission cause I totally forgot about Morning Musume and didn’t even think about any more new singles until a few months ago when I got back into j-pop. 8D thankfully I can catch up cause there are still ways of getting the limited editions of the stuff I missed.)
This is the limited edition, so it came with eleven different interchangeable covers, one featuring each member at the front and one with all the members. The one featuring Reina is the main cover. I included scans of all the different covers in this. :D

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan scans

If I don’t get any requests, I’ll just post some other scans I already have done. I’m going to scan Kanashimi Twilight, Aruiteru, Tsumasaki, and WAO!! as soon as the Amazon package comes, but that could be a while…

(oh, and I just realized this is the second night in a row I’ve been up until almost midnight writing blog posts. xD;;; and now I’m uber-tired…well, at least it’s summer. :D)

Possible new Yesasia order and some other random thoughts~

June 8, 2007

So I’m gonna place a Yesasia order soon, and I’m still contemplating what to get in it…this is what I have at the moment:
Morning Musume – Egao YES Nude (limited edition A CD+DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
Koda Kumi – Shake It Up (Korean Version)
Koda Kumi feat. SOULHEAD – D.D.D (Korean Version)
Koda Kumi – WIND (Korean Version)
Morning Musume – Onna ni Sachi Are (limited edition B CD+mini photobook)
Hello! Project 2005 – Summer Show ’05 Selection Collection (photobook)
Naruto 33
Naruto 38
Aqua Timez – ALONES

I’m just waiting on ALONES to be available on Yesasia. =/ Hopefully it will be. I’ve had bad luck lately with Naruto/Bleach songs and Yesasia…Hero’s Come Back!! (the Shippuuden opening) wasn’t on there…Tsumasaki (the current Bleach ending) wasn’t on there…
I’m definitely getting the Naruto volumes. I’m on a mission to collect all the part 2 manga volumes…xD I already have 32, and 34-37. They’re so cheap compared to the English volumes…
I’m also definitely pre-ordering Onna ni Sachi Are. It’s kinda hard to decide which limited edition to get since I know nothing about the song yet (it depends on what’s on the DVD that comes with limited edition A), but since LE A is more expensive, I figure B is probably a better choice. If the PV comes out before I place the order and I like the song a lot (plus it depends what type of alternate PV it is- I probably won’t get it if it’s just a close-up version, but if it’s a dance version or something I might want it), maybe I’ll go with A.
Now, the rest of the order is what I’m not sure about…
I’ve always wanted some sort of H!P photobook. I was looking at my collection of photobook scans, and I looked up a few on Yesasia- but most photobooks are like $35, or even more. So, being the cheap person that I am, I looked for one that was cheaper. :D There were a few $20 photobooks (I think there was a Yossi one, and a W one, maybe more), and then I found the Summer 2005 Selection Collection. It’s only $12. :D I have the concert DVD (ok, it’s a burned DVD, but whatever), and I liked it a lot…so I think I’m gonna get it. Not too sure, though…
I don’t usually buy overseas versions of anything. They’re cheaper, but it just doesn’t seem like the actual thing to me. xD However…when it comes to limited editions that are only still available in overseas versions…:D
I’ll probably get the Egao YES Nude limited edition. It’s the DVD edition, but it’s cheap! It’s $11.75- the Japan version of the REGULAR edition is $11.25. I want the single to continue with my Momusu collection, and if I can get a limited edition for only 50 cents more than the regular edition, why would I pass down the offer? xD
And the Koda Kumi singles…WHY the hell are they still available?? xDDD These were released (limited edition ONLY, so after it sells out, it’s gone for good) over a year ago, in her 12 singles thing. I remember a year ago, I jumped at the chance to grab the Korean version of Birthday Eve (my favorite at the time), cause I thought it wouldn’t last a month before selling out- considering most of the Japan versions were sold out before they were even released. But if I had the money (and didn’t buy anything else), I could complete my collection right now by buying overseas versions of all the singles. I don’t think there was one single that was completely sold out in all versions…maybe Birthday Eve was; I didn’t check that since I already had it.
So, anyway, they’re also pretty cheap, so…I limited myself to three, and I might end up bringing it down to two. I already own my two favorites, Birthday Eve and No Regret, so I took a look through for some of the other ones I really liked. I ended up narrowing it down to D.D.D, WIND, and Shake It Up. But these are probably the most expendable things on this list…if I have to cut it down because it’s too expensive, these will probably be the first things to go.
I’m a sucker for limited ANYTHING. xD;; For some reason, the whole “there are only _______ copies in the world and you have one of them” concept appeals to me a LOT.

