New CDs from Yesasia

I got home from the Dominican Republic at like 2 am last night, but instead of sleep, the first thing that crossed my mind when I got inside the house was “Where’s my Yesasia package??” xD

I ordered:
Buono! – Cafe Buono! (limited edition)
Buono! – Renai Rider (limited edition)
Inui Sadaharu – DISTANCE (limited release) (re-release)
Hyoutei Eternity – Fujouri (limited release) (re-release)
3 Guava Trio – BRAND NEW DAY (limited release) (re-release)
Kai Yuujirou – Valentine Kiss (limited release)
Echizen Ryouma – future / WHITE LINE arrange C (limited release) (re-release)

Fujouri has grown on me so much since I first heard it! I didn’t like it while watching the OVA episodes that had it as the ending, I thought it was weird and didn’t really fit for an anime ending. Since then, however, while listening to the full version, I’ve fallen in love with it. xD It’s also the last seiyuu anime theme song I needed to buy in order to complete my collection.
In future / WHITE LINE, the title track, future, is Ryouma’s cover of the very first opening, originally by HIRO-X. I don’t like the original song at all, but I really love Ryouma’s version. I think he sounds kinda like a girl at some parts. xDD Well, he’s voiced by a girl, so I guess it makes sense. WHITE LINE is basically just a solo version of Aozu’s original, which was used as the fourth ending to the TV anime.

I’m not even kidding, I bought this solely because Inui’s eyes were shown on the cover. Never ever listened to the song or anything, and I’m not a huge Inui fan.
I think we’ve only seen his eyes like once… In the manga, I think his eyes were only shown in that intense scene where he was playing Renji, but in the anime, they didn’t show his eyes there (I don’t think so at least). Instead it happened during a filler episode in the middle of filler ranking matches, where he was playing Eiji and one side of his glasses broke…
Seriously, this guy needs some contacts. He looks much better when you can actually see his eyes.

3 Guava Trio…I’m still wtf-ing over this one. No idea what’s up with the name. No idea what’s up with the uber random members of the group. (Jirou from Hyoutei, Aoi from Rokkaku, Marui from Rikkai) Never listened to the song either, I think I might have just bought this because of Jirou?
Then there’s Valentine Kiss. Even though this came out on February 14th, I’ve never seen a download for the entire single! WTF PEOPLE. D< (I haven’t seen a download for the Tezuka/Fuji duet single either.) I’ve had the title track on my iPod for a bit, but I can FINALLY get the instrumental for this song and the voice message. I love Kai’s version, it’s amazing and it has different instruments than the others and it’s so CUTE and yay. <333

And last but not least, the Buono! stuff! Without a doubt, the #1 item I was looking forward to in this batch of CDs was Cafe Buono!. Cafe Buono! is one of the very few albums that I can say I like every single song on it. It’s a great album and I’m probably going to write a full post on this later. I’m also planning on romanizing and color-coding all the lyrics later today- usually I can’t do color-codes but it’s already color-coded in the booklet! 8D Now why can’t they do that for all the other units??

After I romanize the lyrics to Cafe Buono, I’ll probably scan all of these CDs- it won’t take that long cause the PoT CDs are so BORINg and SIMPLE. xDDDD They don’t even have a booklet, it’s just one page with the cover art on the front and the lyrics on the back.


2 Responses to New CDs from Yesasia

  1. lalapenafiel says:

    Do you have a copy of the Teni Puri 100 songs marathon? :D

  2. The thing with Inui’s eyes…OMK THEY ARE HEAVENLY! And two: His eyes are shown in the anime 4 times that I know of and once in a movie.

    And I loove getting stuff from YesAsia! I have a huge stash of their stuff in the corner of my room.

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