[Download] Aqua Timez – ALONES

August 1, 2007

Ahh, this is finally out. =) Feels like it’s been forever since the first episode of Bleach that used this opening…since the first time I heard it, I wanted to hear the full song.

I downloaded this from Jpopsuki about 20 minutes ago…it’s a 320kbps rip, apparently from Nipponsei. Since I’m still seeding it, I just zipped it without changing anything. I think the tags are in the original Japanese, while the filenames are romanized. There’s a 500×500 cover, and two .txt files too…

02. 暁 (Akatsuki)
03. Mr.ロードランナー(DJ Mass’Skate Sonic* Remix)(Mr. Roadrunner (DJ Mass’Skate Sonic* Remix))
04. ALONES (instrumental)

Download~ (btw, MegaUpload has decided for some odd reason that I know enough Japanese to navigate their Japanese site. I have no idea why, but all MegaUpload pages redirect me to the same page but in Japanese…>______< At first I blamed it on the fact that I’m at a Japanese school and everything at the moment, but then I remembered that I was using the English site last week here…)

So, as I said before, I’m not a review person. But I’ll try to give a bit of thought on each track…?
ALONES is the title track, and I’m absolutely in love with this song~ The full version is great, and unlike a certain other recent anime song (>_> Hero’s Come Back!!…) it’s just as good as the TV size. I didn’t really pay any attention to Aqua Timez before this song…I just kinda ignored their releases except for the Bleach movie theme (which I didn’t really like…). But hearing ALONES made me at least pay a bit more attention to their releases…I downloaded their recent single Shiori, and I really like it. =D There’s one part around the middle of this song that I think doesn’t really fit with the rest of the song, but it’s not that bad or anything…
Akatsuki: ok, the name made me slightly giggle. Which makes no sense, cause it’s not like this is related to Naruto or anything, so it means absolutely nothing that Akatsuki is also the name of the bad guys in Naruto. >____> I think this song is ok…I don’t like it as much as ALONES, but I tend to think that way about most b-sides.
Mr. Roadrunner (DJ Mass’Skate Sonic* Remix)…well, it’s a remix. Aaand I’ve never heard the original song. >___> I’m not a huge fan of remixes in general, and since I haven’t heard the original yet…I kinda skipped this song. xD;
ALONES (instrumental) is…instrumental-ish…and there really isn’t anything to say about it…being an instrumental and all…except that I hate when songs start out with vocals right away without an instrumental intro because whenever I try to sing them I always come in late and it screws everything up. >_______> This happens to be one of those songs. It’s always the good songs, the ones I might possibly want to sing in public, but I can’t because of this…

Anyway, the order with this single (and Onna ni Sachi Are limited edition B, and Egao YES Nude limited edition A) shipped yesterday, so it should come sometime next week…unlike Onna ni Sachi Are, this already came in 320kbps so I’ll just upload the scans once it arrives.