If anyone (I dunno, do I even have readers? I guess I must, cause I’ve had a few posts posted on International Wota, but I have yet to have one comment on this blog. xD) has any suggestions or any ideas or ANYTHING…comment.

Now for the ‘other random thoughts’.
Fujimoto Miki’s apparently been taken off of Young Town Doyoubi, and replaced by Michishige Sayumi. I don’t listen to this show, but…
I hope this doesn’t mean she’ll be like Yaguchi Mari and not do much of anything for a while after this. =/ I hated (and to be honest, I still don’t like this) that she wasn’t doing too much, considering she’s my favorite H!P member. I still say she needs to start doing more music stuff! D: Like, release something solo, or go with a group, or SOMETHING!
The difference between Miki and Mari, though, is that Mari only had Momusu…Miki still has GAM, and the solo career she put on hold when she joined Momusu. I’m expecting her to do something with either (or both) relatively soon…she’s already in the GAM tour at the moment. I know for a while, Mari only did MCing at H!P tours- I don’t know if she still does that or if she’s started performing again. Haven’t quite paid too much attention to recent tours- I was going to get the H!P winter 10th Anniversary boxed set, but it sold out a few days ago before I had the chance to place the order. =/

In other news, Niigaki Risa is replacing Tsuji Nozomi (in case anyone’s been totally oblivious, Nono got pregnant and so she’s taking a break from singing and stuff) as the seiyuu of Atena in the anime Robby to Kerobby. I kinda want to see this anime now. xD Too bad I can’t find subs anywhere, or even raws. =/

This blog is turning into a full-on H!P blog (with some other j-music on the side), even though I originally meant it to be a bit of everything. xDD I didn’t think I could focus enough on H!P to write a blog like this…guess I’ve proved myself wrong. xD With Hello! Project, there’s soo much to write about~ It’s one of the reasons why I loove H!P, besides the fact that I love this type of music. It’s never boring, and you never have a long period of time where nothing happens, like you do with some other artists~
But I’m gonna try to put together a Naruto post tomorrow or Sunday…about the latest Shippuuden episode, the latest chapter (and how Karin actually looks good with red hair- as long as it’s not Kishimoto doing the coloring), possibly tomorrow night’s dub episode, and maybe (if I get through it this weekend) the 3rd uncut boxed set.

Some new scans will be coming in a bit~

J-pop scans, anyone?

June 7, 2007

EDIT: Okk, I’m not going to repost my collection every time I get new stuff or scan stuff, so I’m just gonna keep updating this post, k?
latest update: 2008.02.29 – new order~ Buono’s latest single Renai Rider and debut album Cafe Buono (both LE), Kai’s Valentine Kiss, and a few Prince of Tennis re-releases (Ryouma’s version of future, Inui’s DISTANCE, Hyoutei’s Fujouri, and the 3 Guava Trio single

Lolz, I can’t remember all the crap I was gonna write about after exams were over. 8D
But I still want to make a post, kinda to celebrate the beginning of summer (though, what a way to celebrate, I’m stuck going to the orthodontist and getting lower braces tomorrow. =/ I didn’t even know until yesterday.), so…
I posted my current j-pop collection in my ThePPN Wiki profile yesterday, and today I went through and posted some of my personal scans…though I haven’t scanned my entire collection yet or anything. I figured…as long as I’m scanning things, why not post them to this blog? xD
First of all, here’s the list. The stuff in bold is the stuff I’ve scanned already. If there’s a link, it’s to the post where I uploaded the scans.

