Congrats, Nono! ^^

As I’m sure most people on the j-pop blogosphere know by now, Tsuji Nozomi had a baby girl yesterday! Sugiura Noa was born at 12:45 am yesterday morning, weighing 2730 grams. Both Nono and Noa are in good health~
Wow, I still find it so hard to believe Nozomi has a kid now! @_@ I mean, NOZOMI of all people! As I think I said back when the pregnancy was announced, I never would have thought that Nozomi would be the first Momusu to have a kid. I guess I was expecting one of the older members of H!P like Nakazawa Yuko or Iida Kaori to be the first…well, Kaori’s #2, with her child due soon (January, maybe?)…

On a random note, I romanized the lyrics to Mikan and the b-side today, but I’m not sure if the kanji lyrics I got from a Japanese fansite are 100% correct so I’m going to wait until my copies arrive (just to double-check) before I put them up here…


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