Resonant Blue Podcast #1!

June 5, 2008

Wheee, I finally made my first podcast today! I was so fucking nervous though. In the first two talk segments, I kept screwing up and having to start over. Actually, the second talk segment is actually made of like 6 pieces of audio, cause I’d get pretty far and then screw up, but instead of starting over I’d just find a good place to cut the last one off, and then start from there. I don’t think it sounds that good…
By the time I got to the Miyabi part, the fourth (I think?) talk segment, since I didn’t know what I was going to say until I actually started talking, I just ignored any mistakes and just kept going! I think that worked out way better. BUT, near the very end, I accidentally moved my mic so I did have to rerecord the end since you couldn’t hear me in the original. >_>;;; It happened in the middle of a sentence too!
At the end, I said it was a short test podcast, but it ended up being like 40 minutes. So maybe it’s actually a good length podcast? xD

I find it interesting that I feel like it’s easier to rant about Prince of Tennis than it is to talk about Morning Musume and other j-pop. Maybe it’s because nobody else reads Prince of Tennis, so if I make a mistake nobody will jump down my throat for it? But if I make mistakes about Momusu, people who listen will notice…

Anyway, here it is:
Resonant Blue Podcast #1

Oh, and about wotachat…I really don’t know what I was saying there. xD But I meant it about everyone going there! It’s on IRC, connect to the Rizon server, and join #wotachat.

Here’s the music list:
Morning Musume – Resonant Blue
Ikemen Samurai – Dear Prince ~Tennis no Oujisamatachi e~
Kirihara Akaya (Morikubo Shoutarou) – Akaku Someru Tsuki
Buono! – Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!

Edit: Almost forgot. This was the Prince of Tennis manga page I was talking about, where Momo sings LOVE Machine. It’s the scanlation though, not the Viz English translation.