* 3 Guava Trio – BRAND NEW DAY (limited release) (re-release)
* Abe Natsumi – Koi no Telephone GOAL (limited edition CD+photocards)
* Amuro Namie – Queen of Hip-Pop
* Ao to Bin to Kan – Gather (limited release)
* Aozu – Kakaeta Kiseki (limited release)
* Aqua Timez – ALONES
* Athena & Robikerottsu – Shouri no BIG WAVE!!! (limited edition CD+photobook)
* Berryz Koubou – Dai (2) Seichouki (first press CD+extra photos)
* BoA – Shine We Are! / Earthsong
* BoA – Rock With You
* BoA – Be the one
* BoA – Merry-Chri
* BoA – Girls On Top
* Buono! – Honto no Jibun (limited edition CD+DVD+photocard)
* Buono! – Renai Rider (limited edition CD+DVD)
* Buono! – Cafe Buono! (limited edition CD+DVD)
* byTachikiritai – Koi no Gekidasa Ecstasy! (limited release)
* Do As Infinity – Do The Best
* Do As Infinity – NEED YOUR LOVE
* Do As Infinity – LIVE IN JAPAN II (DVD)
* Echizen Ryouma – future / WHITE LINE arrange C (limited release) (re-release)
* Every Little Thing – Grip!
* GIGS – Flower ~Saki Midareshi Hana~ (limited release)
* globe – still growin’ up
* Goto Maki – Sayonara “Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no” (limited edition CD+photocards)
* Gyaruru – Boom Boom Meccha Maccho! (limited edition CD+DVD)
* Hamasaki Ayumi – I am…
* Hamasaki Ayumi – Memorial address
* Hamasaki Ayumi – Moments (CD+DVD)
* Hamasaki Ayumi – MY STORY
* Hamasaki Ayumi – STEP you / is this LOVE? (CD+DVD)
* Hamasaki Ayumi – (miss)understood (limited edition CD+DVD+photobook)
* Hearts Grow – Yura Yura
* Heartsdales – LOVE & JOY
* Hello! Project – Pucchi Best 4
* Hello! Project – Hello! Project 2007 Winter Live DVD Box (DVD) (limited release)
* hitomi – problem
* Hoshimura Mai – Sakura Biyori
* HOME MADE Kazoku – Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~

* Hyoutei Eternity – Fujouri (limited release) (re-release)
* Ishida Yoko – all of me
* Inui Sadaharu – DISTANCE (limited release) (re-release)
* JUNE – Baby It’s You/Discotique Romantic
* Kai Yuujirou – Valentine Kiss (limited release)
* Kaidou Kaoru – Sekai wa Kawaru (limited release)
* Kawamura Takashi – Asobi ni Ikanaika? (limited release)
* Kawamura Takashi – C’mon every burning (limited release)
* Kikumaru Eiji – ONE (limited release)
* Kikumaru Eiji – Come Together (limited release)
* Kikumaru Eiji – Kiku-chan no Soran Bushi (limited release)
* Koda Kumi – real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba
* Koda Kumi – COME WITH ME
* Koda Kumi – Birthday Eve (limited release)
* Koda Kumi – No Regret
* Koda Kumi – BEST ~second session~ (limited edition CD+2DVD)
* m-flo loves BoA – the Love Bug
* m-flo loves Hinouchi Emi & Ryohei – Summer Time Love
* Matsuura Aya – Ki ga Tsukeba Anata (limited edition CD+DVD)
* Megane’s – Manatsu no Megane’s (limited release)
* Megane’s – Odorimasen ka? Megane’s (limited release)
* Morning Musume – Do it! Now
* Morning Musume – Ai no Dai 6 Kan
* Morning Musume – Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo!~ (limited edition CD+photocards)
* Morning Musume – Rainbow 7 (limited edition CD+photobook)
* Morning Musume – SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~ (limited edition CD+photocards)
* Morning Musume – Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan (limited edition CD+DVD+extra covers)
* Morning Musume – Aruiteru (limited edition B CD+photobook)
* Morning Musume – 7.5 Fuyu Fuyu Morning Musume Mini! (limited edition CD+DVD)
* Morning Musume – Egao YES Nude (limited edition A CD+DVD)
* Morning Musume – Kanashimi Twilight (limited edition B…well, kinda. don’t ask.)
* Morning Musume – Eizou The Morning Musume 4 ~Single M Clips~ (DVD)
* Morning Musume – Onna ni Sachi Are (limited edition A CD+DVD)
* Morning Musume – Onna ni Sachi Are (limited edition B CD+photobook)
* Morning Musume – ALL SINGLES COMPLETE ~10th Anniversary~ (limited edition CD+DVD)
* Morning Musume – Mikan (normal edition CD+photocard)
* Morning Musume – Mikan (limited edition A CD+DVD+photocard)
* Morning Musume – Mikan (limited edition B CD+photobook+photocard)

* Morning Musume – The Morning Musume. All Singles Complete Zen 35 Kyoku – 10th Anniversary (DVD) (limited release)
* nobodyknows+ – Hero’s Come Back!! (CD+DVD)
* Ongaku Gatas – Nari Hajimeta Koi no BELL (limited edition CD+DVD)
* Ongaku Gatas – Yattarouze! (limited edition CD+DVD)
* Ooishi Shuuichirou – Honto no Kimochi (limited release)
* Ooishi Shuuichirou & Kikumaru Eiji – Type wa D! (limited release)
* ORESKABAND – Tsumasaki
* Oshitari Yuushi – Valentine Kiss (2006) (limited release)
* Otsuka Ai – Happy Days (CD+DVD)
* Otsuka Ai – LOVE COOK (limited edition CD+photobook)
* Puffy – SPIKE
* Puffy – An Illustrated History
* Puffy – NICE.
* Puffy – Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Music From The Series
* Puffy – Splurge
* Pull Tab to Kan – Wonderful days
* S.H.E. – Once Upon a Time
* SABOTEN – Scenario
* Sanada Genichirou with Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu – Valentine Kiss (limited release)
* Shimatani Hitomi – Tsuioku+LOVE LETTER
* Tamaki Nami – Greeting
* the brilliant green – Rainy days never stays
* Utada Hikaru – DEEP RIVER
* Utada – EXODUS
* Utada – EXODUS ’04
* V6 – WA ni Natte Odorou
* v-u-den – v-u-den Single Best 9 Volume 1 Omaketsuki (limited ediiton CD+DVD)
* W – Duo U & U
* W – 2nd W (first press CD+photocards)
* YUGIN – Fate (limited edition CD+DVD)
* YUI – Rolling star
* Various artists – FINAL FANTASY X-2 Original Soundtrack
* VA – KINGDOM HEARTS Original Soundtrack
* VA – KINGDOM HEARTS II Original Soundtrack
* VA – NANA original soundtrack
* VA – NARUTO Best Hit Collection
* VA – NARUTO Best Hit Collection 2
* VA – NARUTO Original Soundtrack
* VA – NARUTO Original Soundtrack II
* VA – NARUTO Original Soundtrack III
* VA – Tennis no Oujisama Original Soundtrack 2
* VA – Tennis no Oujisama Original Soundtrack 3

Soooo…any requests? You can request anything, but the ones I’ve scanned already will be posted faster. =P

To start off, I’m gonna post the last round of Naruto and Bleach OP/ED songs- the 9th opening/15th ending for Naruto (Hearts Grow – Yura Yura and SABOTEN – Scenario) and the 5th opening/9th ending for Bleach (YUI – Rolling star and JUNE – Baby It’s You).

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Yura Yura scans

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Scenario scans

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Rolling star scans

Download the .rar file for the rest of the Baby It’s You scans

I’m planning on scanning Momusu’s Aruiteru and Kanashimi Twilight, and Ore Ska Band’s Tsumasaki and WAO!! as soon as the Amazon package comes. Dunno when that’s gonna be.
Oh, and for scans, I’m including all extras too- except full photobooks like the ones from (miss)understood and LOVE COOK, cause I don’t think I can scan those properly without ruining the binding or something. The mini photobooks from Momusu’s Rainbow 7, Aruiteru, and Kanashimi Twilight are fine though~

Lolz, don’t overflow me with requests, though I doubt that’ll happen considering I know I don’t have that many readers in the first place~ =P

Lolz, Morning Musume in Prince of Tennis.

June 6, 2007

So I was rereading Prince of Tennis 3 today. Cause I haven’t found #4 even though I’ve been searching for months. X_x Neither of the stores I go to have #4…
And I noticed something…kinda interesting. xD
In chapter 21, page 4…Momoshiro’s biking along, and he’s singing to himself. The lines of the song in the English manga are “Morning, musume. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…You and Momo…yay, yay, yay, yay…”
Notice anything…familiar? xDDD Took me a bit to get it, actually, since I didn’t notice the first time through. But…
It’s the lyrics (slightly modified) to Momusu’s biggest hit, LOVE Machine~! xDD The actual lyrics are…

MOONINGU musume. mo
(Wow Wow Wow Wow)
anta mo atashi mo
(Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)

which translate to

Morning Musume too
(Wow Wow Wow Wow)
You and me too
(Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)

or something like that.
So that made me uber-happy. Apparently this was originally published in 1999, which makes a lot of sense, considering that’s when LOVE Machine was released. Then I went to check out a fan scanlation to see if Viz changed it a bit…
And it looks like Viz added the “Momo” part.
Lolz, they should have credited Momusu in the Viz version. xD

Oh, and they changed it in the anime. =( It would have been pwnage to hear Momo actually sing LOVE Machine. xD

Yeah, not making an uber post, sorry. xD It’s still exam week…